Anthea visits Principal Millar parts 3-5

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for part two of the spanking video highlight of the Anthea visits Principal Millar series!!

Parts three to part five continue on with the narrative already established. It cuts back to the mother and daughter talking again before switching back to the scene of Anthea’s next spanking. In part 3, Anthea (played marvelously by Beverley Bacci) gets a hard paddling. Much attention is put into the scolding that definitely gets the point across. Lana Millar excellently plays the stern but caring principal. She is not happy that Anthea is in her office yet again, and must increase the punishment this time around yet again. Anthea is going to get the dreaded paddle. This paddle is much larger than the hairbrush and packs a mighty smack and lots of pain to go with it!!

The action is a combination of the slow unclothing of Anthea, her bending over for the paddle, and then at the end a very sound over the knee 50 swat non-stop paddle spanking!! While the action starts off a little slow, the scolding is excellent yet again, and the otk paddling at the end makes it all worthwhile. Plus there is something about the anticipation of a hard spanking that makes it just as exciting as the action itself. This is helped tremendously by the look of fear and anticipation on Anthea’s face!!

Moving into parts 4 and 5, we move into present time!! Anthea’s mother decides that it is her turn to drive home the message of Anthea’s inappropriate behavior with a spanking of her own. Starting with a hand spanking from her mom (played by Clare Fonda) to start warming her up again, we see right away how already bruised and sore Anthea’s bottom is. The hand spanking is not over severe, but half way through part 4, her mom decides to use the hairbrush.

The hairbrush spanking ends with 50 swats where Anthea has to say the swat number and then say thank you mommy. For the last 20 swats you can hear the distress in Anthea’s voice, practically sobbing out the last 10 swats and opening crying at the end. Anthea wipes her eyes as she gets off of her mother’s lap and looks like a very sorry girl.

Part 5 is a mouth soaping. It is pretty good for a mouth soaping!! I really don’t mind a good mouth soaping in some of my spanking videos. Very old fashioned, they are kind of fun to watch!! One thing I will say that I am not a big fan of is when they smack the girls bottom during the mouth soaping. To me, these should be separate!! Finish the mouth soaping before any more spanking takes place. Maybe I am an oddball here, but I just don’t care that much for the bending over swats during a mouth soaping!!

But other than that, it is a fine finish, if not a little anti-climatic!! That being said, the video series as a whole is quite fun to watch!! It is definitely worth a download and watch if you ever subscribe to Girl Spanks Girl!! The website has some great content, especially some of their older stuff. Often on the softer side of things, there are still some pretty fun scenes and if you like OTK spankings like I do, then it is definitely one to put on your list to subscribe to at some point.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!! I enjoyed doing this video highlight for you!! I apologize that things have been a bit quieter on the blog lately, but I am working through some life things right now. I will still endeavor to share content with you as I have some time!!

In the meantime, do consider coming and checking out the forum!! There has been some fascinating discussion going on there, so take a look, and say hello if you like!!

A couple quick things before I leave. First, here is the link to the Girl Spanks Girl website:

And secondly, here is the link to the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum:

Thanks for joining me for another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!


    1. Being a curious individual; about a year back I purchased a package with several bars of plain Ivory soap. Yes, I wanted to know what it was like to have my mouth soaped. What can I say, I am a strange individual!! Having done it once out of curiosity, I can agree that it would be a most effective punishment. The soap got kind of stuck in my teeth and the soapy taste stayed in my mouth for a few hours afterwards. Not very pleasant at all!!

      All that being said, I definitely think it could be an effective punishment for things like lying and swearing. I don’t know that I ever want to experience one again, but then again isn’t that the very reason that a punishment is effective!! You shouldn’t enjoy it if it is designed to be real punishment!!

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