Mom Spanks Celia for Running away – Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

A sound spanking for Celia for running away!!

Time for another spanking video highlight!!  I don’t actually know the real name of this clip, but this is what I am calling it for this post.  It accurately describes the scene, so that is what I am going with.

Out comes the “spanking chair”!!

Coming from the minds of Clare Fonda and her Girl Spanks Girl website, this is a fun scene.  A role-play of course, with a small hint of ageplay.  It isn’t too over the top, which is fine by me.  I am not usually super big on ageplay videos, but this one is quite subtle that I don’t mind.  In fact, there is really nothing to say that her mother isn’t super uptight and the girl is actually in her late teens or early twenties.  But the dialog and the reason for the spanking do seem to indicate otherwise.

Over mom’s knees for a naughty young lady!!

Mom Spanks Celia for Running Away is a video that starts out great from the get-go.  Mom and Celia walk through the front door and into the living room and mom is angry with her daughter.  She has been looking all over town for her and she was not where she was supposed to be.  Wasting little time, mom quickly grabs the spanking chair and proceeds to take her daughter in hand and pull her over her knees to administer a firm spanking.  Now, as anyone that has watched scenes that Clare Fonda is in, she is not considered the hardest spanker out there.  That being said, while this may not break any records, this is one video that she doesn’t hold back.  For me personally, I actually like that these aren’t the over the top, crazy hard spanking that pushes things too far.  This is just a great, decently hard hand spanking.  Now Celia is actually brought to tears in this video.  That is rare in spanking videos, and as some of you may be aware, I love reactions from the spankee.  That is actually a big part of the reason I am highlighting this video for you.  Celia’s reactions are great!!  Not screaming or miserable, but real tears like she is really learning.  Now, I realize that the scene was made up and that maybe the model was just able to put herself in the headspace of a younger child and get herself to cry in this video.  You might think it is because she was a newbie and found the spanking hard to take, but I have seen other videos from Girl Spanks Girl, a sort of behind the scenes interview, where she reveals that she works in a dungeon.  So, that would mean that she gets paid to get spanked all the time.  But maybe putting herself in the headspace is just something she is able to do.  Regardless, I think the scene really benefits from it.  It doesn’t seem fake or contrived, just a model that was really able to immerse herself in the scene.

So yes, I give this video a high recommendation.  Not for its severity, but the reactions of the model and the scene in general is just plain fun!!

For that video and many more like it, please check out Girl Spanks Girl, link below:

For more upcoming video highlights, and lots of other great content coming your way, keep it locked in here on Let’s Talk Spanking!!


  1. I like the video highlights you post.  I would suggest that you do a video highlight post about an amazing film called “Two Spanking Families” by  It is one of the best spanking vids I have ever seen, with three different models going OTK.

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