A Beautiful Sunday Morning – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for yet another spanking video highlight. This one comes courtesy of GBS (Girls Boarding School) and features my favorite model of theirs, Jenny. I like Jenny because she can take a hard spanking, but she reacts realistically to it. She doesn’t necessarily cry, but she certainly is vocal once the pain gets to be too much for her. I am a big one for realistic reactions and I love to see the scrunched up face and the look of desperation on the girls face as she is getting spanked.

This one is a simple, if not a little silly setup. But setup is not always the most important thing in a spanking video and it can be overlooked when the action is good, and the action is quite good here. Just another simple hard hand spanking, it seems to really get the point across and leaves us with a great scene to watch and re-watch.

So the basic premise is that Jenny is applying finger polish to her finger nails, which is apparently not allowed at Girls Boarding School. The Headmaster comes in and quickly smells the finger polish and proceeds to pull out a chair and order Jenny across his knees for her crimes. It doesn’t take long to get right into the action, and the action is just great over the knee spanking action. Again, not too long or drawn out, just a hard hand spanking that gets the message across to her.

This is one of many videos featuring Jenny on Girls Boarding School!! Hope you enjoyed this video highlight!!

Side not; I did intend to include a short audio clip of the spanking, but alas the sound wasn’t working when I created the file. Not sure why!! So my apologies, but no sound clip with this highlight!!

Below is a link to the Girls Boarding School website if you want to check it out for yourself:



    1. LOL…I like how you said that you like some of their videos, and I have to agree with that statement. I haven’t done a full review of that site yet and I will at some point. It has a back catalogue of some really great spanking content. Their older stuff is much better then their new stuff!! It doesn’t really seem to be updating anymore, and without Headmaster Tom as the primary disciplinarian, I feel like that site has lost a lot.

      What I did or do like about the site, is that with some of these older videos, there are some genuinely hard spankings and I do feel like their are some great reactions from the models. In fact, I find this to be a site with some of the most realistic reactions!! Jenny for one always felt real. Her reactions weren’t over the top and exaggerated, but more like she was trying to get through the spanking as best as she could, but couldn’t help being vocal at times.

      On the flip side, another girl that reacts realistically but is a super touch nugget is Abigail Whitaker. That girl can take a super hard spanking and barely react at all. This is genuine to her reactions, but to me is kind of boring to watch. I personally don’t love watching someone that reacts about as much as a dead fish would…lol…ok that is a funny comparison, but you know what I mean.

      Another two girls from Girls Boarding School that I will quickly mention that I like how they react are Emma and Lisa. Both girls can take a hard spanking, but they react more like real people. Crying, yelping, yelling, and just being vocal is what I like best in spanking videos. I guess I am always drawn more to real punishment style of spanking, where the girls seem to be having a hard time taking the spanking.

      That is just my personal preference!!

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      1. I agree with you about their older material. They were some of my first exposure to spanking videos. And I LOVE Abigail Whitaker! She is a great spanking model šŸ™‚


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