Jennifer’s Journey into Domestic Discipline

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Yet another post from one of my amazing posters on my forum!!  So yes, this is the best kind of story, a true story!!  This was shared by Jennifer who came to the Let’s Talk Spanking about 6 months ago to share her story of how her and her husband began spanking her adult daughter at her request.  The story evolved to include Jennifer’s own interest in spanking and eventually her talking to her husband and diving into a Domestic Discipline relationship with him.  It had been several months since I have heard from her, but today that all changed with this amazing update and very hot true story!! 

Hope you enjoy this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!  Here is Jennifer’s update!!

I want apologize for it taking me so long to reply here and let you guys in what’s been happening. As you know, my husband and I had one daughter whom we spanked. After a conversation with Justin here, which seems to be lost now, he got me to thinking about domestic discipline and awakened me to some deep desires for my relationship with my husband.

So I talked to my husband and ended up getting the first spanking in two decades, and my first from my husband. That started us on the road we are on now.

In December, our daughter got a surprise offer for a school in Agri so she left us and we’re so excited for her. Though we miss her terribly, it gave us the opportunity to more freely practice domestic discipline. My husband has developed a routine for us when it’s necessary for me to be spanked. I have to go to our room and change into a plain nightgown and put my hair up. I then have to go get the paddle that is kept in the garage. Then I have to take it back to our room and place in the seat of an armless chair which I move into the middle of the room. Then I go about finishing whatever needs to be done at home.

When it’s get close to time, my husband will tell me to go and stand in the corner at the top of our stairs and wait for him. He likes this corner because he can see me from downstairs. He eventually comes up, we talk about my misbehavior, and then he takes a seat in the chair. Then I have to remove my nightgown and he takes me over his knee. Then he pulls down my panties and paddles me until he thinks the lesson has been learned. Then it’s back to the corner where I stand until he lets me out.

For a couple in our very early 40’s, this has been a wonderful experience for us. Obviously I don’t like the spankings but they do help and I’ve deserved everyone. There have been a few trips to the barn for a meeting with his strap, just like my first time. And maybe one or two elsewhere.

If you remember my original post, you might be wondering if the paddle my husband uses is the one from my parents. It is. I got to sit through one very humiliating evening with my parents where he explained to them about everything (I’d be happy to tell you guys about that if you’re curious. I didn’t include it here because this post is already too long!).

The one hiccup, for me at least, in this whole deal, is that my youngest sister, Amy, moved in with us. I wasn’t sure how that would effect our new lifestyle and when I went I spoke with my husband about it, he said it wouldn’t. So Amy knows about it and has been a witness to it all. Me being told I was getting a spanking, standing in the corner both pre and post spanking, and the spanking itself. She teased me about it for the longest until she got in trouble with me and my husband called our Dad. He gave my husband to spank Amy if he wanted to and he did. She still teases me a little but not nearly as much as she did! (Again, I can tell you that story if you’re interested). Our house cleaner also knows I’m spanked.

I know this may seem crazy to some but it has worked well for us. For those that don’t know, we live in the country on the outskirts of a small country town. We run a successful farming business and are super close with my family who lives all around us.

So that’s our update!!


  1. We have the reverse situation. I spank my husband Dennis. When I will spank him he wakes to a hairbrush in the bathroom and panties. All day at work he knows what’s coming.

    When he comes home I’ve left a sweater and skirt for him to put on. If he objects I remind him, that’s an extra five minutes of spanking. After dinner he’s waiting but doesn’t know when. I tell him take the panties off and over your desk, The short skirt covers part of him but not the thighs and bottom of his cheeks, I begin there. When he’s beginning to try to escape the brush, I have him stand up and drop the skirt. He’s goes back over his desk for more. When I finish, he stands in a corner. If he says anything, it’s over the desk again, but he rarely says anything.


  2. I spank my husband John. At work he’ll be thinking about the girlie outfit he’ll be wearing when he gets home. A blouse,skirt,panties and fuzzy slippers,etc.
    Wait on a table when he comes home. A tall back dining room chair with a otk paddle sitting on the seat of the chair. After dinner,hubby does cornertime. Next he stands in front of me as I pull down his panties and skirt. As I sit on the sofa,wearing a tube top,daisy dukes and t-strap high heel sandals. As I position his bare behind over my right thigh,l pick up the Otk Paddle and start spanking his cute bottom. When I finish,his bare bottom is on display in the corner. If he moves/turns around,I take him by the hand (like naughty boy) and over he goes for another spanking.


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