Spanking Story Challenge!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I have a challenge for everyone, or anyone willing to participate!! As I find myself with less time these days, I am wondering if I can call on some of you writers out there that might be willing to write a story based on a couple of pictures. Yes, these are pictures taken from a spanking website, Sarah Gregory’s Mommas Spanking site. But I am not interested in the actual plot line of the video that the stills are taken from. Instead, I just want people to use their imagination based on these two images to write a convincing and fun spanking narrative!!

Please get writing and send in a copy of your work, even a rough draft is okay, by the end of April. I would like to pic at least one or two of the best and publish them on my website!! I know that there are writers out there, so I am calling on you to get writing and share your work with the community!!

So, here are the two pictures that I have chosen to base a story on:

Now, I have my own ideas of what this story could be about. Sister was left in charge of younger sibling, and she acted up while mom was out. Older sister Sarah reported the behavior of her younger sister to her mom as soon as she got home and then the fireworks started. In an effort to teach Sarah how to deal with misbehavior going forward, mom is showing her how to deal with the misbehavior by spanking Cassy, the younger sister, in front of her!!

Now, I like both of these pictures just fine and pictures of the spanking action can be quite fun!! However, if I were to chose a favorite, it is actually the second picture!! I think that picture leaves so much more open to your own imagination and there is always something fun about a hot bottom, sorry girl picture!! In other words, if you wanted to just use that picture to base your story on, with no third character, then I am okay with that too!!

I hope that people will rise to this challenge!! These do not need to be super long stories. Somewhere between one thousand to two thousand words is probably good, but I am willing to look at both longer and shorter stories too!! And if enough good entries come in, then I might just have to post them all!!

Looking forward to reading your stories!!!

Oh yeah, just send your stories to my email:

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