Tracy’s Spanking – A True Account

Told by Douglas & posted by Jason Gilbert

Disclaimer:  This is a true event told by the man who witnessed it.  I shared another story of his on this forum, and thought I would share this one as well.  I have, of course, already received his permission to post this story here.  This story is of a more intense and severe nature, so if that doesn’t appeal to you, then you should skip this post.  If however you want to here this exciting tale of parental discipline metered out at a time that it was much more common, then read on!!

This is a time when I was at a girlfriend’s house and she got a spanking from her parents….

It was the Fall of 1978 and I had just turned 16 and a sophomore in high school, Tracy was a 15 year old freshman.

I had recently gotten my drivers license and I planned to take Tracy to the movies.

Although Tracy and I had been sort of boyfriend and girlfriend for several years this was basically our first real date that we were going on alone together. Even though Tracy’s parents already knew me, I was expected to come inside before we left and speak with them… Her parents, Tom and Dorothy, were older, like my parents in their 50s, and very formal. He was a doctor and her mother was a real estate agent and as such they had a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood…

I arrived at their house and nervously rang the doorbell. Tracy’s mother answered the door and gave me her usual disapproving look. She tolerated me but deep down I know she didn’t think I was good enough to be dating her daughter. Her mother had also been a witness to me getting a spanking from my mother when she was picking Tracy up from our house after school. So not only did she know that my parents spanked me, she, along with Tracy, had actually seen me naked which made it super awkward for me every time I saw her and she gave me a “knowing” look which instantly reminded me of that spanking I got a year and a half earlier.

Her mother showed me in and said Tracy was almost ready to go. She told me to wait in the living room which was clearly a room that was normally off-limits to kids. I sat down on the couch and waited. After a few minutes Tracy’s father came in the living room. I stood up and shook his hand and sat back down. Her father was quite stern looking and he scared me a little bit.

He told me that we were to go to the movies and come straight home. He asked if I understood and I was able to awkwardly choke out “Yes, sir”. He started to leave but on his way out of the living room he turned back and admonished me saying “And no funny business, right?” “Yes, sir” I politely replied.

After a few minutes, Tracy came down the hall from her bedroom and told me “I’ll be ready in just a few minutes, okay?” Tracy was a little chubby but still super cute and curvy. She had on a pair of surprisingly tight jeans, sneakers and a fuzzy sweater that mostly concealed her larger-than-average breasts. She was also wearing makeup which her parents usually didn’t allow her to wear. This night Tracy looked very grown up for a fifteen year old girl.

She went into the kitchen where her mother was. I heard “Alright Young Lady, I’m expecting you to be on your best behavior tonight.” “Yes, Mom… I know” Tracy replied with a dismissive tone. “I’m serious, Tracy…no hanky-panky tonight.” “Jeez Mom, what do you think we’re gonna do anyway?” Tracy’s tone now was not only dismissive, but downright disrespectful…I squirmed a little bit in my seat hearing the way Tracy was talking to her mother. Talking that way to my own mother was something that never ended well for me and I feared this might not end well for Tracy.

“And you can stop showing off because Douglas is here!” I could tell her mother was getting mad and still Tracy continued, her response being “I’m not showing off….You’re just being a bitch!”. Tracy said the last word under her breath but that didn’t really matter. Anyone listening knew what the last word was. And that was all it took for things to go really, really badly.

“That’s IT!!” I heard her mom say sternly…but then her mother shouted loudly “TOM!! GET IN HERE NOW!!” calling for Tracy’s father. He came from his den quickly to the kitchen and asked “What’s the big emergency, Dorothy?”

“Please take Tracy into her bedroom… Her evening is officially OVER !!” her mother declared loudly.

My heart sank realizing things weren’t going to go as planned. Tracy and her father came out of the kitchen with him holding her tightly by the upper arm, marching her towards the hallway to her bedroom. Because of the way her father was holding her, she was mostly walking on her tiptoes, and actively struggling against his grip saying “Dad nooo… pleeease… “. She glanced over at me briefly as they came through the living room, tears already welling up in her eyes.

