Brooke Spanked for almost burning down the House

An Original Spanking story by Jason Gilbert

This story is dedicated to my friend from the Let’s Talk Spanking forum, Brooke. A budding spanko in the making, I had a lot of fun writing this story for her!! Hopefully you will enjoy it too!!

This story involves the fictional spanking of a 20 year old young lady by her father. The story is completely fictional, but I did try to keep it as grounded and realistic as possible. Hope you enjoy!!

Brooke Spanked by her dad at 20 years old

Brooke Spanked for almost burning down the House

“Brooke, can you come into the kitchen and help me with supper please, I want to make a Lasagna and a Caesar salad and I could use your help”, mom says from the kitchen.

Brooke is thrilled to be back home and getting her mom’s home cooked meals again. She has no problem with helping her mom and dad around the house as that has been ingrained into her from a young age. There is just one thing preventing Brooke’s immediate compliance. And that is the fact that she is trying to arrange a get together with some of her friends that she hasn’t seen in a while.

Texting back and forth trying to get things organized, she hasn’t bothered to reply to her mom. Her priorities are set on getting this little get together organized.

Finally losing patience, Brooke’s mom pops her head into the living room and says, “Brooke, didn’t you hear me calling you”.

“Yes, I heard mom, jeez, calm down. Don’t take a hissy fit. I am in the middle of something important, so I didn’t have time to respond”, Brooke says with just a bit too much attitude.

“I beg your pardon young lady, do not speak to me like that Brooke Catherine. Just because you haven’t been living under our roof and it has been some time, do not think for an instant that you are too old to get a spanking. I really do not appreciate the way you just talked to me. You sounded an awful lot like someone that is getting too big for their britches”, mom says and has the look of fury in her eyes. “Now, can you come help me in the kitchen with supper. I would think you would be thrilled to help me. Heaven knows how long it has been since you have had a good home cooked meal”, mom goes on and seems to be less angry now.

“Yes mom, I am thrilled to be home. I just wanted to get together with some friends, that’s all. And I am sorry for my attitude”, Brooke says, feeling a bit like a small child again upon hearing a spanking threat leveled her way.

Brooke and her mom head to the kitchen together and start to get supper ready and all is good again. The spanking threat is all but forgotten by the both of them. They talk as they prepare supper together, and Brooke is thrilled to be able to catch up with her mom again.

“Now, I am going to put this in the oven and I need for you to just keep an eye on it. Check how it is coming along every now and then. I need to go pick up your sister from school and then I need to run a few errands with her. The lasagna should be ready in about one hour, so please make sure to take it out of the oven then”, mom instructs Brooke.

“Ok mom, sounds good”, Brooke says as her mom heads out to pick up her sister.

Brooke gets texting on her phone again, and decides to go outside for a bit as the weather is super nice. After texting with her friends for a while, her one friend Jasmin calls her to confirm plans for later on that evening. Brooke gets so wrapped up in her phone call that she loses all track of time and doesn’t realize that the timer to take the food out has been going off for close to 10 minutes inside. It isn’t until she sees smoke coming from the house that she realizes what is going on.

“I Gotta go Jas(short for Jasmin) I think my house is on fire”, Brooke says as she runs inside, panicking the whole time.

Upon reaching the kitchen, smoke is almost overwhelming. Smoke is billowing out of the oven and supper is most certainly ruined. Thinking as quick as she can, she finds the fire extinguisher and start to put out the flames coming from the oven. She gets the fire out and turns the oven off and start to survey the damage. Turning some fans on and opening all the windows of the house to try to air things out, Brooke starts to see that the smoke has done some damage to the kitchen cupboards and the oven itself might be ruined as well.

Tears start to form in Brooke’s eyes. She hasn’t been in this kind of trouble in a long, long time. She cannot believe this has happened and doesn’t know how she can possibly face her parents and admit that she neglected to watch supper and take it out of the oven as requested. But even as she is thinking these thoughts, she sees her mom pull up the driveway with her sister. A look of shock and concern spreads across her face as the sounds of sirens can be heard coming down the street. ‘Did somebody call 9-11’, Brooke thinks to herself. ‘God, I am in so much trouble’!!

“Brooke, what the hell happened”, mom says as approaches Brooke. “Are you okay honey”?

“I’m fine mom, I uh…”, Brooke can’t finish her sentence and just starts to cry. Her mom gives her a big hug as they both watch the fire truck pull up outside. One of the firefighters gets out and comes to the front door.

Mom opens the door for Chief Brad of the Fire Department.

“Is everyone okay here”, Chief Brad asks.

“Yes, it looks like our supper is a bit overdone”, mom says to the fire fighter. “My daughter was supposed to be watching it and I just got home myself, so I am not exactly sure what happened as I haven’t had a chance to ask her yet”, mom says.

“Is this your daughter?”, Chief Brad asks looking straight at Brooke.

“Yes. This is Brooke. Brooke, do you care to enlighten us on what happened here”, mom says.

“I just went outside and was texting with some friends and then Jasmin called and we were talking and all of the sudden I see smoke”, Brooke blurts it all out.

