Settlement Night

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This story was shared by a friend of mine that loves my blog!! Thank you to this individual for sharing!! I thought I would now share it with all of you!! Hope you enjoy the story!! I didn’t write it and I am not sure who did write it!! If you know, then comment down below and I will update this post to include the author’s name.

Enjoy the story!!


Debbie sat on the living room sofa in Tom’s apartment looking a

bit pale and more than a bit anxious. Sitting next to Debbie on the
sofa, Tom paged through a magazine, trying to appear calm and
matter of fact but unable to really concentrate on any of the
articles. The television news had just ended so he knew it was
6:30. Next up was A Current Affair and when that show ended he
would not have to look at his watch to know what time it was. It
would be settlement time. For tonight was settlement night, but
the atmosphere was distinctly unsettled.

In just a few minutes Debbie and Tom would leave his apartment
and walk about 200 feet to an apartment in the same complex that
Debbie shared with her soon to be ex-roommate Cindy, and the
pre-arranged settlement proceedings would begin.

Debbie and Cindy had been roommates for well over a year and
for most of that time had been close friends. They enjoyed each
others company, sharing frequent shopping trips and going out to
clubs together on weekends. Living in the same apartment
complex, Tom knew both girls and had even been out on a couple
of dates with Debbie. Debbie had a slender build, shoulder length
dirty blonde hair and an adorable smile. She worked at a travel
agency downtown and she and Tom sometimes met for lunch as
their respective offices were just a few blocks apart. Cindy was the
taller of the two with brown wavy hair and a more solid build
though not overweight.

Once the best of friends, the girls’ relationship had started to sour
over the past few months for a variety of reasons. According to
Debbie, Cindy had begun acting like a first rate bitch ever since
she broke up with her last boyfriend. Cindy became moody and
accused Debbie of being partially responsible for the breakup. Her
reasoning was unclear on this point but she held a grudge
nonetheless and the atmosphere in the apartment had grown more
strained in recent weeks.

Then about a month ago, Debbie and Cynthia returned home from
separate nights on the town. Both had been drinking and an
argument started up over some trivial subject. Locked in a face to
face shouting match, Debbie succumbed to an uncharacteristic
flash of anger and punched Cindy in the mouth. A scuffle ensued
and when it was over, both girls wound up on the carpet with torn
dresses but no serious injuries. Nothing was said about the
incident the next day as the girls did not speak to each other.
Debbie decided that day to find another apartment as she knew
there was little chance of getting Cindy to leave. Cindy knew
Debbie was fond of the location and she would stay there until hell
froze over if for no other reason than spite.

The standoff continued for the next several days and the situation
was not made any better when Debbie announced her intention to
move out. However, there were no further episodes as the whole
affair seemed to be fading away until the day last week when a
justice of the peace had showed up at Debbie’s office with a court
summons. Luckily, Debbie was alone in the small office as her two
co-workers were at lunch. This was incredible. Why did Cindy
decide, after two weeks, to press charges?

Tom’s office phone rang and he picked up the receiver to hear a
frantic, almost sobbing Debbie on the other end of the line. After a
couple of minutes he got her calmed down enough to explain what
had happened. It turned out that her case was scheduled for trial
in two weeks in the municipal court building. The charge was
assault and battery. If convicted of the offense, Debbie could be
sentenced to jail although that event was unlikely. The more
probable scenario was that she would be found guilty (she was
guilty after all), and be sentenced to probation, a fine, court costs,

and some amount of financial restitution to Cindy for giving her a
fat lip. Debbie was mortified and asked Tom what to do. Not
being a lawyer, he could not advise her on the finer points of the
law but suggested that maybe she should talk to her roommate
and try to get her to drop the charges.

“There is no way I am going to call her and beg forgiveness,”
squawked Debbie. “That’s exactly what she wants me to do. I
won’t give her the satisfaction.”

“Ok, listen. Let me call Cindy and see if I can talk some sense into
her. She obviously wants to see you squirm and she has picked a
very effective way to do it. However, you are going to have to get
over your pride and realize that the only way you are going to get
out of this without a criminal conviction is to kiss her ass for a
and make her feel like she has gotten her revenge.”

