Cindy and the Hairbrush: Report Card Day

Story by Jason Gilbert Based on the spanking video Cindy and the Hairbrush from Nu West shot in the 1980s. See my other post regarding this video for further info on it. Bottom line is I like the video even though it is a silent video and I wanted to write a story around theContinue reading “Cindy and the Hairbrush: Report Card Day”

Lorraine Spanked for Note from Teacher

Story by Jason Gilbert This is a fictional spanking story based on a spanking video from Punished Brats. I love some of the verbal in this video and decided to create my own little story around it. This story involves the fictional spanking of an eighteen year old girl. Hope you enjoy!! Lorraine was inContinue reading “Lorraine Spanked for Note from Teacher”

Voyeur Gets an Eyeful – A spanking letter

Posted by Jason Gilbert Another audio story for you guys. This comes courtesy of a letter from a Spanking Magazine. It once again features one of my personal favorite fantasies when it comes to spanking stories, and that is a story told from a witness’s perspective. That this is about a true event only makesContinue reading “Voyeur Gets an Eyeful – A spanking letter”