My Worst Spanking – Compilation

Posted by Jason Gilbert I am combining this group together for you. Two more girls talking about their worst spankings. The audio quality on the first one isn’t great, but keep in mind that these were originally recorded in the late 1980s, so a long time ago. I, personally think they are super fascinating toContinue reading “My Worst Spanking – Compilation”

My Worst Spanking – Strict Religious Mom

Posted by Jason Gilbert This one is fascinating!! A 29 year old tells about her strict mother’s spankings growing up, until her late teens. What I find so fascinating about this is the difference in the way that her mother spanked her and her sister as opposed to how she spanked her brother. Her brotherContinue reading “My Worst Spanking – Strict Religious Mom”

Lorraine Spanked for Note from Teacher

Story by Jason Gilbert This is a fictional spanking story based on a spanking video from Punished Brats. I love some of the verbal in this video and decided to create my own little story around it. This story involves the fictional spanking of an eighteen year old girl. Hope you enjoy!! Lorraine was inContinue reading “Lorraine Spanked for Note from Teacher”

Last Man Standing – The Spanking Episode

Posted by Jason Gilbert Spanking, it is a tricky subject to tackle in the more modern sitcoms. While sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and Community have used spanking in a much more playful way, not too many shows want to tackle the subject of spanking when it comes to disciplining your children. The tvContinue reading “Last Man Standing – The Spanking Episode”

Online Dating – BEWARE of Scammers

Posted by Jason Gilbert I got scammed very recently on one of those online dating sites, one that specifically caters to the BDSM culture.  Now, to be clear, it is not the fault of the website as they try to give people the tools to be informed and make good decisions online.  Unfortunately, I hadn’tContinue reading “Online Dating – BEWARE of Scammers”

Voyeur Gets an Eyeful – A spanking letter

Posted by Jason Gilbert Another audio story for you guys. This comes courtesy of a letter from a Spanking Magazine. It once again features one of my personal favorite fantasies when it comes to spanking stories, and that is a story told from a witness’s perspective. That this is about a true event only makesContinue reading “Voyeur Gets an Eyeful – A spanking letter”