Rachel Requests Discipline – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I have another spanking video highlight for you. This one is a clips4sale purchase that I made a little while back. It features Miss Elizabeth on her own clips4sale video store called Spanking House Productions. If you aren’t familiar with Miss Elizabeth, she is fast becoming one of the most well-known spanking tops in the scene, thanks in large part to do with her work with Sarah Gregory. She is strongly featured on Sarah Gregory’s Mommas Spankings website as a mother figure. She has a very motherly like appearance and demeanor that really helps add to the scenes that she is in.

Rachel Requests Discipline is a simple and straight forward premise with a very intense spanking. What makes the video so intense isn’t necessarily how severe a spanking it is, because I have definitely seen more severe, instead it is Rachel Adams reactions to the spanking that really make this video great!! It is a bath brush spanking, which I am told is one of the most painful implements there is and Rachel’s reactions would seem to correspond to that assessment.

The basic premise is that Rachel comes into the room with the bath brush in hand to request a spanking from her mom. She is upset that she really hasn’t been keeping up with her studies and has been letting them really slip. She wants help from her mother in the form of a severe spanking, with the dreaded bath brush and her mother is only too happy to oblige her.

Again, it isn’t about the amount of swats, but the intensity of Rachel’s reactions to the spanking that really make this video!! Be warned, there is yelling and screaming from Rachel in this video!! Even a single swat from the dreaded bath brush will have her bawling and screaming, saying things like “Oh my god, oh my god” as the pain is just too much for her.

By the end of the video Rachel is a mess of snot and tears as you can see in some of these images. Rachel’s reactions in this video are first rate and it is no wonder she is a favorite among many!!

Hope you enjoyed this video highlight!! If you want to check out this video for yourself, or any of Miss Elizabeth’s other videos, you can follow the link below:


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