My Step Sister’s Spanking – Part 1

by Jason Gilbert A fictional story told from the perspective of a 16-year-old boy. I may include many chapters to this story with both the boy and girl getting spanked at times. The first chapter is going to be about the spanking of a 12-year-old girl, while Mark, the author of the story watches. IContinue reading “My Step Sister’s Spanking – Part 1”

Tiger Mom

By Louise Vancisic Title: Tiger Mom Author: Louise Vancisic Warnings: F/f  M/f n/c Both Stephen and Joyce Kim were second generation Korean-Americans raised in a value system that stressed hard work, education and achievement. It was therefore no surprise that they would raise their own children in this manner. Stephen’s parents were both middle classContinue reading “Tiger Mom”

Memories of a College Girl – Forbidden Car Ride

By Louise Vancisic and Tiptopper Story:  F/f teen Memories of a College Girl – Forbidden Car Ride By Louise Vancisic and Tiptopper Hi again. Remember me? That’s right. I’m Kaite Dolan, the college girl. You even got the pronunciation and spelling right. I’m totally impressed and flattered. Thanks so much for your kind words. IContinue reading “Memories of a College Girl – Forbidden Car Ride”

My Worst Spanking – Girl’s one and only spanking

Another Audio from the My Worst Spanking audios I purchased a while back from Nu West. Nu West Spanking is unfortunately no longer around, so I wanted to share this amazing piece of spanking history from them. From the 1980’s girls tell about their worst spankings. This particular girl was only spanked once in herContinue reading “My Worst Spanking – Girl’s one and only spanking”

It’s What a Big Sister Should Do

By Louise Vancisic More than anything, ten-year-old Cynthia Kim wanted to have the respect and friendship of her younger sister, Jessi. It saddened her deeply that she had neither. At school she was friends with a girl named Emily whose family’s disciplinary practices were very much like the Kim’s. Emily also had a younger sister,Continue reading “It’s What a Big Sister Should Do”

My Worst Spanking – Kimberly

Taken from an audio recording that was made by Nu West Spanking. This is a vintage piece of Spanking History. Unfortunately, it looks like this is no longer available to buy as Nu West is completely gone. Thankfully much of their videos have been preserved through free sites like SpankBang and, two good sitesContinue reading “My Worst Spanking – Kimberly”