More Fall Pictures

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I am sharing a few more of my fall pictures. Most of them were taken very recently, but a few of them were taken back in 2005. Can anyone tell me which ones were taken in 2005? Also, which picture is your favorite?

Hope you enjoyed these fall pictures of mine!! Take care my friends!!


    1. Thanks Nora!! I press on with my 30 Day Challenge and feel more encouraged and positive about myself these days!! It is a journey and not every day is perfect, but I am working towards a new me and it feels good to be making some positive changes!!

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    1. Thank you Ray!! Photography has been a hobby of mine for a long time, probably because my parents are into it too. I just love getting out in nature and taking pictures, especially at fall time!! I kind of got away from it, but I want to be more intentional about getting back to it!! Thanks for your warm compliments!! Perhaps I will share a few of my winter pictures that stand out as some of my favorites!!


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