The Debate – Comic mini Story – Updated!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

A quick update for you!! The art is by Collegeboy!! So a huge thank you to him for this amazing art!! And also a huge thank you to Drooaygah for letting me know who the artist was for these drawings!! We want to make sure that we support those with a talent for good art as well as a passion for spanking!! Thank you for you for all of your hard work!!

Another find from Anime OTK, and once again I am not sure of the original artist. If anyone does know, please tell me and I will update the post to include the artist’s name. This is an amusing little story told in a comic style of art. Very entertaining read and I give huge praise to those that produce this kind of art. I like all kinds of spanking art myself, but these comic style are really neat as they have a sort of mini story to them. Hope you enjoy this post!!

4 thoughts on “The Debate – Comic mini Story – Updated!!

    1. Yeah…I am sure she is sorry that she ever asked her mother for a spanking again. Once she opened Pandora’s Box there was no closing it…lol. Poor girl!!

      Wonder if my parents would agree to spank me like that if I asked them to again and how much would I regret it if they agreed and I had no control over it going forward. It is one thing to fantasize about it, it is another thing entirely to experience it!!

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      1. As someone who is spanked often, I am still surprised by how much a spanking hurts. For something I spend a great deal fantasizing about…I sure regret it when I actually get one!


      2. LOL…it is surprising eh!! I can’t say that I have the experience that you do, but I can say that my one adult spanking experience truly surprised me. It hurt a lot more than I thought it would. My butt was quite red and maybe even a little bruised afterwards and I had to work an 8 hour shift at a clothing store afterwards. Even though it wasn’t a discipline spanking and nobody at my work ever knew about it, I did feel kind of embarrassed to be working with a pretty sore bottom that night. What’s more, I couldn’t let on to anyone why I was sore…lol. I am sure that doesn’t compare with having a sore bottom after a disciplinary spanking, but it was kind of funny looking back on it. The pain was intense while it was happening, but in a strange way I actually enjoyed the soreness afterwards to some degree and even the feelings of embarrassment were kind of fun to think back on.

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