My Voyager Forum Updated with Improved Formatting

I want to once again invite people to join my discussion forum on Look below for the link. I have fixed the settings so it is now much easier to see the individual topics and all the responses to the first post. Thank you all for your patience as I got this figured out. I know it was holding a lot of people back from posting much on there and I can’t say that I blame anyone. It was, quite honestly, not very good formatting style at all. I myself didn’t even like using it.

Anyways, I finally had some time and since there does still seem to be enough interest in the forum, I wanted to improve the formatting for you guys. I hope this will help it to become a more active forum. I know that it will still take time and I am not expecting it to reach the heights of the SAGNAS forum, but I do hope that it will encourage more people to post there and maybe we can have some fun talking about spanking!!

Anyways, to anyone that gave it a look before and didn’t like the formatting, I would encourage you to please give it another try. I promise you, it is much better!! Anyways, hope to chat with some of you on the new forum and to all of my new subscribers I want to say; Welcome to the Let’s Talk Spanking!!

Below is the link to my forum:

Hope I will see many of you there!!

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