In a few seconds, Tracy’s mother followed them to the bedroom holding a large wooden spoon in her hand. On her way through the living room, she pointed at me and said “You… You sit down and wait until I tell you to leave!“. Yes, ma’am” I politely said, not wanting to make the situation any worse than it already was. It was obvious what was about to happen.

It’s always awkward when a friend gets in trouble while you’re over but this was beyond awkward. My heart was racing and I had butterflies in my stomach but I knew it wasn’t anything compared to what Tracy must have been feeling.

I expected them to close Tracy’s bedroom door but it soon became obvious that her bedroom door must have been wide open. Although I couldn’t see what was happening I was able to hear everything quite clearly . I heard her mother yelling at first as well as her father…”You are in BIG TROUBLE Young Lady…” her mother yelled “…get undressed NOW!!” I could hear Tracy pleading “MOM…nooooo… “ and saying repeatedly that she was sorry. I heard her mother say “I guess we’re gonna have to do it the hard way, aren’t we?” Then the yelling was combined with what sounded like a physical struggle going on while Tracy was crying loudly begging her parents not to spank her.

“Tom, hold her arms so I can get her undressed… “ her mother said.

“Noooo… .pleeeease… not my bra… .pleeease“ Tracy begged. Then I heard her mother yell for Tracy to “let go of your underwear” and Tracy blubbering “but I don’t wanna be naked… “ It was clear that Tracy was getting spanked completely naked. I knew from personal experience that the only reason she would be holding on to her underwear was because her parents were trying to remove them. I immediately pictured what she must look like laying on her bed completely naked with her bare boobies and her muffy in full view of both parents.

I hadn’t yet personally seen Tracy naked myself and I wondered what her breasts looked like and how much pubic hair she had … Was it a lot or just a little? Could her Dad actually see her slit? Would they spank Tracy with her legs lifted in the air? I also thought about how exposed and vulnerable she must be feeling knowing that in mere seconds, either face down or legs up, she’d likely be feeling the pain of a serious spanking on her bare butt.

“Now, whip her GOOD, Tom… “ Tracy’s mother said.

Next, I heard Tracy saying “No pleeease, not the belt Daddy… pleeease… “ Suddenly I heard the inevitable and unmistakable sound of a leather belt hitting bare skin interspersed with Tracy’s cries of pain and sobbing. “Daddyyyy… please noooo…oww, oww” “I’m sorrrrry ….I’ll be goood, I promise!!!” and I heard her father yelling things like “TURN OVER YOUNG LADY !”, “HOLD STILL!” and “MOVE YOUR HANDS”. She was really getting a serious spanking.

“I said TURN OVER!!” her mother ordered.

“Pleeeeease… I’ll be good now… I promise… .”

“If she won’t turn over, you’ll just have to lift her legs up Tom…”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Her parents were actually spanking Tracy with her legs up. My parents frequently spanked me in that position and I always wondered if other kids got spanked that way. I couldn’t help picturing in my mind what Tracy must look like laying naked with her legs lifted straight up and her bare butt in full view.

I could hear the leather belt hitting her quickly over and over again, Tracy was crying uncontrollably at this point without recognizable words. The whipping continued for what seemed an eternity but was actually only a couple of minutes but in those minutes Tracy must have been hit with the belt several dozen times… This put it on par with some of the worst spankings my own parents had given me. And if her spanking was anything like mine, she was bound to have some serious belt marks on her butt, marks that, as I knew from personal experience, would likely take days to go away.

There was some final words from her father that I couldn’t make out but I could hear Tracy still sobbing and her mother continuing to scold her and telling her to put her pajamas on.

Tracy’s father walked briskly through the living room towards his den without acknowledging me at all. I really felt out of place and I wanted to leave right then but her mother said to wait until I was told to leave, so I continued to wait for whatever was going to happen next.

After another few minutes I heard Tracy and her mother coming out.. They walked down the hallway and her mother said for Tracy to get in the bathroom. I could hear the sink running and Tracy protesting apparently having her makeup washed off by her mother. Eventually, the sink turned off and I heard her mother say “Now, you’re going to go out and say what you need to say to Douglas”.

