Harry Potter Fanfiction Comic – Hermione spanked by Snape

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Here is yet another spanking comic from that same artist that I just featured the Spanked for Breaking Curfew comic. If you liked that one and you like Harry Potter or you are at least familiar with it, then I think you are going to like this too. Hermione gets the ultimate humiliation by being spanked in front of the entire class unfairly. Just read on to find out. Super entertaining and sure to put a smile on your face!! It is always fun when fanfiction explores things that the movies and books would never dare to go into. Hope you enjoy this comic series!! The original art was found at Anime OTK!!


    1. Glad that you liked it!! I can’t take credit for the excellent artwork, but I am certainly glad to share it with others that I know might appreciate it!! Unfair spankings can be kind of fun in spanking fiction, at least I think so!!

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