Girlfriend Tanned and Tamed for Trespassing – Spanking Letter

Posted by Jason Gilbert

It is time for another spanking letter from the vaults of my collection!! I am so glad that I bought these when I had the chance as they truly are treasures. It is sad that they are no longer available as I would recommend them for any spanko!! Far more exciting than any spanking video in my opinion!!

Anyways, this letter is a lot of fun!! Told from a boyfriend’s perspective of a young lady that gets caught trespassing with her boyfriend on a woman’s property and swimming where she wasn’t supposed to be. The boyfriend narrowly avoids a spanking himself, but instead just gets to sit and watch the show as this naughty young lady is put over the knees of this stern woman and given a spanking she won’t soon forget. I am sure it must have been a show that her boyfriend never forgot!!

Enjoy the letter!!

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