Cindy and the Hairbrush: Report Card Day

Story by Jason Gilbert Based on the spanking video Cindy and the Hairbrush from Nu West shot in the 1980s. See my other post regarding this video for further info on it. Bottom line is I like the video even though it is a silent video and I wanted to write a story around theContinue reading “Cindy and the Hairbrush: Report Card Day”

Cindy and the Hairbrush – Silent Spanking Film – Still a Masterpiece today!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert Cindy and the Hairbrush is a vintage piece of spanking history.  It is my firm belief that we owe a lot to some of the pioneers of the scene like Ed Lee from Nu West Spanking as he did a lot to that appealed to us spankos.  Up to that pointContinue reading “Cindy and the Hairbrush – Silent Spanking Film – Still a Masterpiece today!!”

Brand New Forum – Let’s Talk Spanking Forum Well, ladies and gents, you asked for it and now it is here. Okay in reality, I have been thinking to do this for a while as the name suggests, Let’s Talk Spanking and that kind of implies participation on your part and that is really what I want. I am happy to keepContinue reading “Brand New Forum – Let’s Talk Spanking Forum”

Spanking Video Highlight – Jenny’s Wild OTK

Posted by Jason Gilbert Here is another one of my favorites. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am huge into OTK spanking and that is what I will feature as it is the position that speaks the most to me. This is a shorter clip, which I think is actually a goodContinue reading “Spanking Video Highlight – Jenny’s Wild OTK”

Spanked in Uniform – Website Review

Posted by Jason Gilbert Well, it is time for yet another spanking website review.  This is another one of my favorites.  I apologize if I say that about a lot of the spanking sites that I have reviewed, but if I am going to take them time to review spanking websites, I am going toContinue reading “Spanked in Uniform – Website Review”

Audio Spanking Stories from YouTube

I wanted to highlight a few audio spanking stories available for free on YouTube right now. I came across them this morning. I am sure these aren’t original stories to YouTube, and instead someone has used one of those computer text readers to read the text of some spanking stories. That being said, I wasContinue reading “Audio Spanking Stories from YouTube”

Spanking Video Highlight – Sister Trouble part 1

Posted by Jason Gilbert Time for another spanking video highlight.  This comes from a studio that is not one of my favorites, but this is one of the better videos on that site.  Sorry, I shouldn’t be too critical of there content, it takes a lot of hard work to produce spanking content, and theyContinue reading “Spanking Video Highlight – Sister Trouble part 1”

Spanking Video Highlight – Properly put in her Place Staring Rachel Adams

Post by Jason Gilbert Time for another spanking video highlight.  Having watched probably thousands of spanking videos, it is fun for me to highlight some of my personal favorites.  So, I am back again, with yet another video that I want to highlight for you guys. This is another video from the Punishment Only producer. Continue reading “Spanking Video Highlight – Properly put in her Place Staring Rachel Adams”

Spanking Video Highlight – Stevie Rose gets her (Actual) sister Spanked

Post by Jason Gilbert This will be a place for me to highlight spanking videos that I really like.  These would be videos that I consider my favorite.  These could be for websites that I have reviewed or may be available at Clips4Sale as some smaller studios are only available that way.  Today I amContinue reading “Spanking Video Highlight – Stevie Rose gets her (Actual) sister Spanked”

Punished Brats Site Review

Post by Jason Gilbert Time for another website review.  This time the website is Punished Brats or  The site is run by David Pearson with lots of help from Amber Pixie Wells.  I am not going to sugar coat it folks.  I love this site!!  I apologize if this seems like a biased review,Continue reading “Punished Brats Site Review”