“Tom, please try to talk some sense into her. I can’t afford to pay
any large fines or I won’t have enough money to apply to graduate
school next year. Hell, if I get convicted and have a criminal
record, they probably wouldn’t admit me even if I had the tuition.”

“Let me see what I can arrange with Cindy. In the meantime, I
suggest you make peace with idea that you are basically at her
mercy in this matter and will have to go along with whatever
restitution she demands.”

Debbie responded, “Just sweet talk her as best you can. I’ll go
along with whatever you work out with Cindy. I just hate the idea
that she has this power over me and there is nothing I can do
about it.”

“At this point, anything less than a couple of thousand dollars in
fines and a criminal record is a good deal for you. Kind of a stiff
price to pay for giving someone a fat lip, but that was your choice
after all, even if she probably deserved it.”

When he got home from work, Tom knocked on Cindy’s door,
knowing ahead of time that Debbie would not be there as she had
been staying at a friend’s house for the past several days. Cindy
answered the door still dressed in her business dress. She
seemed at little surprised to see Tom but she also seemed to be in
a good mood and invited him inside.

“I assume I owe the pleasure of your visit to my little situation with

Debbie,” Cindy offered once her neighbor was seated in her living

“You’ve got me there,” he admitted candidly. Tom figured beating
around the bush was a waste of time since she had already
guessed the purpose of his visit.

“Look,” Tom continued, “Debbie is really upset about your legal
maneuver. She called me at work today in a state of panic. She is
too ashamed to ask you face to face, so I have agreed to act as
mediator and see if the two of you can find a mutually acceptable
solution to this problem without going to court. You know is she is
found guilty, Debbie will have serious problems pursuing graduate
school any time in the near future. As a third party in this case, I
realize that you have been wronged and are entitled to some form
of justice. I also realize that the price Debbie will have to pay if
you continue with the legal action is too severe for what she did.
We both know that what Debbie did was wrong but she is not
violent by nature. I doubt she’s ever hit anybody before in her
What can we arrange that would satisfy you, short of going to

“Tom, I appreciate what you are trying to do but I don’t think you
appreciate how angry I am at Debbie. I don’t really want her to
have a criminal record, but I was humiliated going to my job with a
puffed up lip for a solid week after she hit me. My lip also hurt
hell for a couple of days. I want her hurt and humiliated like I was.

Short of having her stand still so I can punch her in the face and
even the score, I can’t think of a satisfactory form of payback.”

Tom’s mind whirred into overdrive. Cindy’s last statement
awakened an idea that just might do the trick. He thought about it
for a minute and decided to toss out his idea and she what Cindy’s
response would be.

“You say you want Debbie hurt and humiliated like you were. I
have an idea you might like. Suppose I bring Debbie over here at
your convenience and proceed to give her a thorough, and I mean
THOROUGH, spanking while you watch. I would make sure that
she was paddled to the point where she would be sore for days,
and I doubt you could think of another situation that would be more
embarrassing to Debbie. I don’t know if she would go along with it,
but if she agreed would you consider that sufficient punishment to
even the score?”

Cindy was silent for a moment and then a smirk slowly appeared
on her face as the idea sank in. Over the next few minutes Tom
and Cindy refined the concept with Cindy outlining some specific
demands for the punishment and Tom trying to moderate her lust
for revenge. In the end, terms of the settlement were arranged. If
Debbie submitted to the punishment as outlined, Cindy would drop
the criminal charges and the case would be over.

Tom left the apartment with his pulse racing. While he honestly
thought he had negotiated a fair settlement that would be much
less damaging to Debbie than a criminal conviction, he had to
admit that as fond as he was of Debbie, he savored the prospect of
turning her over his knee and spanking her adorable bottom. It
was something he had wanted to do since the first time he saw her
in a bikini at the apartment complex swimming pool, but he had
realized that his fantasy was not likely to become reality. Now it
looked like it would.

