Maintenance Spankings…What are they really?

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is a guest post.  I received permission from the original poster Darla, who posted this amazing in-depth look at maintenance spankings.  It is a subject that I know very little about, so I found it very insightful and I hope you find it interesting as well!!

Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!  Now onto Darla’s post!!

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I fully understand why maintenance spankings ae a difficult think for people who never got them to think about. It is definitely true that when spankings are given only for offenses, the whole business of someone getting a spanking is upsetting to everyone in the household–the parents along with the one getting spanked. Also, when it is a spanking for an offense, the way the spanking is given can be totally different from the typical maintenance spanking.

When it is for an offense the one to be spanked is not just nervous, fearful, anxious about the spanking, they are often really upset and almost hysterical before the spanking even starts. Then, in those cases, the parents have the attitude, okay, by God, I have to spank this (boy or girl), they’re not gonna get away with this and they grab the one to be spanked, almost throw the child over their lap, and often start whaling away much too hard and too furiously. Or they put the boy or girl over a bed, couch, chair or table–no intimacy at all between the spanker and the one being spanked–and, in effect they spank like they have to get everything over in five to ten minutes–period! Parents who spank for offenses frequently use such words and phrases to describe what they did as, “I spanked the daylights out or her and she needed it!” “Well, I put him on the bed and beat the snot out of him–he won’t do that again in a hurry!” The whole scenes are full of anger, resentment, upset, and so on–and the whole house is clouded with unhappiness and resentment for days afterwards, and even longer. Now not all punishment spankings are like that, but those are things that are very often associated with punishment spankings.

Right now, I am lying on my stomach after a maintenance spanking I got from Arlene, my 19-year-old tutor, study guide and mentor–and it was a very similar spanking to the one I get once a week from my parents. I am in a lot of pain. My bottom and thighs are still really hot, and my spanked areas are bright red with some purplish splotches from the wooden paddle that was used after I got my hand spanking. I have my laptop in front of me on my bed, and I still have to wipe some tears that leak out of my eyes as I am tapping away.

I cried very hard during and after the spanking, and for most of the last hour I have been dipping washcloths in ice water and holding them against my eyes to reduce the puffiness of my eyelids from all the crying I did. If I speak my voice is very hoarse from all the yelling I did. I mention these things so you understand that a proper maintenance spanking in not a patty-cake, here we go, spank spank spank, run along now and be a good girl kind of thing. It is a real spanking but the whole atmosphere in which it is given is different from a punishment spanking.

First, I have known for more than a day I would be spanked tonight. Of course, I get very nervous when the time arrives for it, and I am shaky, even a little teary-eyed but not in a panic, and not about to bawl and plead and beg to be let off (which is all too often a particularly unpleasant part of the scene when a punishment spanking is given–often giving some parents terrific guilt feelings when they stay firm and “do their duty and give the promised spanking). In my case, I wait for Arlene having undressed and in just my panties.

When she arrives, bringing the paddle with her, I get up and she sits down in the middle of one side of my bed. She is wearing a shortie nightie and panties and slippers, and I have put a basin of water and some washcloths on the end table for her to wipe my face and neck with as needed, and there is pitcher of water and two glasses on that table since at times as the spanking progresses, on one of the breaks, we both like to have a drink of water.

Some words are exchanged but they are minimal. We are both ready for what we know is now to be done. No lectures are necessary because this is not a punishment spanking. She puts the paddle on the bed to one side and I take my panties down and off and I lie down across her lap. This is an intimate part of the spanking for us, understandably, since I am naked and her thighs are bare and we have skin-to-skin contact. I know that for me lying down like that gives me anticipatory frissons (quick shivers or thrills) right between my legs and I suspect she may feel something similar.

(Although most parents prefer not to mention or admit to such things, logic would tell us that many mothers and their daughters and sons must get some reaction to such events, especially when the parents require nakedness or bare bottoms for spankings, which I believe the vast majority of those who spank do. I feel fairly sure that most parents would not be able to sit like a wooden statue while a naked or bare-bottomed boy or girl is getting settled in place on their lap for a spanking.)

The spankings most parents give on maintenance spankings are different in quality from those for offenses. Because of the calm atmosphere, interestingly, maintenance spankings are often longer in duration, with breaks along the way for the one being spanked to get their breath again, to come down from a bawling peak several times to more of a sobbing crying before the spanking continues again. It does not start with the very hard, hell-for-leather spanking that many spankings do when offenses are involved–where the parent is whaling away very hard and bringing the spanked boy or girl to a shrieking peak in five or six minutes. With the maintenance spankings I receive, the hand spanking is aimed at gradually warming up the whole area to be spanked–bottom, tops of the thighs, the sit-spots–and if done with moderately hard spanks with breaks to cry it out, the one spanked should be crying hard but not hysterically after the hand spanking, and ready after a break of five minutes or so (remaining on the lap) for the hair brush or paddle part of the spanking.

This second part, in the spankings I’ve gotten, is shorter, harder and intended to get the one spanked up to full volume, as it were, bawling loudly and now almost hysterically, and then should finish with hard smacks (the number varying with age and the person being spanked–and, of course, some boys and girls “handle” a harder finish to the spanking than some others. Here the parent or other spanker has to learn the limits of the person being spanked–so best to go easier early on, and maybe later, as the person gets more used to such spankings, one can spank longer and somewhat harder.

Once the worst of the bawling has quieted down at the end of a spanking like this, parents should be generous with hugs and kisses and compliments on how well the person took the spanking. Those spanked need that kind of comfort and positive reminders that the parents really love them, and that these spankings are for their long-range benefit.

While still crying hard but much less than right at the end of the spanking, lap time with the child straddling the parent, chest to chest, while being hugged and kissed and comforted is ideal with younger children and SOME teens. With older teens, having the child stand next to the spanker, or finish his or her “dance” next to the spanker, while being hugged and while hugging the spanker, and while the spanker strokes the head, neck and back of the crying teen, works quite well for a lot of youngsters in giving the immediate comfort needed. Don’t worry about the nakedness of the crying child; that is the last thing that child, or tween, or teen is worried about at that time. After the reassuring comfort needed, in short order, the spanked children, tweens or teens will head very quickly for their beds, to lie face down and finish their “good, hard, cry”. Whether the spanker after a reasonable “cooling down” period, returns and applies cold cream or other lotion to the spanked areas is up to the spanker but I recommend it–and it really does help those spanked to relax and fall into a deep and pleasant sleep, after which they usually wake up the next day feeling fine, with no anger and resentment about this regular discipline, and almost always with renewed respect for the parents and a
stronger bond between them.

Anyway, for those of you wondering about the benefits of regular maintenance spankings, those are some I am aware of. Don’t be afraid to raise the subject with your parents, but if I were going to do that as a tween or teen, I’d try to collect some of the messages like this one to read a few times so you can hit the highpoints with them as to the kind of maintenance spankings that seem to work best. Good luck in any event. Darla


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