Tracy emerged first, quite unwillingly, from the hallway into the living room with her mother directly behind her making sure she did what she was told. She looked entirely different than the girl I had seen earlier. Her face was scrubbed clean, her hair was messed up and her eyes were still red and puffy from crying.

She was wearing a white nightshirt that came down about midway on her bare thighs. It was obvious by the way her breasts moved that confirmed that her parents had indeed removed her bra in the process of undressing her. Her nipples were easily seen through the thin material which basically answered my question about what her breasts looked like. I could also see a small, faintly visible triangle of pubic hair through the nightshirt.

Tracy was completely embarrassed by the entire situation and being seen like this by her boyfriend. All she could do was fidget with the hem of her nightshirt and nervously hop from one foot to the other.

“Go ahead Tracy.. Say what you need to say to Douglas.” her mother prompted her.

“Mom, please….” Tracy begged, obviously hesitant to say what she was supposed to say.

“Say it, NOW!” her mother yelled while simultaneously lifting Tracy’s nightshirt up to the middle of her back, which caused Tracy’s crotch to be momentarily exposed in front. Her mother smacked Tracy’s bottom sharply with the wooden spoon as Tracy desperately tried to pull the nightshirt back down in front to cover herself. The quick glimpse of her pussy was all I needed. She had a small triangle patch of hair growing in an upward fan pattern just above her labia which were themselves still hairless. I had that image of her perfect muffy instantly burned into my adolescent memory.

Tracy reacted to the wooden spoon hitting her butt by thrusting her hips forward and turning sideways in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid the swat. ..but in doing so gave me a brief view of her butt cheeks and thighs which were covered with bright red, criss-crossing, welts from the leather belt.

“OWWWWW, OK, OK” was Tracy’s instant response as she continued pulling her nightshirt back down in order to cover herself.

Turning again towards me, she took a deep breath and quickly blurted out “I’m sorry, I got in trouble and my parents had to give me a spanking and I can’t go out with you tonight!” practically running all the words together.

Her mother gave her a final hard swat with the wooden spoon and said “Now you get to bed, Young Lady and don’t you dare come out of your room!”…

Tracy wasted no time and ran off towards her bedroom… my final view of her that evening was her chubby little butt visible through the nightshirt as well as several obvious bright red belt marks across the backs of her bare thighs that the nightshirt didn’t cover… It was a sight I’ll never forget.

Her mother said “I’m sorry for Tracy’s bad behavior tonight… you can call her tomorrow and make new plans for next weekend, okay?” “That sounds fine… tell Tracy I’ll call her tomorrow.” I politely responded as I got up and she walked me to the front door.

My head was spinning as I drove home, analyzing what had just happened… I thought, since she no longer had a bra on and since I had heard her mother tell her to let go of her underwear, I concluded that her parents had most likely undressed her fully and whipped her with the belt while she was completely naked! I felt sorry and embarrassed for her while at the same time thoroughly enjoying the idea that she got spanked naked, just like I did.

When I got home, my parents asked me why I was home so early. I just said Tracy wasn’t feeling well and we were going to go to the movies another time… I told them I was just going to go to bed myself and headed straight for my room where I changed into my pajamas and got under the covers.

I spent the rest of the night reliving every single moment of the evening, thinking specifically about Tracy’s naked body and what her boobies and pussy looked like. I thought about how she must have appeared laying on her bed naked looking up at her parents as they demanded that she turn over for her spanking and then I thought about her cute butt and how it must be covered with red stripes from the leather belt and how she screamed and cried as her Dad whipped her over and over. I wondered if she also masturbated after her spanking like I always did… I know I must have masturbated ten times that night harder than I ever had before while thinking about Tracy.

I did call Tracy the next day and we made new plans for the next weekend. After, an awkward pause in our conversation, she said “Don’t tell anyone what happened last night, okay?” “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything about it.”, I promised.


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