“I will take a look and make sure everything is safe, but other than some smoke damage, it looks like it could have been a lot worse”, Chief Brad says. He does a quick inspection and then gives the all clear.

Mom lectures Brooke and promises that she is in for a spanking!!

Brooke, we are going to be having a serious talk about this young lady. I don’t know what to make of all this. I asked you to watch things for one hour and you couldn’t even do that”, mom looks very displeased. “When dad gets home, we are going to have a serious talk and there is going to be consequences, serious consequences. And if you have made plans for tonight, then I suggest that you cancel them. I am very disappointed in you Brooke, very disappointed”, mom says.

As Brooke begins to wonder what possible consequences her parents will come up with, her mom says something that makes Brooke’s skin crawl, her stomach do flip flops, and her bottom clench with anticipation.

“And if I were you, I wouldn’t count on sitting very comfortably for a little while. I am sure your father is not going to be happy about this, not happy at all. It may have been some time since you earned a spanking, but this is serious Brooke. I’d put good money on your father taking you over his knees tonight for a damn good spanking. And quite honestly, I hope he does”, mom says with a very stern tone. It is a tone that Brooke hasn’t heard directed at her in some time, but one that she knows does not bode well for her or her bottom.

Part 2: The Spanking

Brooke waits for her dad to arrive home

Brooke went to her room and sat on her bed.  Tears welled up in her eyes as she started to feel guilt and ashamed that she had let dinner burn the way it had.  The damage was mostly superficial, but all the same, it could have been much worse.

“I am so stupid, how could I let this happen”, Brooke thought to her self.  “All I had to do was watch dinner for one hour, just one hour.  But no, I just had to go outside and get talking with friends.  How am I going to explain this to day?”

Just as Brooke was thinking these thoughts, she heard the front door open and close.  She could hear her dad’s voice down the stairs and he did not sound happy. 

“Well, it looks like that wallpaper is ruined, and some of those cupboards will need to be replaced.  No, I think the oven looks fine to me.   All things consider, it could have been much worse.  Where is Brooke now?”, her dad asked.

“Up in her room, I told her to wait there for you”, Brooke heard her mother answer.

“Guess I better go up and talk to her.  This is the last thing I wanted to have to do after work today.  I thought these days were over with Brooke, she is an adult now”, dad said sounding exasperated.

“I told her she probably wouldn’t sit down comfortably for some time”, mom said, matter-of-factly.

“I will take care of it dear, things could have been much worse, let’s just keep things in perspective”, dad said and then headed up the stairs.

Hearing dad’s footsteps on the stairs, Brooke began to panic.  She didn’t want to get a spanking.  It was so childish.  And despite the fantasies that she sometimes played out in her head, this was way different as this was real.  But deep inside she also felt very guilty over what had happened and knew she would accept whatever her parents decided, no matter how painful or embarrassing that may be.

A quiet knock on her door and then her dad’s quiet but firm voice, “Brooke, are you in there”?

Brooke’s heart was in her throat as she managed to croak out a quiet, “yes daddy”.  She hadn’t called her father daddy in a long time.  It only signified how little she felt right now.

Dad enter her bedroom and pulled out the chair that sat at her desk.  The same chair that her dad would sit on when he spanked her.  This fact was not missed by Brooke.

“I understand there was a bit of an incident, that was caused in no small part by your negligence Brooke”, dad said in firm voice, but there was a note of compassion in his tone.

Brooke could barely contain herself.  She had wanted to defend herself and try to give her side of things in an effort to get out of her punishment.  But now, face to face with her father, she could only feel ashamed of letting him down.  Finally managing to squeak out, “yes daddy, I am sorry”.

Brooke’s father looked at his daughter with true compassion in his eyes.  He knew that she didn’t intend to start a fire that had caused some serious damage.  He was glad that Brooke hadn’t been hurt or anyone else for that matter.   But despite all that, he knew he had a duty to discipline his daughter for her negligence and letting other less important things take the place of what she was supposed to be doing.

“I know that you are sorry Brooke.  I see genuine remorse for what you did.  As a teenager you might have tried to excuse or blame someone else for what happened, but I see that you have matured a great deal over the years.  Your mother and I are very proud of you and your accomplishments.  But despite all that, you are still our daughter and while you are living under our roof, still subject to our rules.”  Pausing for a moment, he continued.  “I am not going to beat around the bush Brooke, you are going to get a good sound spanking for not doing as your mother asked.  While things could have been much worse, the entire thing was preventable, wouldn’t you agree”, her dad asked her.

Brooke could barely look at her father, and just let out a meek, “yes sir”.

“I love you Brooke”, her dad said trying to reassure her.  “Your mother and I both love you so much, but this is unacceptable behavior, especially for someone your age.  I want you to set a good example for your sister while you are living back at home, but now you will have to set a good example by showing that you can still accept discipline, even at your age”.

Brooke’s Spanking Begins

Her dad stood up and placed the chair at the end of Brooke’s bed facing into the room.  He sat down on the chair again and turned to Brooke and said, “stand up Brooke and come over here to my right side”.

