My Worst Spanking – Strict Religious Mom

Posted by Jason Gilbert This one is fascinating!! A 29 year old tells about her strict mother’s spankings growing up, until her late teens. What I find so fascinating about this is the difference in the way that her mother spanked her and her sister as opposed to how she spanked her brother. Her brotherContinue reading “My Worst Spanking – Strict Religious Mom”

Last Man Standing – The Spanking Episode

Posted by Jason Gilbert Spanking, it is a tricky subject to tackle in the more modern sitcoms. While sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and Community have used spanking in a much more playful way, not too many shows want to tackle the subject of spanking when it comes to disciplining your children. The tvContinue reading “Last Man Standing – The Spanking Episode”

Online Dating – BEWARE of Scammers

Posted by Jason Gilbert I got scammed very recently on one of those online dating sites, one that specifically caters to the BDSM culture.  Now, to be clear, it is not the fault of the website as they try to give people the tools to be informed and make good decisions online.  Unfortunately, I hadn’tContinue reading “Online Dating – BEWARE of Scammers”

Scarlett’s Hard OTK Paddling

Posted by Jason Gilbert This is a place for me to highlight and showcase favorite videos of mine.  Not necessarily a review, but more a way for me to highlight favorite spanking videos and what I like about them.  I realize that peoples tastes vary widely, so what I highlight may not be everyone’s favoriteContinue reading “Scarlett’s Hard OTK Paddling”

Brisk, No Nonsense Disciplinary Spanking

What do you think of when you hear the words brisk, no nonsense disciplinary spanking. I picture a woman, taken over the knee for hard and often fast tempo spanking, that leaves her breathless. It doesn’t need to be something that goes on for several minutes. In fact I find that some of the hottestContinue reading “Brisk, No Nonsense Disciplinary Spanking”

My Worst Spanking – Girl’s one and only spanking

Another Audio from the My Worst Spanking audios I purchased a while back from Nu West. Nu West Spanking is unfortunately no longer around, so I wanted to share this amazing piece of spanking history from them. From the 1980’s girls tell about their worst spankings. This particular girl was only spanked once in herContinue reading “My Worst Spanking – Girl’s one and only spanking”

My Worst Spanking – Kimberly

Taken from an audio recording that was made by Nu West Spanking. This is a vintage piece of Spanking History. Unfortunately, it looks like this is no longer available to buy as Nu West is completely gone. Thankfully much of their videos have been preserved through free sites like SpankBang and, two good sitesContinue reading “My Worst Spanking – Kimberly”

Correspondence with Pandora Blake

This may be of interest to some of you on here. I recently, about a month back sent an email to Pandora Blake, a world renowned spanking and fetish model and producer. I wanted to compliment her on her content, specifically the audio stories which are very unique to her website. There is one inContinue reading “Correspondence with Pandora Blake”