Institute of Discipline – Spanking Website Review

Posted and Written by Jason Gilbert

Good day everyone and welcome to another review of a Spanking Paysite.  This is one I stumbled across by complete accident and thought I would just give it a try.  As I cannot currently find any other reviews of this website, let me be the first to review this site for you.

This review, as is the case with all of my reviews will consist of 4 main areas with scores for each.  The areas that I will review are Presentation, Navigation, Value/Quality, and Extras.  Each section will be rated out of five stars and then I will finish by giving you my overall of whole thing.  I hope you enjoy this review and find it informative.  Thanks for tuning in to another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!


Starting with the presentation of the website before you become a member, I have to confess that it is simple.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but the preview section does leave a lot to be desired.  That is a bit disappointing as what you get inside when you do subscribe is quite good.  Even once logged in the presentation of the site remains simple and not overly complex.  The concept is the spanking of naughty young ladies in a school like setting.  Not too much attention is paid to elaborate sets and the costumes the girls wear is simple, yet effective.  I won’t go out of my way and say that the presentation of the site is going to wow you at all, but simple does not mean that there isn’t value.

Once you have a membership, the presentation inside is super simple and you basically just click on a model, that are lined up on the right side of your screen and it will show you all the scenes they are in.  Again, this design is simple and not the prettiest to look at.

I honestly hate to rate this section as I fear it may turn some of you off from giving this site a try.  I have to rate it honestly though and the presentation of the site was not what drew me in.  And as I already stated, the preview section left much to be desired, with only a handful of images to look at and absolutely no video previews.

I give Presentation a 2 out of 5

There is much that could be improved here to make it look more enticing and maybe grab more people’s attention!!


Navigation for Institute of Discipline is decent, but could be improved.  As I previously stated, you simply click on a model on the right side of your screen and it takes you to all the scenes that model is in.  Only one small image shows you a rough approximation of what you get in the scene.  If you click on the image of any scene, you are taken to the still images from that scene.  If you click on the button that says video below that, you start downloading the video to watch.

It is easy to find the content that you want.  See a scene with an otk spanking, click on the picture and right click and save any images that you want to save.  One note here is that there is no zip file option and that is a bit disappointing.  So, it is much more time consuming to download images as you have to click and then right click and save each and every picture that you want.  This is not a make or break deal, but something I would like to see them change in the future.  That being said, I found the quality of the images to be pretty good.  But we will talk more about that in the next section of the review.

So, once again, the navigation is simple, but with no search function to search by model or spanker, or position, implement used, etc., it requires you to just click on each model and hopefully find what you are looking for.

Navigation gets a 3 out of 5 stars

Better than presentation, but definitely room for improvement as well!!


Now, you are probably thinking that I am being pretty negative about this site.  But I do want to give you guys an honest opinion.  But as we come to the next section I promise to get more positive, because I found a lot to like in the quality of the videos and the still images too.

Again, the concept is simple of school girls getting spanked by teachers and principals, etc., and this site is not going to blow your mind or re-invent anything here, but that being said, I do think we get some decent spanking scenes played out before our eyes.  The spankings are decently hard, but never seem to push too far.  Lots of hand spanking and lots of OTK, but there is some use of the slipper and cane as well.  I don’t think that models get pushed beyond any limits on this site, but that is not to say that they don’t react at all.  I found reactions to be realistic and sometimes kind of fun!!  There does tend to be a bit of a tongue and cheek nature to many of the videos, but the spankings still seem very real.   If you look closely at some of the stills from certain scenes, you can tell that the models were probably having some fun behind the scenes.  I don’t think that is a bad thing at all!!

So, when we talk about value, we also have to talk about price.  Well, it actually shows the price in Euros.  This means, that without a converter, you won’t know how much you are paying until you are on the sign up screen.  The price advertised is 19.99 Euros, which works out to $36.16 in Canadian dollars, which probably means around $25 dollars for most of you Americans. 

Now, I will consider a spanking paysite to have value if it includes a decent amount of content that I can enjoy.  And if I compare how much I spend to how much you can spend on an individual spanking video on clips4sale (which can sometimes be ridiculous) I consider that there is value in the site.  So, with that criteria, while this may not be the most feature packed website out there, I still think that there is value.

What you get is access to download any pictures and videos you like from their website.  A great combination of spanking scenes involving the spanking of pretty girls in various positions and with various implements.  While the amount of scenes and the number of models is not exhaustive, there is still some fun scenes and it is worth checking out at least once.

One last quick note before I give this section a rating and move on to extras is that the models have fairly strong accents.  I have to confess that I didn’t always understand them.  However, that didn’t hamper my ability to admire their cute bottoms as they got a spanking.

So, I will give Value/Quality a 4.5 out of 5 stars

I know that may seem high compared to the other sections, but I really do feel like you get some good value and some fun spanking scenes for your money!!


As I have said before extras can be a hard section to review and rate.  Maybe I ought to just take it out, but I do feel like some websites go out of their way to give a ton of extras, so I do want to highlight those when I get around to reviewing them.

So, to review the extras on this site is going to be easy, because there aren’t any.  Links to other sites do not count as extras and the link to the forum does not work anymore, so unfortunately there are no extras.

So, I am forced to give Extras a 0 out of 5 stars


I took a chance on this site when I decided to subscribe to it.  I saw a few of their videos available for individual purchase on the clips4sale store and when I discovered that they had a paysite that you could download all of their videos, I thought I would check it out.  Based soley on the preview section of the Institute of Disciplines main page, I don’t know if I would have subscribed.  And there is where there is room for improvement.

All of this being said, while I did find the presentation to be overly simple and the extras lacking, I did find that there is some quality content held within.  And as there is still a lot more value to purchase a one-month membership to the site then there is in buying individual videos on clips4sale, I would have to say that I do give this website a recommendation.

I won’t go out of my way to say that it is one of my favorite spanking paysites, but I did find some videos and stills that I really like here.  In fact, I already have a couple picked out which I will do a Spanking Video Highlight of very soon for you guys.  Perhaps that will help convince you that there is value in the Institute of Discipline and give it a try!!

I give the overall website of Institute of Discipline a 3.5 out of 5!!  There is enough to like here, but I would like to see them make some improvements going forward!!  I hope they do make these improvements and don’t let their site fall off the map, as sometimes happens to paysite.  Please do check it out and I hope this review has been helpful!!

Here is a link to the Institute of Discipline:

Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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