Girl Strapped for texting her BFF during Class

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is a guest post.  This came to me on behalf of a follower of my blog named Robert!!  So, a huge thank you to Robert!!

This is what happens when the teenage girl next door gets caught texting her BFF in class. Her parents are notified.

Her school does not use CP but she will be in detention. However, her mother and stepfather are strong believers in traditional parenting which means she is a spanked girl. She is quite embarrassed at the fact that she is still spanked at her current age of 15.

Her stepfather uses an oiled leather strap to administer her discipline. Her punishment is carried out in private in his private study. We see her walking home from school. She has just said goodbye to her BFF Kathy.

Later on that evening she is in private study. She is receiving a strong lecture on school cell phone policy. Her stepdad has a green topped table that he uses for her spankings. Following the lecture, she is required to undress completely and place herself face down on top of the table.

When she is in position and ready dad steps over and begins to administer the strap to her naked buttocks. Dad is quite skilled at this task and we see it isn’t long before that strap begins to take its toll. Her facial expressions tell us just how terrible the burn of that strap is.

As the strapping progresses we see her looking over toward the door. Dad forgot to close it completely.

OMG she believes she sees her 12 – year – old stepbrother peering in through the opening. Yes, he is watching his older sister’s fully nude strapping. 

Thanks for checking out my blog!!

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