Brooke’s Spanking Recollections: Spanked for Smarting off

Story posted by Jason Gilbert and Written by Brooke

Disclaimer:  This story is a true account of a spanking and was shared to me by a member of the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum (see link below the story) by the name of Brooke.  She gave me express permission to share this on my blog!!  Hope you all enjoy!!  And don’t forget to come check out the forum!!

Brooke spanked by her father

(This is an account of a spanking from my Dad when I was 14 years old. The setting is our kitchen and Mom is prepping dinner and also telling me that she is not going to buy the cut-off shorts that I would like because they aren’t appropriate for me to wear. I have a different opinion and things quickly spiral for me.)

Mom, that is so unfair! They are shorts not like underwear! My friends wear them and it not fair!

Brooke, in a few years maybe but not now and that’s my decision. I’m sorry..

This sucks! I’m not a little kid! Why do you treat me like a little kid when I’m not! Pleeeeaaseee Mom!

Young Lady, let’s move on. I’ve made my decision….

Your decision totally sucks!!!!

(As the conversation goes on, my Dad enters the kitchen and says)

Brooke, watch your tone!

Dad, it’s true! This sucks!! You people aren’t even being fair!

Us people are your parents YOUNG LADY! and need an apology from you..

NO! Why should I!!!?

Brooke Catherine! We are waiting…..

I’m NOT sorry! Really I’m not!!!!!!!

(Dad moves closer to me and I’m looking up at my angry Dad. Like 10 seconds go by and I look at him and he looks at me)

I’m taking you to your bedroom, Young Lady! Start walking………..

(When my spanking begins please go to Spankingtube and find and watch Oil Change Spanking. The women isn’t spanked on her bare bottom but the position and the length and firmness of her spanking is very close to what my Dad gave us)

Brooke is spanked to tears and beyond

(My eyes grow as big as saucers)

Daddy….please no. I’ll didn’t mean it! Pleeaasee!!

Young Lady…too late! Let’s go!

(I turn and walk out of the kitchen me and we pass my sisters who were heading into the kitchen)

(I enter my bedroom and Dad is right behind me and closes the door)

Daddy pleeeeeeeaaseeee don’t do this. I’m sorry I’m sorry!!!!

Brooke you do not speak that way to your Mother or to me. Talking back is out in this house and you are getting a spanking!

(Dad walks over to my desk and turns my desk chair around and sits down. He motions me in front of him and tears are in my eyes)

Young Lady, your Mother made a decision and it was the right one for a 14 year old. You will respect that decision and you will not talk back! Understand!!?

Yes, Sir. I’m so sorry!! I am!! Pleeeeaaase don’t do this!

After your spanking you will apologize to your Mother! Understand!!?

Yes, Sir!!!!!

Ok. take down your shorts.

(With a sad look and tears in my eyes, I unbutton my shorts and let them fall to my feet)

Over my lap, Brooke Catherine!

(I lay across my Dad’s lap with my bottom over his right knee and my face a few inches off the wooden floor. I feel my Dad’s right hand slip under the waistband of my panties and pull them off of my bottom and down to my thighs. Nothing is said except a whimper or two from me)


(Please now watch the Spankingtube video Oil Change Spanking

(If you watched Oil Change Spanking you know how hard I’m getting spanked and tears are flowing as my Dad tans up my bare bottom)

Awwwwwwwwwwwohhhh!!!! Daddy, pllllllllleeeeeaaassssseeeeeeeeee!!!

Dad is really blistering Brooke’s bottom good!!

(As quickly as my spanking started a few minutes ago, it ends and my Dad returns my panties to cover my very red bottom)

You may stand up and pull up your shorts.

(I slowly stand up and continue to cry as my hands retreat to my burning bottom and then I bend over and pull up my shorts as my crying continues)

Young Lady, I’m very sorry that was needed! You will apologize to your Mother, Yes!!

Yeees, Sir. I will.. (tears still flowing down my cheeks)

Alright sweetie. Give me a hug. I love you!

I love you too Daddy and I’m so sorry!!!

(My Dad kisses the top of my head and leaves my room and closes my door. I put my chair back in its place and stood in front of my mirror and swiped my face. In a few minutes I went back into the kitchen and apologized to my Mom)

The End…. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the story!!  Now come and share yours on the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum!!  Kind and respectful people are welcome to come join us and chat about all things spanking!!

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