Birthday Spankings

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Birthday Spankings!!

How many of you have ever received a Birthday Spanking?

I think I may have once or twice in my years growing up!! I cannot recall any specific memories unfortunately, but I am sure that I got at least a couple. I do remember a older cousin that would sit on us younger cousins and fart on us, but that is not the same thing…lol. I think it may have been an uncle that did a sort of birthday spanking. It was all just in fun of course!!

This is also one of the interview questions that Clare Fonda asks all of the girls that she interviews in her website Spanked Sweeties. Many girls had received birthday spankings and of course some had not!! Why is this a thing?

Have any of you seen the movie Liar Liar with Jim Carey. There is a scene where the new man in Fletcher’s ex-wife life pretend gives her son three smacks to the arm and one to grow on. Is a birthday spanking something like that?

Have any of you ever received a birthday spanking?

What does it involve?

Where did this tradition start?

Love to hear from all of you!! This is just a fun topic!! Feel free to comment down below, or I did start this same topic on my forum!!

Thanks for tuning into this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

Here is a link to my post about Birthday Spankings on the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum:


  1. As a kid, I remember hearing adults joke about birthday spankings but never really saw one delivered. As adults, my husband and I have a fun tradition on his birthday… he gives me HIS birthday spanking. And of course…he spanks me on my birthday just as a reminder to behave myself throughout the year 🙂

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    1. What, you never get to spank him, even on his Birthday…lol? Or yours?

      Yeah, I always thought the whole birthday spanking thing was kind of funny!! Seems silly to me, but fun as an adult. I don’t know that kids would appreciate it the same.

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