The Peepshow – Spanking Story Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert Here is another spanking story highlight for you. Yet another one that features a voyeuristic spanking story. I love spanking stories told from a witness’s perspective and I am always happy to highlight them for you!! Hopefully others are enjoying these stories too!! “The Peepshow” I was 13 years old, enjoying… Continue reading The Peepshow – Spanking Story Highlight

The New Old Nanny – A sequence story by Urjaywall

Posted by Jason Gilbert Note: Here is another spanking story from Urjaywall based on a series of George Jackson Churchward art. Another example of loving correction given this time by a nanny!! Great story!! Hope you enjoy!! Here is the link to the original story post: Chapter 1: “Life in the Old Days”  … Continue reading The New Old Nanny – A sequence story by Urjaywall

Wife Spanked by Her Aunt

Posted by Jason Gilbert This short story was found on of all places. I know that is normally just a porn site, but I did come across this little gem of a spanking story. By the way it is recounted, I do think that it did actually happen. I don’t have the link to… Continue reading Wife Spanked by Her Aunt