Scarlett’s Hard OTK Paddling

Posted by Jason Gilbert This is a place for me to highlight and showcase favorite videos of mine.  Not necessarily a review, but more a way for me to highlight favorite spanking videos and what I like about them.  I realize that peoples tastes vary widely, so what I highlight may not be everyone’s favoriteContinue reading “Scarlett’s Hard OTK Paddling”

My Step Sister’s Spanking – Part 1

by Jason Gilbert A fictional story told from the perspective of a 16-year-old boy. I may include many chapters to this story with both the boy and girl getting spanked at times. The first chapter is going to be about the spanking of a 12-year-old girl, while Mark, the author of the story watches. IContinue reading “My Step Sister’s Spanking – Part 1”

Brisk, No Nonsense Disciplinary Spanking

What do you think of when you hear the words brisk, no nonsense disciplinary spanking. I picture a woman, taken over the knee for hard and often fast tempo spanking, that leaves her breathless. It doesn’t need to be something that goes on for several minutes. In fact I find that some of the hottestContinue reading “Brisk, No Nonsense Disciplinary Spanking”

Tiger Mom

By Louise Vancisic Title: Tiger Mom Author: Louise Vancisic Warnings: F/f  M/f n/c Both Stephen and Joyce Kim were second generation Korean-Americans raised in a value system that stressed hard work, education and achievement. It was therefore no surprise that they would raise their own children in this manner. Stephen’s parents were both middle classContinue reading “Tiger Mom”

Memories of a College Girl – Forbidden Car Ride

By Louise Vancisic and Tiptopper Story:  F/f teen Memories of a College Girl – Forbidden Car Ride By Louise Vancisic and Tiptopper Hi again. Remember me? That’s right. I’m Kaite Dolan, the college girl. You even got the pronunciation and spelling right. I’m totally impressed and flattered. Thanks so much for your kind words. IContinue reading “Memories of a College Girl – Forbidden Car Ride”