Anneliese – Part 2

Posted by Jason Gilbert Title: Anneliese – Part 2                       Author: Louise Vancisic                          Warnings: M/f n/c Shortly after Anneliese turned sixteen, one of Martin’s clients, Kevin Hardy, owner of six major office buildings and several shopping centers, came over to the little house for a meeting.  At the time, unable to afford the rental,… Continue reading Anneliese – Part 2

Anneliese – Part 1

Posted by Jason Gilbert Story posted with consent by the author Louise Vancisic. She has many stories posted on the Library of Spanking Fiction. She is allowing me to share this one with you. It is 5 parts long, so I will post one a week for the next few weeks. Give you a reason… Continue reading Anneliese – Part 1

Celebrities that Spank

Posted by Jason Gilbert I have a confession.  I bought a type of magazine that I would never normally purchase.  I was in line at Walmart the other day picking up a few things I needed and noticed this STAR magazine while waiting in line.  On impulse, I decided to buy it.  Any idea what… Continue reading Celebrities that Spank

Spanking References in TV and Movies: Still Standing

Posted by Jason Gilbert I was reading through an old spanking magazine the other day when I came across this little article. It is always fascinating to find anything to do with spanking in mainstream media. I know that there are actually websites dedicated to spanking in movies and tv shows, and another website that… Continue reading Spanking References in TV and Movies: Still Standing