That evening Tom met Debbie for dinner at a local bistro and
during the course of the meal he recounted his meeting with Cindy.
Debbie was mortified at the proposed settlement and at first
rejected it outright. After Tom reminded her of the alternative
however, she slowly came around to the realization that she really
had no choice. The date and time for the settlement had been set
by Cindy for one week from today and there was nothing to do now
but wait. Of course that had been Cindy’s idea from the start.
Tom had recommended an earlier date but Cindy insisted on
drawing the process out for a few days. “I want little Debbie to
know what she’s in for and have plenty of time to think to think
about her situation,” Cindy had said during her meeting with Tom.

With the closing credits to A Current Affair scrolling across the
screen, Tom looked over at Debbie, who was staring straight

“It’s time, Debbie. Let’s go do it and then it will be over.”

Debbie said nothing but closed her eyes and clenched her fists in
nervous anxiety. Since coming to my apartment from work, she
had changed out of her business suit and was now wearing a pair
of light gray cotton gym shorts and an oversized pale blue t-shirt
she had brought with her. Tom stood up, took Debbie’s hand and
helped her off the couch. She still said nothing as he led her out
the door of his apartment and along the sidewalk to her and
Cindy’s place. Cindy answered the door immediately after Tom
knocked and invited the two inside as if they were old friends
coming over for a night of cards. There was an unmistakable air of
satisfaction in her welcoming smile and it was obvious that she
was going to savor every minute of this.

“Tom, can I get you something to drink?” Cindy asked as she led
the way to the living room. Tom declined the offer as he didn’t
want to further embarrass Debbie by acting like this was a social
gathering. In the living room, Tom saw the regular furnishings, the
leather sofa and loveseat, coffee table and entertainment center.
In the middle of the room he also saw that Cindy had placed one of
the chairs from the dining room set.

Debbie and Tom sat down on the sofa and Cindy chose the love
seat across from them. Still wearing her expectant smile, Debbie
began the proceedings with some introductory remarks which
seemed designed to cause Debbie as much embarrassment as

“I’m glad you could both make it tonight,” she began, highlighting
the fact that Debbie would have preferred to be anywhere else in
the world at the moment. “As you know, the purpose of our
gathering is to settle a little dispute between Debbie and myself
and Tom has graciously offered his time to assist in the settlement.

Turning her attention to Debbie, she continued her humiliating
opening remarks.

“Debbie, your punishment will consist of a thorough spanking
session to be administered by Tom. Your punishment will continue
until I am satisfied that your debt has been paid. You are not to
argue with Tom or me at any time, nor show any disrespect. From
this moment until the end of your punishment, you will follow my
directions as well as Tom’s without delay and you will address me
as “Ma’am”. I do not plan to participate in your spanking but I
reserve the right to change my mind at any time. When your
punishment is over, you will issue an apology for your behavior
and all the distress you have caused me and then thank Tom for
taking time out of his day to come over and spank you. Do you
understand and agree with these directions as I have explained

Debbie could barely speak her mouth was so dry. She managed to
croak out a weak “Yes, Ma’am” while staring at her feet. She could
not bring herself to face her roommate and wanted to sink into a
hole in the ground and just disappear.

Tom, would you care to continue?”

This was Tom’s cue to begin Debbie’s spanking. As had been
previously agreed, Tom would maintain a proper disciplinary tone
during the spanking. He was simultaneously thrilled at the thought
of what was about to happen, yet sympathetic toward Debbie who
looked so small and helpless at the moment that his heart went out
to her. Cindy had laid in on rather thick but that was part of the
arrangement so she was within her rights.

Tom looked over at Debbie on the couch for a moment without
saying anything. He admired her shapely, tan legs and her slim
sinewy arms which she had tightly wrapped around her chest. He
took a glance across at Cindy who could barely contain her glee.
Tom took a deep breath to calm his racing pulse, ran his hands
across his shirt to dry them of some nervous perspiration that was
forming, and locked his gaze on poor Debbie.

