Curfew Violation – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This video comes courtesy of one of my favorite producers, Punished Brats.  It features David Pierson as the father figure and Lilly Page as the disobedient daughter. 

I like this video as the premise is simple and it features that I think a lot of girls probably do struggle with in real life, obeying their curfew.  By the sounds of the scolding that Lilly is getting in this video, it seems like this was going on for a while before dad decided to step in and discipline his daughter.  Perhaps he was reluctant because of her age, but finally he decided to put an end to the curfew violations, his way. 

Lilly knows that she is in serious trouble when she sees dad still waiting up for her, at four o’clock in the morning, well past her 11:30pm curfew.  Dad is not happy and makes it very clear that he is not going to put up with it any longer.  Although she fears punishment, Lilly doesn’t do too much to resist the spanking she is going to get from her father.  I have to say that I love the way that Lilly holds her bottom as her dad summons her over to his side for correction.  She knows where this is headed and fears for her bottom, and with good reason.  Dad wastes little time and starts in with a hard over the knee hand spanking.  This is not a brutal spanking, but just a good long hard over the knee hand spanking, that progresses from over dress, to over panties, to bare bottom.  Lilly’s bottom is colored a nice red by the end and she yelps and protests throughout the ordeal.  She assures her father that it is hurting!!

Before her punishment ends, dad assures Lilly that if she continues to violate her curfew, her dad will spank her for a week straight.  Whether that is a bluff or not, is probably not something Lilly wants to find out for herself.

A great over the knee hand spanking to a pretty young girl that is sure to delight with her beauty and her reactions.  Both a pretty face and nice bottom, this video is sure to not disappoint!!  It gets a high recommendation from me!!

Here is a link to the clips4sale store where you can always purchase this video as a standalone video.  Or you can always subscribe to their website and download this video and many more!!

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      1. PAST CURFEW

        Sunday 1:00 am, Cathy and Mary look at each other. Both
        are thinking of what is going to happen in their very near
        futures. They knew that they should have been home by 12:00 am,
        but were having too much fun to pay attention to the time.
        Finally realizing it was almost 1:00am, they quickly left the
        club and drove home. Hoping HE was asleep, they quietly slipped
        into the house, silently creeping up-stairs.

        “Good Morning, young ladies I see you are safely home
        but over am hour past curfew. You know and agreed to follow the
        house rules or suffer the results of your naughty actions.
        Tomorrow we will get to the bottom of your tardiness via your
        tender bottoms”.

        Mary, 22, looks at her 21 year-old younger sister.
        “Cathy, do you think it will only be a hand spanking”?

        “No, remember it was onl 10 days ago after your last
        spanking for breaking curfew that He told us the next time he
        was going to make the offender think of being on time whenever
        she sat down the following few days.

        “I know,but maybe He’ll settle for just giving us a
        sound hand spanking,although I dread it. It’s very embarrassing
        to be treated as bad little girls,but we did agree that a
        spanking was better than some other inconvenient punishments.
        Besides we both know he loves us enough to discipline us when we
        deserve it”.

        “Mary! Cathy! Be in the den in five minutes. Don’t be

        Wearing just their short sleep-shirts and panties both
        girls,clutching hands,slowly walk down-stairs. Stepping into the
        den with eyes lowered they stop inside the entrance.

        Andrew sits in an armless chair.In back of him,is an oak
        desk, laying upon it is the paddle he made when the girls were
        in their early teens. A 6″long by 4″ wide blade of solid
        maple,it had been applied to their bare-bottoms many times over
        the ensuing years.

        “Girls, you know the drill. Who”s first”?

        Auburn haired Cathy glances at Mary and steps forward.
        At 5’5″ 105 lbs.she is only 3″ shorter and 7 lbs.lighter than
        her black haired sister. Lifting her shirt above her waist she
        stands in front of her stern-faced father.

        “Please Daddy, we know we broke curfew, but please, just
        use your hand.

