Update – What is coming!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Hello my spanko friends!! Sorry that the blog has been kind of quiet as of late. Part of it is business of life, part of it is just laziness on my part. I wanted to let you guys know of some things coming to the forum in the month of February.

I will start with a big one. I recently came across a spanking paysite, featuring videos and still images. It is one I have never stumbled across before in my many many searches for spanking related content. How I am still able to find new websites even after years of looking for this content blows my mind, but hey, it is fun when you discover new things in the spanking world. What is this site you ask, it is called Institute of Discipline!! I took a bit of a chance on this site as it really doesn’t have much of a preview section, just a few stills and no video previews. But I decided to give it a try none the less. For the price, so far I am enjoying it!! Is that a spoiler? Don’t worry, I intend to give you guys a full review of the site, going over all the categories that I usually do for these reviews. So, stay tuned for that!!

What else is in store for the future of this blog?

Well, more of what I hope you guys like!! And feel free to make a comment if there is something in particular you want to see more of on here!!

I am planning to do more Spanking Video Highlights and mini reviews for you. I want to share more Spanking Letters from some Spanking Magazines that I have. I will try to find more stories to share with you guys too. And I hope to share a few of my own original stories!!

So, that is what is coming up in the month of February!! Please do let me know if you have any suggestions of things you would like to see on this blog!! Thanks for tuning in and look for more updates soon!!

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