Seen by Tracy: A witnessed Spanking

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is a true story submitted to the Let’s Talk Spanking II Forum by one of my regular readers. Douglas has been kind enough to allow me to share this story on my blog as well!! I don’t normally feature stories of males getting spanked, but I thought I would make an exception today as the story is so well written!!

Hope you enjoy the story!!

It was 1977, I was 14 years old and in 8th grade. Tracy was a 13 year old 7th grader at the same school. We were good friends and she often walked with me after school to my house where she would call her mom for a ride home.

Tracy was a little chubby but very cute with fairly good size breasts for a 13 year old girl. I had a huge crush on her and I was pretty sure she liked me too.

When we finally got to my house we went into the living room and set our backpacks down. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV while Tracy went into the kitchen so she could use the phone to call her mother for a ride.

She hung the phone up and came back to the living room. “My mom will pick me up in just a few…” Tracy said and sat down on the couch with me and we watched some afternoon cartoons while she waited. It was fairly cold out that afternoon and it was threatening to rain so Tracy was glad to wait inside with me.

After about 15 minutes Tracy heard a car outside and said “I gotta go… I’ll see you at school tomorrow!”

At the same time my mother, realizing that I was home, was calling my name. “DOUGLAS! Get in here, NOW!!” It sounded like I was in trouble and, in case a spanking was coming, I was glad Tracy was going home. The absolute last thing I wanted was for Tracy to know that I was still getting spanked in 8th grade.

I reluctantly headed down the hallway to my bedroom.

When I entered the room, I could see my mother had “cleaned up” while I was at school. What that actually meant was that she had searched my bedroom for any contraband items under guise of cleaning. I had a queasy feeling in my stomach knowing it was almost certain that she had found something, I just didn’t know what it was yet. I looked over and could see the folded leather belt used for spanking me was already on the nightstand and I knew I was in trouble.

I tried to think what she could have found but my mother beat me to it.

“What is THIS??” She was holding a yellow piece of paper in her hand and shaking it at me. “ANSWER ME!!” she demanded again. I knew right away what it was. It was the duplicate copy of a progress report from school that was sent home to be signed by a parent and returned. It was an exceptionally bad progress report so instead of showing my parents, I made the bad decision to forge my mother’s signature on it before returning it to school. My obvious mistake, was keeping the duplicate copy instead of throwing it away.

My mother could clearly see where I had signed her name and she was livid over it. “First, you neglect your schoolwork and then you have the nerve to sign my name to this without telling me??” I really didn’t have any answer for her. I knew I was only moments away from getting a serious whipping as my mother was never one to put a spanking off until later. As most after-school spankings happened, my shirt was the first to come off followed by my shoes and socks then my pants and finally my underwear until I was completely naked.

Mom stood me up and after grabbing the leather belt, spun me around and began whipping me across my butt and thighs. I was pulling like a fish on a line and by about the third stroke of the belt, I slipped out of her grasp and I bolted out of my room, and down the hallway.

As I emerged from the hall into the living room, I was confronted by a horrible sight. My friend Tracy was still here!! Oh my God, I was completely shocked to see her standing by the front door with her backpack on. Apparently, Tracy had never actually left our house and had, undoubtedly, had heard everything that had happened.

As soon as I saw Tracy standing a mere ten feet away from me, I stopped in my tracks, completely naked and crying. For a moment, time seemed to stand still ,while Tracy, as shocked to see me naked as I was being seen, stood with her mouth open staring right at me. At 14, I probably should have had some amount of pubic hair, but I still had none yet despite the fact that I had implied in conversation with Tracy that I had already started get hair down there. I certainly never expected for her to find that out, especially finding out like this.

As I was standing frozen in place, my Mom immediately caught up with me and once again grabbed me by the upper arm and continued my belt spanking with no regard for Tracy standing there witnessing the whole thing. Mom had gotten in about 15 more strokes with the belt when the doorbell rang.
“That’s probably my Mom” Tracy said and she opened the front door. It was indeed her mother who was now an additional witness to my punishment. My mother stopped spanking me and she set the belt down on the coffee table. She continued holding me tightly by the arm as she went closer to the door to greet Tracy’s mom while dragging me with her.

“Oh, hi Dorothy” Mom said sounding exasperated.

Tracy’s mother somehow didn’t seemed very shocked at what she was seeing. Instead, she said calmly “Oh I’m sorry.. Am I interrupting something?” knowing full well exactly what she was interrupting.

“No, of course not.” my mother said “I’m just having to discipline Douglas for something”.

“Mommmmmy, pleeease can’t I go to my room now?” I begged as I continued to struggle and fuss about everyone seeing me naked which caused my mother to admonish me “You settle down, Mister, you’re not going anywhere!! It was your choice to run from me when I was spanking you, so now you’ll just have to deal with it.”

Turning once again to Tracy’s mother my Mom said “Unfortunately, Tracy accidentally got an anatomy lesson.”

“Well, if that was an anatomy lesson, I don’t think she learned very much” Tracy’s mother said gesturing towards my bare penis.

Tracy stood there red-faced basically trying to look at her shoes but still occasionally glancing up at my nakedness.

“C’mon Tracy…we’ve got to go home now.” Her mother said. “Bye.” Tracy said

“Douglas will see you at school tomorrow Tracy…bye bye Dear” Mom told Tracy as she shut the door.

“Now you get in your room, Young Man, and get to bed, right now!” were my mother’s final instructions for me as she slapped me on my butt and let go of my arm and I ran off to the safety of my bedroom.

I climbed into my bed and pulled the covers up while I continued to cry and think about what had just happened.

The next day seeing Tracy was super awkward. We didn’t look at each other at first and then finally Tracy said “I’m sorry you got a spanking…” I asked her “Please don’t tell anyone what happened, OK?”

She promised not to tell anyone about it and said “It’ll be our secret!”

The End!!

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