Clearing the Air – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for another spanking video highlight for you guys, coming to you once again from one of my personal favorite studios, Punished Brats, and featuring two of my favorite players, Veronica as the top and Beverly Bacci as the bottom.

This is a fun scene!! Not an overly hard spanking compared to some of the spankings on Punished Brats, but a super fun scene nonetheless. Beverly is having second thoughts about her idea of clearing the air with her Aunt Veronica. Can you guess what her idea is to clear the air? Any ideas? Yep, a spanking!! But as the time for the spanking draws near Beverly points out one very big flaw with the plan…”I don’t like spankings”. Do you think this saves her from getting her just desserts? Well, this is a spanking video folks, so the answer is no…lol.

Both Veronica and Beverly do an expert job in acting in this scene. I can actual imagine this happening in certain households, but they do play this scene more for fun than realism and that is fine with me. Fun dialog, one of the best tops and bottoms in the scene, a decent spoon spanking and a sore looking red bottom. So many moments to pause and admire Beverly’s spanked bottom.

Ok, I admit this video might not be for everyone, but that is the case with almost all spanking videos. I can only highlight what I like, and I like this video as a fun video that doesn’t take itself too seriously and I think that is okay once in a while. A recommended watch for sure!!

This is just one of many great videos available for download on Punished Brats, link below:

Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!


  1. Punished Brats may be my all time favorite spanking video site. Unlike most spanking video sites, they incorporate detailed story lines, playful dialog, and sass and defiance from unrepentant spankees (until things really heat up and they become tearful and contrite). They also deliver some very genuine, hard spankings that the models accept in good cheer. Unfortunately someone hacked and sabotaged the site–apparently it was an inside job–and it has not been restored yet. This situation has dragged on for many months, and I am not sure if the site will every really come back.

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    1. Yikes…I did not know that Punished Brats had been hacked. I guess that explains why they haven’t had an update since last summer. That really sucks!! I don’t think there is anyone like them to be honest. I have highlighted a few of their videos here, including “I Can Explain” where Pixie is caught shoplifting and spanked by her angry mom, played again expertly by Veronica. And the other one that I really like that I have already highlighted is “Step Mom Steps Up” where Step Mom played by Susan gives her daughter a good hard hairbrush spanking for landing in jail for her bad behavior. You don’t know all the details of what she did wrong, but it doesn’t matter. This scene more closely represents a more realistic scene to me, but still played in a sort of fun way that they often do. Andy’s reactions to this spanking are priceless, saying “what are you doing” and you can hear the distress in her voice. She goes from sassy and unrepentant to being a sorry young lady that is ready to start changing her ways by the end of the video. Definitely one of my favorites. Here’s hoping that Punished Brats can return in all of its glory!! They are truly one of the best!!


      1. Stepmom steps up is one of my all-time favorite spanking videos. The girl is repeatedly chastised by her angry aunt who says she must spank her, and the spankee finally says, OK, let’s do it! I have replayed that particular scene many times. You really get the impression that the models are in on the joke, so to speak, and they have a good time shooting the videos, in a sassy, playful manner. There is a Japanese site called that also uses extensive dialog and story lines (with English sub-titles). It is mostly inferior to Punished Brats, but some of its videos dealing with the nuances of spanking–peeking to witness a friend over the knee of her angry mother, teasing, comparing spanked bottoms in the mirror afterward–is very hot.

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      2. Agreed about the Step Mom Steps Up scene!! So good!! And yes, I do get the sense that even the models that get pretty hard spankings do have a fun time doing it!! I have subscribed to as well!! Like you said, not as good as Punished Brats, but it does have some fun scenes and I do like the premise of some of the scenes. Better than a lot other spanking websites out there that seem to focus more on being porn and showing a girls privates than they do on creating a good spanking scene. Whether it is fun scene or a more realistic one, many seem to have lost how to create a good spanking scene. I do like some of the scenarios that Hand Spanking comes up with. And it is also a great site for newbies if they don’t want super harsh material as they only use their hands and never any implements. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Too often things have to escalate in other studios videos to the point where they are using straps and canes, which I personally am not as big on.

        Good chatting with you!!


  2. has shut down. It’s a shame, even though they stopped posting new content a long time ago I would still occasionally buy a 3-day pass to see there old stuff. Hopefully it will come back someday.


    1. Hi John Doe and welcome to my blog!! I just did a search to confirm what you told me and confirmed that you are correct, Punished Brats is gone, at least for the time being. What sucks is there is no page left to give us an explanation and there never seemed to be any indication that they were going away when I checked in there from time to time!! Punished Brats was always one of my favorite spanking sites as they had fun scenarios and very realistic spankings. It always seemed like they were having a lot of fun on set!! Their presence will be truly missed by many, myself included!!

      I guess David Pearson must have wanted to retire!! But even if they didn’t keep making new content, they could have kept the site up for those who have never experienced their wealth of content, because even with no new updates, there is a wealth of content on their back catalogue. I think some of their videos might still be available through the clips4sale store, but that is not a cost effective way to purchase them!!

      A shame, a true shame to lose such a gem. This is one of the few sites I have reviewed on my blog, but I guess now I will have to remove it, or update it to say that it is now gone!! Their presence will be deeply missed!!

      Thanks for letting me know!!


      1. The issue to me is that I not only like their videos, I love their still picture sets, and those are not available anywhere, anymore, that I know of.


  3. We are the DMCA Copyright Agents for David’s health is the reason for the website closing. We will keep you updated when we hear more news.


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