Spanking the Laziness out of Roseanne – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

It is time for yet another spanking video highlight.  And yes, I do seem to post along a theme, although it is often unintentional.  So yes, the theme of this week is laziness!!  I figured since I posted about my own laziness and the self spanking that I gave myself as a result, that I would go ahead and keep going with that theme.  I happen to just come across this video as I was organizing some of my spanking related content.

This video comes courtesy of Girls Boarding School.  It features a man named Mike as the disciplinarian in this scene.  I confess that he is not my favorite male disciplinarian, but I do like this scene.  I like the simplicity of this scene as it features a girl being lazy when she should be working on her homework.  Called out by the Headmaster for her laziness, she is swiftly taken over his knees for a sound spanking on her panties and then on her bare bottom.

Several things that I personally like about this video.  First and foremost, it features a good hard over the knee spanking.  Not brutal, just a good hard hand spanking that seems to leave an impression.  I like that the action is shot from a couple of different angles, including a side angle that shows some facial reactions, but you can also still see the bottom.  Truth be told, I wish they would just show the entire spanking from this angle, as you can still see her bottom turning red, but you also get to see the distress and discomfort in her face as she gets spanked.  Now, I am not going to complain about the bottom angle as I have to confess that Roseanne has a very nice, spankable bottom!!  I just wish more of the side cam was used as I like facial reactions as much if not more than the bottom angle.  But maybe I am crazy that way!!

I don’t really know how much else there is to say about this video other than that.  It is just a nice simple, shorter video that features a good hard over the knee hand spanking.  I guess I am just always a sucker for a good otk hand spanking video as they are never too brutal but still great to watch!!

Anyways, this is a shorter video highlight for you, but I hope that you enjoyed it all the same!!  Thank you for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!  Please Like, Share, and Subscribe if you enjoyed this post!!  Also, don’t forget to check out the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum!!  Come say hi and start a new topic and let’s all talk about spanking together!!

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