Other Great Blogs

My own original Let’s Talk Spanking Blog. A place for you to actively participate on the topic of spanking. I encourage others to come and post their stories on how they came to be interested in the topic of spanking. What sparked this interest for you? Where you spanked as a kid or were your friends spanked as kids and you heard it or saw it happen? Did you read about it in a book?

I want to deep dive into the world of Domestic Discipline relationships and all the dynamics around them. Things like What does true submission look like and many other topics I want to discuss. But I also want you guys to post your own questions and stories about what attracted you to the world of spanking and what you find fascinating about it. Reader participation is a must to get this forum rolling!!

I hope you will join me in making this forum great!!

This is still one of the best blogs out there dedicated to Spanked Girls. It is one of the more accepting blogs that I have been a part of and it is what has encouraged me to get my start here. You can check out the blog and safely lurk there for a while, but if you decide to get involved in it, go ahead and introduce yourself, tell a little about yourself and feel free to ask people questions. I found most people on there were very willing to answer questions and engage in friendly conversation. Still one of the better blogs out there in my opinion.

This is another Great Blog about a guy with a long history of having an interest in spanking. Richard has been fortunate enough to participate in the Spanking scene with some of the top Spanking Models like Sarah Gregory. While I don’t know him personally, he seems like a very kind, genuine guy that has an interest in spanking. From his blog there are links to his video store with a few videos of sessions he had with a few lucky ladies. The blog itself is filled to the brim with lots of great vintage spanking pictures that he has collected over the years. He has written a few of his own original stories, which include some spanking fiction as well as true accounts of some of the ladies he has met and spanked over the years. It is a blog you can get lost in for hours and I highly recommend it.

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