My Worst Spanking – Strict Religious Mom

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This one is fascinating!! A 29 year old tells about her strict mother’s spankings growing up, until her late teens. What I find so fascinating about this is the difference in the way that her mother spanked her and her sister as opposed to how she spanked her brother. Her brother was spanked lying down on his bed with the paddle. While both sisters were spanked with that same paddle, while laying over their mother’s knees. A chair was put in the middle of the room and they were made to bend over their mother’s knees for their spanking, even into their late teens. I always find these differences in punishment styles to be super fascinating. I wonder if it was due to the differences in male to female anatomy. Would the mother have felt more uncomfortable with spanking her son over her knees after he reached his teen years? I feel like gender was a huge factor in the position that the kids were spanked in. It doesn’t sound to me like the girls were spanked any less severely than the boy was, so it was only the difference in position. Very interesting!!

Anyways, hope you enjoy!!


  1. I would venture to guess that the presence exterior sexual organs has a huge baring on the way Mom spanked the brother. Maybe he liked it. Maybe Mom was uncomfortable about it. But.. then why did it continue so late into their teen years if that was the case?


    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this MJ!! I thought it was fascinating!! Position is a big point of interest for me. I am very turned on by the OTK position, specifically female bottoms in this position. Although, I have to admit, that I would be okay with being spanked in that position as well. A young lady that I chat with via email, says that OTK is the only position that makes sense to her, and that many other positions can seem militaristic. I do tend to agree with her, but that is just my personal opinion. As far as this mother is concerned, she must have felt that there was a necessity to change her methods, depending on the gender of her children. But, can’t girl’s get aroused when being spanked over the knee as well? All interesting points to ponder. Thanks for your contributions MJ. I love to hear from my subscribers!!

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  2. I loved the way the gal telling this story recalls being made to stand in the corner for an hour with a sign reading “This girl is a sneak” for TWO weeks for her misbehavior (not being in the corner when she was supposed to be)…that is fitting!

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    1. Yes. I agree, fitting punishment!! I am sure it made an impression on her. What your feelings on corner time Nora? Is it a useful form of punishment or something that can be added to a punishment? How do should corner time be?

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      1. I absolutely think that corner time is a fitting punishment, or a supplement to discipline. Unfortunately, I find myself standing in the corner a fair amount, usually after a spanking.

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