Lorraine Spanked for Note from Teacher

Story by Jason Gilbert

This is a fictional spanking story based on a spanking video from Punished Brats. I love some of the verbal in this video and decided to create my own little story around it. This story involves the fictional spanking of an eighteen year old girl. Hope you enjoy!!

Lorraine was in deep trouble and she knew it.  Heading home from school, the 18-year-old felt the weight of her backpack on her shoulders and it felt heavier than normal.  It was probably due to the note she carried in her backpack from her teacher.  It was a note outlining her misdeeds today, and it was a doozy.  Lorraine had been caught smoking in the Girl’s Locker-room and that was a big no-no at her school.  It was also a big no-no with her own mother.  Although her mom had smoked for while when Lorraine was younger, she had managed to quit about 3 years ago and was very proud of that fact.  And even while she was a smoker, she was very much against her daughter picking up on that same bad habit.  Her mother, Veronica, often said that she wished she had never given into peer pressure when she was in high school and very much regretted that she ever started smoking.  She also went on to tell Lorraine that she would not put up with her smoking and that she could expect a trip across her knees for a very sound spanking if she was ever caught smoking.  That threat alone had been enough for Lorraine to pass up on the chance to smoke, whenever her friends might ask her.  Unfortunately, today the peer pressure had been too much for her and she eventually gave in.

Jillian and Tessa, two of her friends at school had slipped out of class to ‘go to the washroom’.  When they invited Lorraine to join them, Lorraine figured it was just so they could have some girl talk without fear of getting in trouble with the teacher.  Well, when they all got to the washroom, Jillian pulled out a pack of cigarettes from her purse and pulled one out for herself before handing the pack to Tessa.  Tessa pulled one out and then handed the pack to Lorraine.  Lorraine tried to say that she wasn’t interested, but thanks anyways.  “Don’t be such a baby”, Jillian had taunted her, “you know that you want to try one”.  Lorraine hesitated for a minute and Tessa tried to encourage her as well.  “Come on Lorraine”, Tessa said encouragingly, “we do this all the time, it’s no big deal”.  “Yeah, until we get caught”, Lorraine tried to protest.  “We never get caught, teachers never check in here, so stop worrying and give it a try”, Jillian said trying to convince Lorraine.  “Oh ok, I guess”, Lorraine said giving in to peer pressure.  She knew she shouldn’t but she didn’t want to disappoint her friends.  Plus, she always had wanted to try smoking anyways.

Well, turns out Mr. Johnson, one of the teachers of the school happened to be walking by the washroom and caught a wiff of cigarette smoke wafting out of the girls locker-room.  Concerned, he told one of the woman teachers of the school, Mrs. Wells.  Mrs. Wells had a reputation as a very strict teacher and while corporal punishment was no longer allowed at school, she would often have students writing lines, standing in the corner, doing extra assignments, and doing detention.  She would often send a note home from school as well, that the parents were required to sign and the students had to bring back.  It brought a bit of a smile to Mrs. Wells face to know that several of the students had parents that strongly believed in corporal punishment, so while she couldn’t discipline these naughty children herself, she at least had the comfort of knowing that at least some of students were getting properly punished at home.  She smiled to think of some of the students that had caused her grief going over the mother or father’s knee for a good sound spanking.  Heaven knows that a lot of them deserved it from time to time.

All three girls froze in place when Mrs. Wells burst into the girls locker-room with a stern look on her face.  She shouted at all three of the girls and told them all that they should be suspended for their actions.   With a stern look on her face, she assured each of them that a note would be going home with each of them and that they were to have one of their parents sign it.  The note read as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to bring to your attention that your daughter was caught smoking in the girl’s lockeroom today during school hours.  She, along with two others were given detention and are at the risk of suspension if further incidents occur.  Please know that we take smoking very seriously at this school and we will not tolerate any further incidents.  I hope that I can trust you, the parent, to take care of this behavior and promise that it won’t happen again.

A concerned teacher,

Mrs. Wells

Well the note was a death sentence to Lorraine.  She didn’t know what would happen to her two friends, but she knew her mom would not be happy.  This was her third note home this month and while the other two notes home had been for other offenses, she was still in deep trouble and she knew it.  Her mom’s threat after her last note home from school rang in her head: “If you get one more note home this month, young lady, you are going over my knees for a sound spanking”.  The words were a promise that she wasn’t going to let this kind of behavior slide.  “I am seeing far too many notes coming home from your teacher Lorraine, and I am not going to stand for it”, her mom’s threatening tone had kept her on her best behavior for about a week afterwards.  That meant nothing now as she reached the front door to her home with the unsettling feeling in her gut.  Her mom was going to be pissed and Lorraine racked her brain for a way out of getting another spanking, but she was coming up empty.

