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Introduction and brief Bio

Hi, let me introduce myself as the Jason Gilbert. I was born and raised in Canada and lived here all of my life. I am 36 years old as of the time of this post. I have a lot of interests and hobbies and spanking just happens to be one of them. I like hiking, photography (especially macro photography), I like watching movies (Action, Sci Fi, Historical Dramas, Comedy, Animated and more). I enjoying hanging out with my family and friends, playing board or card games together, and I have been known to host a video game party or two (System Link Halo matches anyone). I love my family and they are very important to me.

Spanking has been an interest of mine for a long time. Not exactly sure when it started. I was spanked as a kid a little bit, but nothing too excessive. At the time I don’t remember liking it at all, but it pretty much ended in very early teen years. I got some warning smacks from my mom around age 14 and that is the last time that I remember getting any sort of spanking or even a threat of one. My own fascination with spanking is multilayered!! I am fascinated by girls that are spanked into their late teens or early to mid twenties by their parents for discipline. I am fascinated by people that engage in it in a domestic discipline with a significant other, while other simply like a little spanking play in the bedroom. I have come to realize that I would like spanking to play an important role in my future long term relationships as it is very important to me.

Enough though I haven’t had much chance to engage in any real spanking play with other people, I know that I clearly identify as a switch. On the one hand, I understand why I would desire to spank a female bottom, both for fun and maybe even for discipline, should the opportunity present itself. But another part of me as feels a longing, maybe even a need to be spanked. I think I am attracted to the idea of a powerful woman taking control and spanking me for both real things in my life, as well as for fun and for roleplay. I get a sense of excitement thinking about being over a strong woman’s knees and getting my butt spanked red and sobbing my heart out. Call it a longing to be loved and to be held accountable. But I won’t deny that the idea of spanking a female bottom is also exciting to me. Bottom line, it is something I would like to explore both sides of. I know I may not be a traditional man in wanting that, but I also know I cannot be the only one that wants that.

I would also love to dive more into the world of spanking in the adult industry. Specifically, I am fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes with production companies like Sarah Gregory Spanking and Punished Brats, Clare Fonda’s group of sites, Real Life Spankings, and many more. I want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes and love reading about the models that star in these spanking videos and what it is they get from being in them, besides a paycheck that is. I would like to review all the spanking sites that I personally have subscribed to as a way of giving you my recommendations and what I like about them. Perhaps even highlight specific spanking videos as times and where you can find them.

I look forward to engaging with the spanking community and hope to get some active participation from all of you. This is my first attempt at designing a website so be patient with me as I learn and grow with this process.

Hope you enjoy the site and comments are always welcome!!

Also, I would like to let everyone know that I have added a new forum called the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum!! It is hosted by Voyager Forums and moderated by yours truly. I hope that you will join me there for some discussion about spanking and all of its many avenues. I look forward to being able to more actively connect with you guys and gals there for some fun and perhaps thought provoking discussions about spanking!! Anyways, here is the link and I hope to see you there!!


Jason Gilbert

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