Standing up on her unsteady legs, Brooke slowly made her way over to her father.  Tears once again started to form in her eyes.  Tears of shame and embarrassment.

“Take your shorts down and then bend over my knees Brooke.  I will take care of your panties once you are over my knees”.

Knowing that there was no getting out of this, and feeling the full weight of guilt and shame, Brook complied and pulled down her shorts and then awkwardly stretched herself over her father’s lap.  The position was both strangely familiar, super embarrassing, but yet oddly comforting all at the same time.  She didn’t want to be in this position, over her father’s lap, about to get her bottom tanned up something fierce, and yet there was a sense that all would be right with the world when it was all over.

Dad’s hard heavy hand smacks over and over again

Brooke felt her father’s hand as it reached inside her panties and pulled them down to the top of her thighs.  Feeling the cool air on her naked and very exposed muscular bare bottom, she tried to mentally prepare herself for what was coming.

“I am not going to waste time in lecturing you Brooke, because you know what you did was wrong and how dangerous it was.  Quite frankly, I am just going to let me hand do the talking as I intend to spank you very soundly young lady.  I truly hope that this is the last time I have to do this Brooke, I really do”, and with those final words it began.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!  Her father’s hand hit hard and the sound of flesh striking flesh echoed through the entire house.  There was no doubt to anyone in the house what was happening.  But the sound was not the main thing that Brooke was concentrating on as the pain was unbearable.  Perhaps the five years since her last spanking had let Brooke forget just how much a spanking hurt.  But it was all coming back to her as her dad’s hand was relentless slapping down on her bare exposed bottom. 

“Ow daddy, pleeease”, Brooke wailed as the steady cadence of his hard hand continued to smack away at every square inch of her bottom and thighs.  Brooke started to squirm and struggle in a desperate attempt to alleviate her burning bottom.

“Wahhh…please stop, pleeeease”, Brooke wailed out.

Her father’s only reply was to keep the smacks raining down.  He would smack one cheek several times and then do the same with the other and then repeat the process again.  On and on and on he spanked poor Brooke’s reddening backside.  Tears and snot dripped off of Brooke’s face as she screamed and cried her eyes out.  This was quickly becoming one of the worst spankings she had ever received.

And then all the sudden it stopped.  But was it truly over?

On and on it goes, seemingly without end!!

“Brooke, I am sorry I have had to spank you so hard, but this needs to never happen again.  I am going to give you a final twenty smacks and these are going to be extra hard.  That is twenty smacks, one for each year of your age Brooke, and then it is over, understand”, her dad asked.

“Yes sir, but please no more”, Brooke didn’t think she could take anymore.

“It’s almost over Brooke, just try to be brave just a bit longer.”, her dad said and re-adjusted his grip on Brooke’s waist.


“Oh gawd daddy, oh please, it hurts too much”


“No more, no more daddy”


“I can’t, I just can’t take it”





The final 15 smacks continued on in this slow methodical fashion.  Brooke’s father was determined to make each and every swat count and he was putting in all his effort to make sure this was a spanking Brooke would never forget.  He had hardened his heart to Brooke’s cries and get through this punishment.  It was, after all, for her own good.

Downstairs, Brooke’s mother and younger sister could hear Brooke’s pitiful cries and the hard smacking of dad’s hand.  Brooke’s sister had tears in her own eyes.  She had always thought that it sucked that she was now the only one still living at home and still getting spanked, but now hearing her older sister crying her eyes out as her dad’s hard hand smacked her sister’s bottom again and again, just made her sad.  She wanted it to be over.  She wanted to give her sister Brooke a big hug.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Brooke’s spanking was over.  Brooke lay across her father’s lap for a long time before she could finally get up.  She pulled up her panties and shorts and reached for a tissue to blow her nose.  Catching a brief look at herself in the mirror, she could see what a mess she was.  Hair was everywhere, tears and snot all over her face, a face which was now a deep red.

“Come here sweetie” her dad said and wrapped his arms around his middle child.  He gave her the biggest hug and threatened to never let go.  “I am sorry I had to do that Brooke, truly I am”, her father said to her.  Looking into her father’s eyes, she could see tears in them.  She knew that her father did not enjoy punishing any of his daughters, he just considered it his parental duty.

“I love you so much Brooke, and I always will”, he said while still hugging her.  After another minute of this touching embrace he let her go.

“I guess we will have to order pizza for supper tonight, as I don’t think the lasagna is edible”, her dad said, trying to make light of things now.

“Yeah, I guess so”, Brooke found herself feeling strangely relieved.  She could also feel that she might actually be hungry as well.  “I think I am actually hungry too, despite all that has happened”.

Her dad smiled and said, “let’s go downstairs and order some pizza”

“Ok, sounds good.  Just one thing dad, can I have a pillow to sit on tonight”, Brooke said trying to smile.

“Sure you can sweetie, sure you can”.

Brooke and her dad headed down the stairs to order pizza and have a family evening together.  Brooke found an extra soft pillow to sit on for supper that evening!!  Things had returned to normal, and life was better again, at least for now!!

The End!!

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