Entering the house, Lorraine hoped to slip up to her room and avoid her mom for the time being.  That was not to be the case, as her mom quickly spotted her as she walked towards her from the kitchen.  “I understand that you have another note for me to sign Lorraine”, her mother asked in a stern tone.  Well, the cat was out of the bag and Lorraine figured it was better to just face the music.  Pulling the note from her knapsack, she reluctantly handed it over to her mother.  Her mother concerned face quickly changed to one of anger as she read over the note.

“What did I tell you was going to happen if I got another note from your school Lorraine”, her mother asked in a stealy tone.  “And this time caught smoking, in the girl’s room”.

Following these stern words from her mother, there was a bit of a silent standoff.  Finally, Lorraine’s mom grabbed her arm and Lorraine let out a verbal protest.

“No mom”, was all Lorraine managed to say.

Veronica simply responded with a matter-of-fact, “I told you”, and lead Lorraine in the direction of the bedrooms.  Veronica dragged Lorraine into her step-sister Amber’s bedroom.  Amber’s dad had married Veronica about a year ago and she split her time between living with her dad and her stepmom Veronica.  Both girls were subject to going over Veronica’s knees for a sound spanking when necessary.  It didn’t matter to her whether it was her own daughter, or her step daughter Amber.  Amber was 20 years old and in college now, but she still did things that required a firm hand at times.  Truth be told, Amber often seemed to accept discipline even better than her own daughter did.  Not that she enjoyed being spanked, but she often would thank Veronica after the fact, for correcting her behavior. 

Lorraine on the other hand resented having to share with her new step sister.  She got along okay with her, but mostly just tried to avoid her.  They didn’t like each other and Lorraine thought that Amber was a bit of a goody two shoes.  She felt as if Amber’s behavior often made Lorraine seem even worse, as Amber never got into the same trouble that Lorraine did.  Lorraine resented Amber for what seemed like favoritism that Veronica showed to her.  The other part that sucked was when Lorraine was in trouble and her step sister Amber was around to hear or see the fallout.  Lorraine had a sneaking suspicioun that Amber enjoyed when Lorraine was going to get a spanking, and today was no different.

Stopping at Amber’s bedroom, Lorraine was practically dragged into the room with her mom.  Amber was laying on her bed reading a book, when the two of them walked in. 

“Where’s the big hairbrush”, Veronica asked in a stern tone.

The question seemed to startle Amber.  “Right here, why”, she asked in a concerned tone of voice.

“Give me your big hairbrush, because I need to spank your sister”, Veronica said matter-of-factly.

Lorraine’s stomach was in knots, her bottom tingling from the anticipation of the smarting sting she would soon feel in her bottom.  There was no avoiding it now, she was going to get a spanking, a very sound spanking, and with the hairbrush no less. ‘Gawd…why did I have to give in to peer pressure’, Lorraine thought to herself, ‘this is really going to suck’.

Amber grabbed her hairbrush and handed it to her mom.  Lorraine was sure she saw a smile on Amber’s face as she was handing the hairbrush to Veronica.  She didn’t have any time to say anything about it as she was being dragged back towards the living room and her doom.  Mom wasted no time and grabbing a straight backed chair that sat on one side of the living room, she placed it in the center of the living room.  In one motion, she sat down of the chair and pulled Lorraine over her knees.  Not yet bothering to pull up her school skirt, Veronica began to spank her daughter hard with the hairbrush.  The swats came, one every two seconds, but they were hard and the sting was already beginning to take effect.  Lorraine was sure this was only the beginning though as smoking was a very serious offense to her mother.  After about twenty hard smacks to Lorraine’s clothed bottom, her mom stopped and seemed to be looking towards the bedrooms.

“Amber, go back to your bedroom, this is between me and Lorraine”, her mother said in calm but stern voice.  Lorraine managed to look back towards the bedrooms and could see her step sister, looking a bit sheepish having been caught watching her sister get spanked.

“Oh, but mom”, Amber tried to protest, but Veronica quickly cut her off.  “Amber, Go Back to your room, unless you want to be the next one to go over my knees”, Veronica’s tone left no room for misunderstanding.

At this stern warning, Amber reluctantly went back to her bedroom, while Veronica resumed spanking Lorraine.  The hard wood hairbrush stung like bees and was slowly beginning to burn.  Even with the fabric of her skirt in the way, this spanking was hurting plenty.  After about twenty more hard smacks, Amber reappeared in the living room.

“What did I tell you Amber”, Veronica said to her step daughter.

“I was just going to show you this coat that Lorraine left it my room”, Amber said showing the coat to Veronica.  “See what’s in the pocket”, Amber continued and showed her mom a pack of cigarettes.

“Thank you Amber”, Veronica said in a slightly annoyed voice.  “I am dealing with that very problem right now”, she continued and started the spanking again.