        “Both of you girls were warned the last time we did this
        little exercise that you would think of being ontime whenever
        you you sat down for the next couple of days. However, I will be
        somewhat merciful. You will both receive a sound spanking
        followed by 30 swats of the paddle.

        Reaching out, Andrew puts his hands on each side of the
        light blue bikini panties and slowly lowers them to the floor.
        After she steps out of them,he grasps her left wrist and pulls
        her across his lap adjusting her so that her twin rump cheeks
        are at their highest position in relation to the rest of her
        body. He looks down at the white flesh displayed between the
        skimpy tan lines. The round and curving cheeks flex in
        anticipation of the innuendoing chastisement.

        Glancing at Mary,his right arm rises to shoulder level
        then swiftly falls to land with a loud
        OWW!.. ILL BE GOOD!.. SMACK!.. PLEASE!.. SLAP!.. UHH!.. SMACK!..
        OOOH!.. WHAP!

        Watching Daddy’s hand rise and fall with solid
        impact,Mary blushingly realizes that her own bare ass will
        shortly be receiving the same treatment.Her hands gently massage
        her soon to be sore seat.

        After forty to fifty hard blows Andrew pauses the
        punishment. He looks down at the bright pink posterior bucking
        and weaving, yawning and clenching,to its own dance of pain. He
        listens to his younger daughter sobbing promises to be good.
        Reaching back,he grasps the paddle in his slightly stinging
        palm. Lightly rubbing the paddle across the smarting fanny he

        “Cathy,you will count each swat out loud.Any miscounting
        will result in 2 additional spanks for each offense.

        Raising the paddle into the air he starts her ordeal.
        CRACK! AHHH! FOUR!. Advancing down her twitching red buns,from
        the top of her crack to the start of her thighs,the paddle
        attacks each globe in turn while sometimes landing on both at
        Releasing her he watches as she rolls off his lap,then leaps to
        her feet clutching her burning hot ass. Tears streaming down her
        flushed face she energetically stamps her feet while grabbing
        and rubbing a very swollen,dull crimson bottom.

        Laying the paddle down on the desk he crooks the index
        finger of his right hand,signaling Mary to approach him. She
        slowly comes forward lifting her shirt hem to her waist. When
        she stops in front of him,Andrew inserts his thumbs in the
        waistband of her cute white panties that are decorated with
        small red hearts. Dragging them to her ankles he lifts each foot
        out,then places them on the desk next to the paddle.

        Lowering and adjusting her body over his lap,he places
        his left hand firmly on the damp back and slowly caresses the
        cool white cheeks. Watching the thighs slowly open a bit,he
        starts the correction. WHACK! SPLAT! SMACK! Mary’s head snaps
        up,her feet lifting into th air,bare soles flashing as legs
        start kicking up and down. Yelping at each spank she starts
        pleading and promising good behavior.


        Applying his palm forcefully, Mary’s backside slowly
        changes color from lily white to patches of pink to solid bright
        red. Resting his hand on her carmine butt he listens as her
        bawling cries slowly fade to sobbing moans.

        Reaching for the paddle he says “The same rules apply,
        count out thirty swats, any miscounts will add two more spanks”.

        Mary tightly holds on to the chair brace,eyes
        closed,twin tear tracks descending down her blushing upper
        cheeks. She clenches her bottom feeling the heat spreading into
        her itching warm pussy. Suddenly it starts.

        CRACK! FIVE!…

        The paddling continues until all thirty spanks are
        delivered to the blazing burgundy butt. Dropping the instrument
        to the floor Andrew gently rubs the hot swollen buttocks.
        Helping her to her feet,he watches her frantic war dance. After
        a couple of minutes he stands and gently hugs and kisses each

        After the two tearful young maidens apologies for their
        disobedient conduct, he excuses them with a warning that he will
        repeat this scene again if any more naughty behavior requires
        it. Watching his daughters slowly walk to their room while
        rubbing two red bottoms, he hears Cathy say “Last time you got
        to use the cream first, its my turn now”.

        THE END


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