Cindy and the Hairbrush – Spanking Story Revisited

Posted by Jason Gilbert I thought I would repost this story as I don’t know if new followers may have seen it. Also, I wanted to post the pictures as full size images for your appreciation!! So, this is my interpretation of the spanking video titled Cindy and the Hairbrush!! A vintage spanking video thatContinue reading “Cindy and the Hairbrush – Spanking Story Revisited”

Let Me Explain – Spanking Video Highlight – Punished Brats

Posted by Jason Gilbert Good morning everyone!!  Time for another spanking video highlight!!  This video comes courtesy of Punished Brats!!  I have done a full review of their site and it remains one of my favorites to this day.  I thought since it is one of my favorite sites, it would be nice if IContinue reading “Let Me Explain – Spanking Video Highlight – Punished Brats”

Poker Addiction Earns you a Spanking

Posted by Jason Gilbert I discovered this the other day and I thought I would share it with you fine folks!! I came across this little spanking story on Quora. That is a great site that you can discover some truly amazing spanking stories. And as I always enjoy true spanking tales, I thought IContinue reading “Poker Addiction Earns you a Spanking”

Wicked Step Mother – Hand

Posted by Jason Gilbert Time for another spanking video highlight!! This video comes courtesy of Hand, a Japanese based spanking website. They do have a website that you can subscribe to with lots of great scenes and some pretty good spanking action. As you can probably guess from the name of the studio, itContinue reading “Wicked Step Mother – Hand”

Spanking: Old Fashioned and Outdated or Time Honored and Still Needed

Posted by Jason Gilbert Disciplinary spankings, are they just an old fashioned and outdated method of keeping children in line or is it a time honored method that is still sometimes necessary today? Upon chatting with some highly intelligent and intellectual people, it is very clear that the issue of spanking in today’s society hasContinue reading “Spanking: Old Fashioned and Outdated or Time Honored and Still Needed”

A Tribute to my friend Victoria!!

This is a tribute to Victoria.  Victoria was someone I met on an internet forum devoted to Spanked Girls.  Like many, when she decided to start posting on the forum herself, she could hardly believe such a place existed.  I want to write this in memory of her contributions and what she added to thatContinue reading “A Tribute to my friend Victoria!!”

Jackie Spanked for Breaking Curfew – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert Are you noticing a theme today? LOL!! I swear it isn’t intentional!! Curfew spankings do seem to be a common theme in spanking videos, spanking stories, etc. Is it because it is somewhat based in reality? Do girls really struggle with violating their curfew? I can see it happening for sure!!Continue reading “Jackie Spanked for Breaking Curfew – Spanking Video Highlight”

Spanked for Breaking Curfew – Spanking Audio Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert I have another spanking audio story for you. This time I decided to use the Voice Aloud Reader. It isn’t perfect, but I do like the female voice instead of my own male voice. Wish I knew a woman in real life that would be willing to read aloud and recordContinue reading “Spanked for Breaking Curfew – Spanking Audio Story” – Spanking Art Website Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert Hello again my friends!! I wanted to highlight an excellent website that has been around for many years. It’s primary focus is spanking art, with some stories, poems, and other great links coming from there. There is lots to discover on It features the fictional spanking of girls in drawingsContinue reading “ – Spanking Art Website Highlight”