Church Spankings

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I am sharing this story with all of you!!  Zoe was generous to share this story with me and I only thought it was fair that I share it with all of you!!

Hope you enjoy this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!  Now, onto this amazing true story!!

Hello there,

As requested, here is a story of one of my many spankings at church from “Auntie” Sarah.  First a little background:  At our church, the rules are very strict on discipline, and separation of boys and girls.  The only time boys and girls are allowed to be together is in the main service, and ONLY if they are brothers and sisters with the rest of their family.  At all other times they must stay apart.  This includes Sunday School Classes, etc…  Sunday School Classes are treated just like regular school classes would be.  I never attended the school that the church ran, but for the entire summer I stayed with “Auntie” Sarah, I was in every Sunday School Lesson, and the Wednesday Bible Studies.  The Sunday School Teachers assigned “homework” lessons and bible verses to learn every week, and we were expected to have the lessons done fully and correctly, as well as the bible verses memorized perfectly each Sunday.  If not, then we were called up to the front of the class, bent over a chair, and spanked with a paddle on our bare bottoms.  Every teacher had their own paddles, most with holes drilled in them, or a Proverbs verse about spankings.  Classes were separated by age as well as sex.  5-7 yo, 8-10 yo, 11-13 yo, 14-16 yo, 17-19 yo, and “Young Adult” which was 20-22 yo’s.  This story is of one of the spankings when I was 16.  I made the grievous errors of not only forgetting to bring in my assignment for this week, but failed to memorize the required bible verses.  This is what led up to one of the worst Sunday Spankings I ever got.  

Sister Jackson took up the assignments, and of course mine was not among them. She called me to the front of the room, and asked me if I had my assignment, or did she have to paddle me.  I meekly replied that I had forgotten it, and would have to be spanked.  She then nodded, and frowned scolding me for being a lazy girl as she took the paddle off its hook on the wall.  It’s spanking surface was 26 inches long, 5 inches wide, and had 12 1/2 inch holes drilled along it in 4 rows of 3 holes each.  It was 1/3 inch thick solid mahogany, and hurt like pure hell.  She then looked me in the eyes and asked me if I had at least memorized my bible verses.  To which I had to honestly say I had not.  She shook her head sadly, and informed that in that case, I would be receiving 2 paddlings then, 10 swats for each offense, then asked if I had any defense, or reason I should not get both spankings.  I told her that no, I was very sorry for not doing my assignment, and not learning my verses, but I indeed deserved to get both spankings.  She then said very well, assume the position.  I then stepped over to the spanking chair, lifted my dress, pushed down my panties to my ankles, and bent over the back of the chair with my elbows on the seat, and spread my legs wide apart.  She then gave me the first ten swats very hard and slowly.  By then end I was nearly screaming at each swat and crying very hard.  She let me stay bent over crying for about 5 minutes, then told me to get ready for my second spanking.  I managed to halfway compose myself before the paddle began slamming on my buttocks again.  I did scream at each of the second 10 swats, and almost peed myself from the pain.   I was guided into the corner for 15 minutes while she began the lesson for that Sunday.  Then finally was allowed to pull up my panties, smooth down my dress, and sit down for the rest of class.  Sitting on a very swollen, bruising butt on a very hard wooden chair is hellish.   

But this was just the beginning of my punishment.  After Sunday School let out, she walked me to find “Auntie” Sarah, and explained what a shameful, lazy, sinful child I was, and that she had given me 2 spankings for my sins, which she deemed nowhere near enough punishment for a girl like me.  Of course “Auntie” Sarah was outraged, and embarrassed that I would dare to not do my homework, and fail to memorize the bible verses, and made sure anyone in earshot heard how sinful I was, and that I was indeed a “very, very bad girl” who needed a “good, long reminder” of what happened to bad girls.  She then hauled me off the the ladies room, and Sister Jackson was told to come watch her “wear my rear end out but good”…   Once in the ladies room, I didn’t even bother trying to escape my fate, I had by now had 2 years of experience under my belt so to speak, and knew there was no mercy coming, and to assist in my discipline “properly” by now. 

So I walked over to the toilet, and again I lifted my dress up over my hips, pulled down my panties to my ankles, and straddled the toilet with the lid and seat lifted so if I peed during my spanking it wouldn’t splash the seat or wet my panties.  Again lessons learned over the past 2 years of getting very severely spanked on a regular basis.  “Auntie” Sarah then started spanking me with her hand as hard as she could.  She spanked me hard and fast for 5 minutes while I yelled, screeched, howled, and cried like a baby.  Then she reached into her purse and pulled out the slipper.  She walloped my already swollen, bruised buttocks with that slipper for at least 8, probably closer to 10 minutes until her arm got tired.  Yes, during the slippering I did pee from the pain and stress, something that happened at least 3/4 of the time when she spanked me. 

I was then made to pull up my panties and smooth my dress again, then thank them both for my Godly Discipline, and hauled still bawling out to the main service.  Even though those pews had cushions, it felt like I was sitting on concrete with my whole bottom completely black and blue, and very swollen.  It took nearly a week for the swelling and bruising to fade.  As always, I fully deserved what I got, and am glad I got spanked that way.  It did a world of good for me, and I daresay every teen girl today could use the same treatment I got.


Zoe C.


  1. Great story, I agree wholeheartedly that girls and wives should be spanked bare bottom when it’s appropriate. My dad paddled my bottom, and it made me a better man.

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  2. Glad you liked it. If anyone wants to hear about more of my spankings from “Auntie” Sarah and the other ladies at church, please let me know and I will start sending in more of them in.


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    1. I would love to hear more stories Zoe!! You should also think about joining us on the Let’s Talk Spanking II Forum!! Some great conversations are always happening there and I am pretty sure there have been some girls talking about spankings either at church or after church. Sandy, who regularly posts there, just posted about getting a spanking from her pastor just very recently. Anyways, you might find some of the posts there of interest to you. Here is the link, just in case:


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