“Oh, by the way”, Amber said as she was about to head back to her bedroom, “if you had have caught me smoking, you would have spanked me on my bare bottom, in fact you did about a month ago”.

“Thank you for your input Amber”, Veronica said in steely tone of voice.  “You are excused back to your bedroom and I don’t want to see you out here again, until I am done dealing with Lorraine”.

After Amber had retreated to her bedroom, Veronica seemed to think that Amber might have a point.  She did, after all, want to make sure that Lorraine was never caught smoking again.  In order for this to be a memorable lesson, it would need to be on Lorraine’s bare bottom.

“Your sister does have a point, and I think it is time that we really get down to business here”, Veronica said and lifted Lorraine’s skirt and proceeded to pull down her panties.  “We are not messing around with layers anymore”, Veronica said to her daughter, “I need to make sure that you really feel this spanking”.

With her skirt up on her back and her panties around her knees, Veronica resumed spanking her daughter.  She lifted the hairbrush to shoulder level each time and brought it down with a resounding ‘smack’.  The sound filled the whole house and eventually so did Lorraine’s squeals of protest.  Lorraine wasn’t a big crier, but that didn’t mean that she liked getting spanked, she just didn’t cry that much.  But she did yelp and squeal, begging her mom to stop spanking her at times.  The cracks of the hairbrush were much louder now that they were on bare skin and they hurt a lot more too.  Lorraine kicked out her legs in all directions in a vain attempt to avoid the punishing blows of the brush.  Again and again and again the hairbrush landed on every square inch of her bottom and it was really starting to burn and throb now.  Eventually Lorraine began to cry out her apologies and promises that it would never happen again.  This seemed to slow down her spanking, but her mom didn’t stop altogether.  Mom never stopped her spankings until she was fully satisfied that a lesson had been well and truly learned.  This slow pace of swats continued for another two minutes.  Receiving one swat every five seconds, Lorraine was starting to lose all composure and she never wanted to get caught smoking again.  This had been a spanking for the record books and one she did not want to repeat anytime soon.

After the spanking was finally over, Veronica reassured her daughter that she still loved her, and it was because she loved her that she disciplined her.  Once she had composed herself enough, Lorraine stood up and redressed herself.  Her mother gave her a big hug and told her that the punishment was over and that she would sign the note to her teacher.  Lorraine was greatly relieved that this painful ordeal was over, but she still wanted to have some words with her step sister Amber.  She was not happy about Amber trying to spy on her spanking, although, admittedly, she had done the same thing when Amber was in trouble.  So it was equal parts being angry with her step sister, but also curious about how she felt about spankings too.  Needless to say, she would have to make an effort to talk to her step sister, sometime soon.  Hopefully this would be something that would eventually bring them closer together, not further apart.  Only time would tell!!

The End!!

If you like this story, please let me know and if you would like to see any follow ups to it, please give it a like and a nice comment.  I enjoyed writing this story today.  It was very much inspired by a Punished Brats video.  That is a website which I am going to do a review for soon, as it is one of my favorites and offers a plethora of great content, especially for those of us OTK lovers.  And I love a lot of their fun scenarios, this one included.  There scenarios tend to be on the more playful side, as does the action.  It is almost you can tell that the models have fun shooting for this studio.  But that is not to say that the spankings are soft or weak.  David Pearson as well as Veronica are some of the best spankers in the business in my opinion, so there are some pretty great spanking scenes.  Anyways, look for that review of Punished Brats soon!!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this story!!


    1. Thank you for your comment. I am glad to know that someone is enjoying my stories. I have fun writing them. I take it that you would be interested in any sequels I might write for this story. I certainly have some ideas that would be fun to explore.

      I also want to thank you for often commenting on my blog posts and stories. It is nice to have some positive feedback. I am new to this whole website thing, but I am having fun with it!! Thanks as always for your kind words.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure, I would love to read a sequel! It takes awhile to build up a following, and especially readers who also leave comments. Don’t get discouraged!


  1. Thanks for your encouragement Nora!! How long have you been doing this whole website blog thing, by the way? I have read a couple stories on your site and thought they were really good!! You seem to know a lot more about the BDSM lifestyle so I would be fascinated to read more about your story. I will check out your blog some more as I have time!! Such a fascinating world this whole BDSM world is!! I am intrigued by so many aspects of it!! Thanks again for following my blog, it means a lot to me!! I may be fascinated by this world, but you are someone that is genuinely a part of it!! What is it like being in a DD relationship? How much of your life is that lifestyle, and how much is the regular boring everyday life? Do friends and family know about your lifestyle or is it something you keep private?

    Sorry for all the questions; I just have a curious nature. Thanks again for all your kind comments and support!!


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