A Real Daddy/Daughter Spanking Video

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for another spanking video highlight.  As far as I know, this is not a video that you can purchase, so I am going to do something that I don’t normally do and post a link to the full video for you to watch yourself.  I cannot post full videos on my website, but I will do as I normally do and share some audio files of the spanking as well as some animated gifs.  In addition, I will post the link for where the entire video can be found and enjoyed at your leisure!!  So, without further ado, onto the video!!

Time for a real daddy/daughter spanking video!!  Listen, I know at the end of the day, I don’t really know what the real dynamic for this scene was and if it is actually a real daddy spanking his real daughter or not, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.  If I had to guess, I would say that these are not an actually daddy daughter couple in the traditional blood sense, and it is probably more likely that this is more like some kind of a domestic discipline relationship.  Are they a married couple?  It is possible, but I see it more as he is her disciplinarian and would submit that she was being spanked, quite soundly I might add, for very real reasons.  Listen to the audio, watch the video on the link provided and decide for yourself what the dynamics of these two people might actually be.  But one thing I would argue is that this is real discipline in this video.  This girl/young lady is being spanked for very real reasons, and that, for me anyways, is what makes this scene so hot!!

The action in the video starts immediately, making me wonder if there was another part of this video that has been lost over time, or is this the only part that they are willing to show.  I do know that they take particularly care, not to show either of the faces on camera.  I have to image that this was intentional, and I can definitely respect that.  All the action is shot from one singe camera and is very low definition.  I actually kind of like that about the video as it adds a very realistic and amateur feel to it.  So many of the professional sites out there focus on getting the action from all angles, which I appreciate, most of the time.  However, there is just something about a video where all the action is shot from one angle that makes it seem like we are getting a glimpse of something we shouldn’t be seeing and that only makes it more exciting, at least to me it does.

This is an audio clip from my favorite section of the video, near the end:

The girl in the video is spanked with a couple different paddles and with some of the dialog (again, this dialog seems real and not rehearsed) indicates to why she is being spanked.  Driving over the speed limit seems to be the reason for this spanking, plus other spankings she has received in the past.  It seems to be an ongoing issue with this young lady and one she is learning the hard way over and over again.  There is no warm up, at least as far as the video is concerned, with hard paddle spanking throughout.  And this brings us to something that always makes or breaks a spanking video for me, reaction of the spankee.  I am delighted that you never get the impression that this was a scene done for the cameras.  The reactions here are real, with crying and absolute misery on behalf of a well-spanked young lady.  The man spanking her is appropriately stern throughout, which really helps lend it to feeling like you are witnessing real discipline here.

There is really not much more to say about this video, other than it is straight up, no nonsense disciplinary spanking at its finest.  Yes, I do like to see facial reactions in a spanking video, which you don’t get in this scene, but the audio more than makes up for it.  You can tell this spanking was very real and very unpleasant for the young lady that received it.  Hopefully she learned from this spanking!!

Here is the link to the video:

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

To my faithful followers, I wanted to apologize that I haven’t been updating as often.  I am going to try to get back to updating more often, but sometimes life gets in the way…lol!!  I do have some things of a more personal nature that I do want to share with you as well, with the permission of a good friend who I have been turning to for some discipline and guidance in some important areas.  When I have discussed how to proceed with my friend/disciplinarian than I look forward to sharing at least some of that journey with you.  Although deeply personal, I do want to share some of this journey with you guys, as it is very important to me!!   Thanks for sticking with me and look forward to more posts in the future!!

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