Disciplinary Spanking for Wife and Sister-in-Law

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is the amazing true tale that Jennifer shared with us about a spanking both she and her sister received at the hands of her husband.  As I have previously shared here, Jennifer is currently in a Domestic Discipline relationship with her husband and her relationship with him as grown closer as a result.  Her sister Amy, who is an adult in her early 30s moved in with them a little while back.  She had to be made aware of Jennifer’s new arrangement with her husband when Jennifer had earned a spanking one night.  Amy was a bit of a tease to Jennifer about her spankings, until she earned one of her own.  This is that very tale!!  Read on to hear the whole exciting story!!

About two months after our daughter moved out, my sister Amy moved back to work for us. She didn’t have a place to stay so my parents asked if she could stay with us. I wasn’t too keen on it for obvious reason but my husband said she could. When I asked him how it would effect spankings, he said it wouldn’t. He said if I didn’t want her to know, then to stay out of trouble.

About two weeks after she moved in, I got in trouble and was told by my husband I had received a spanking. I was sent home from work by him and I had spent the day working up the courage to tell her what was going to happen. It took a while, but I finally told her. She had a lot of questions but eventually thought it was funny. Especially when I told her Dad had given my hubby the old family paddle.

I eventually went up and put on my nightgown that’s used for punishments. She asked me why I was wearing it during the day and I explained to her the process. She thought it was a hilarious. She joked about it all day, especially when she saw me carrying the paddle to our room. When my hubby got home, she could tell he was in a serious mood and toned it down some. But I could hear her snickering a little when she saw me standing in the corner.

When my husband sent me to our room, he didn’t bother to shut the door. I sat there for a long lecture, and then off went the nightgown, over his knee I went, down went my panties, and he blistered my bottom with the paddle. I kicked, hollered, cried, and promised I’d be good. My sister heard it all. Then I was sent back to the corner naked with my damaged buns on display. Amy made it a point to walk by twice to get a look.

Ever since then, she’s been a witness to several of my spankings. She even sometimes makes comments and jokes about it.

Well, she finally got hers. We asked my hubby to let us take one of our farm trucks out for a drive on our land for a picnic lunch one day. He said no because it was too muddy and the truck would get stuck. We kind of snuck out and did anyways and of course, we got stuck just like he said we would. I had to make the awful call to admit what we’d done and that we needed help. Needless to say, the hubby wasn’t thrilled.

He showed up a little later with my Dad to get us unstuck. I knew I was in for a long evening and Amy even made the comment that I was getting the paddle. When Dad and the hubby showed up, the hubby made it a point to ball me out in front of them. When he was done, he made it a point to assure me I’d be getting a blistered bottom for this. After he said it, Dad said, “what role did you play in this, Amy?” She stuttered around and Dad made her answer him like when we were kids.

Dad balled her out which made me feel a little better. Then he looked at the hubby and said that if he was going to get the paddle warmed up, he might as well blister two sets of buns with it. Amy immediately tried to argue her way out of it but it was no use. Dad and hubby made it clear that if she were to continue staying with us, then she would accept what she had coming to her. She reluctantly agreed.

They got us unstuck and sent us home and hubby told me I knew the drill and that I was to help Amy too. She was so nervous, which I was too, but it was the first time she’d been trouble in a long time. She helped me clean the house and cook dinner. Then I gave her one of my nightgowns. We each took a shower and got dressed for our evening. I got the paddle and put it in the chair in our room to wait. Hubby came home and we had dinner and then cleaned the kitchen. Then we were sent to the corner.

We stood there probably 20 minutes and then he took us to our room. After the lecture, I was to go first and got ready. I got the usual, panties down bottom warming and there was no being brave. Then Amy got the same treatment. I’ll admit, it was a little satisfying to see her squirming and crying over his knee while getting her own butt blistered. Afterwards, it was back to the corner for the both of us.

Her joking has calmed down a little but she still makes some comments when I’m in trouble. She hasn’t been spanked since but she knows it can happen again. I, unfortunately, have taken a few more trips over the hubby’s knee. All deserved, all carried out with love.

There you have it!

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