Letter to the Editor: A Girls Firsthand Account of her Strapping

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is another guest post from Robert!! So, thank you again Robert for your generous donation of this amazing first hand account of a girl’s memorable strapping from her father!! Nothing beats a true account told from the perspective of the one receiving the discipline!!

The following is a letter to the editor of the monthly magazine Parental Discipline, a magazine dedicated to parents who discipline their children.

June, 2018

Dear Editor,
My full name is Pamela Jane Huntington. I’m currently 15 years of age. My stepfather Nathan encouraged me to write to you regarding a recent disciplinary experience which involved me. I told my dad that this was quite embarrassing and he assured me that it would be beneficial for me to share my experience with your readers. Dad proof read my letter to make sure everything was complete and accurate before submitting it to you. I truly hope you will be able to publish this in an upcoming issue. My parents really enjoy your magazine and feel that your publication has helped considerably in our family dynamic. So I will share my experience.

Last month I was caught texting on my phone in class. I had already been caught twice and warned that a third time would mean a trip to the office and notification of my violation to my parents. I knew that would mean a very unpleasant evening for me if that happened. My stepfather married my mother when I was just 3 years old. I also have a brother, Devon currently 12. I would say that Devon and I are very close. Our parents are very loving and neither Devon or I have any doubt as to how much they love us. Having said that, they are also very traditional meaning that they are strict. This also means that spanking is the main form of discipline for Devon and I. At 15 I think I am way to old to still be getting spanked but unfortunately, neither of my parents think so. As I said I was recently caught texting on my phone for the third time at school. I was indeed sent to the office. My information was pulled up and my mother was texted informing her of my situation. Within less than a minute she responded acknowledging that she had received the text and that I would be soundly disciplined that evening. I did everything I could to hold back tears. At that point my phone was taken for the rest of the day and I was sent back to class after being told I could come back for my phone at the close of that school day. Fortunately the last period of the day was just about to start so I wouldn’t be without my phone for that long.

I probably don’t have to emphasize that it was a long walk home from school that afternoon even though I live just one block away from school. When I arrived home that afternoon mom greeted me and I was instructed to report up to my room and remain
there until dad arrived home. Tears quickly formed and I ran up to my room. Fortunately I had no homework that day. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on it anyway. A couple hours later dad arrived home. Mom had already texted him about my situation so
he was well aware. Dad knocked on my door and entered. There wasn’t really all that much to say. I knew the school policy on phone use and he knew I knew. The rules in our house regarding any school related offense are also firmly established so there was no discussion there. Plain and simple, I was going to be receiving a serious spanking.

Dad simply asked if I would rather get it over with now or wait until later. Frankly, I just wanted the unpleasant experience over with.

So at this point I suppose I should inform your readers exactly how spankings are carried out in our house. It starts to get really embarrassing but dad insisted that I leave nothing out. Complete honesty is good for the soul and he also pointed out that your
readers would be quite interested in exact details. Given the high quality of your publication, your readers would expect no less. So, ok, embarrassing as it is. When Devon or I are going to be spanked we are to report to dad’s private study which is just across the hall from my room. We would have already been lectured and the reason for
the spanking already firmly established prior to entering the study. As I mentioned, in my case all of this was already established. So, after entering the study the door is closed and we are given about ten minutes to be fully prepared and ready when dad steps back in to administer the spanking. Fully prepared in our house means all clothing off. Yes, that’s right, everything as in bra and panties for me and underwear for Devon. We are to be completely undressed for our disciplinary spankings. You can imagine how embarrassing it is for me at 15 to have dad stepping back into the room with me
being fully naked. It’s no better for Devon either because mom is present for his spankings. She is for mine as well but being same gender her presence isn’t that embarrassing for me, not near as much as having dad seeing me and yes he looks. I mean he is my father but he is also a guy and he has a pulse if you know what I mean.

When dad steps back into the room we are to be lying face down on top of this old green top antique table he has in his room. He will have already cleared it off. So lying face down totally naked with our bare buttocks up and ready for punishment. Dad steps over to his desk and brings out this brown leather strap which has been split into two tails. He says it’s called a tawse in Scotland where it initially came from. Whatever, what I will tell you is that when dad begins to lay that terrible piece of leather across our naked buttocks it feels like fire right straight from hell. Sorry for the bad language but
there is no other accurate way to put it. Dad has developed a real skill over these past few years. Between Devon and I that strap has seen it’s fair share of use. So now here I am, face down on that table and dad is laying that strap across my naked bottom like no tomorrow. That leather sounds like a small fire cracker each time dad brings it down across my bare behind. God does it burn. That strap also quickly turns me from a mature 15-year-old into a bawling,
begging 5-year-old in just a few licks which is long before dad is finished. By the time dad finishes my buttocks and upper thighs will be solid crimson and just absolutely scalded from that leather strap. Dad also keeps it well oiled which I’m told makes it burn that much more. So as dad is laying that leather across my naked behind I happen to turn my head over towards the door.

Besides mom standing there nodding her head in approval of the sound leathering I am currently receiving, I happen to notice the door not completely closed. I look in absolute horror as I clearly see my 12-year-old brother peeking in through the opening. He has been there the whole time. I yell out in horror and mom turns to the door. Devon isn’t fast enough and mom spots him peering in.

Mom closed the door and shortly after, dad ends the strapping. I am a bawling sobbing mess as dad puts the strap back in his desk where it’s kept. I remain on the table. I’m not allowed to reach back and rub out the burn. We must remain in position and allow the burn to sink in. By now the fact that I am totally naked is the least of my concerns
but the embarrassment and shame of having my little brother watching will soon be overwhelming.

Mom remains in the room with me as dad exited the room to give me some privacy and to go confront my brother. We have a strict policy in our house. Because of our ages along with the way our spankings are carried out we are not allowed to be present at
each others disciplinary session. We can clearly hear but we are not allowed to be physically present. Now it was mom and dad’s fault that the door was not closed but Devon also knows the rules as well. He should have kept going past and not stopped. He knew that his older sister was being punished. He’s 12, I understand why he stopped but dad was not happy about it at all. I wasn’t either. Devon was thoroughly strapped later that evening for spying on mine but that’s another story.

To finish, I can honestly tell you that I have learned my lesson and there will be no more phone issues, not for this girl. In fact no more school issues of any kind. Dad says he is really proud of the honesty I have put into this letter and let me tell you it wasn’t easy. I’m still really embarrassed but dad says when the issue comes out that has my letter we will purchase extra copies. Great dad. It isn’t like I’m going to run out and tell all my friends. Well, that’s about it. I do hope this will be of interest to your readers.

Pamela Jane Huntington.

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