“Debbie, I’m going to start you off with a warm up spanking.
Please stand up and remove your shoes before we begin.” With
that he slid over to the center section of the leather sofa as Debbie
stood up on wobbly legs and reached down to untie her small
Reebok tennis shoes. She took them off and slid them, along with
her socks, under the coffee table with her foot. She then turned
and gave a meek glance over at Tom, a look that was half
pleading and half resignation.

Tom reached out and took hold of Debbie’s left hand and gently
pulled her toward him. When she was standing in front of him, he
reached out and untucked her loose t-shirt from her soft gym
shorts. The shirt extended down past her shorts when he let it go.
He then moved his hands under the hem of the t-shirt and into the
waistband of her gym shorts. He smoothly lowered the shorts past
her bottom and let then slide down her legs. Debbie stepped out of
the shorts and then picked them up and placed them on the coffee
table. Tom extended his hand to her and said, “Ok, Debbie, come
across my lap.” Debbie gave a final grimace of despair and then
complied with the command. She placed her left knee on the sofa,
placed her left hand on Tom’s right arm to support herself, then
swung her right knee onto the sofa and leaned forward, placing her
bottom squarely across Tom’s lap. It took her a moment to get
settled, with her feet stretched out fully behind her and her arms
folded under her face.

Debbie’s thin t-shirt covered her bottom so Tom took hold of the
shirt’s hem and lifted it up above her waist, revealing a pair of pale

yellow Victoria’s Secret Second Skin Satin panties in a french cut
style. Tom folded her shirt hem over and placed it onto the small
of her back. Tom had never seen Debbie in her underwear before,
although she liked him and figured after a couple more dates with
him they would be at that level. Tom couldn’t help running his
right hand across Debbie’s silky smooth bottom a couple of times
before realizing that he had a job to do.

“Be brave, Debbie” Tom said as he placed his left hand on the
small of her back and shifted his position on the sofa to adjust her
bottom slightly on his lap. He raised his right hand and brought it
down with a moderate slap across the center of Debbie’s waiting
bottom. He let his hand stay on her bottom for a minute as Debbie
let out a small gasp, more from surprise than pain. He lifted his
hand again and began a steady spanking rhythm, covering
Debbie’s entire bottom but not too hard at the beginning. He
continued to spank her for about a minute, stopping a couple of
times to smooth out the back of Debbie’s panties. Debbie let out
the occasional moan but remained in position and offered no
resistance. Tom could not imagine the courage it took Debbie to
submit to this form of punishment and with each spank his
admiration for her grew.

For her part, Debbie was unable to concentrate clearly on
anything, her mind a swirl of conflicting emotions, anger at Cindy,
anger at herself for getting into this mess, but mostly
embarrassment at the sight she must be presenting with her
bottom on display and receiving its due punishment.

Tom stopped spanking long enough to adjust the back of Debbie’s
shirt again, which was starting to drift back toward her waist and to
give Debbie a quick pat on the bottom as he instructed her to “Lift
your hips for a minute.” After a short delay, Debbie lifted her hips
slightly and Tom used the opportunity to slip a couple of fingers
from each hand into the wide smooth satin band of her panties and
begin to slide them down over her bottom. He continued lowering
the panties to Debbie’s upper thigh and then put his left hand back
on the small of her back and gave a slight push to let her know she
could lower herself back into position. Tom ran his hand lightly
over her warm bottom and was surprised it was already warm after
a relatively small amount of attention.

“Look whose bare bottom is already turning pink from her
spanking,” Cindy piped up from across the room. Tom took his
eyes off of his lovely task at hand for a moment and saw that
Cindy had her knees locked together and wore an expression of
eager anticipation with her hands knotted together in her lap.
Debbie had her eyes closed as she couldn’t bear the thought of
looking over at Cindy and seeing her smug grin as Debbie went
through her ordeal.

Tom continued Debbie’s spanking, now across her smooth,
shapely bare bottom. He increased the force of his spanks and
could feel Debbie twitch a little with each smack. He concentrated
on her bottom but ventured lower for a few slaps across Debbie’s
upper thighs. These seemed to bring more of a reaction from

Debbie had not been spanked since she was a child and was
totally unprepared for the experience. She had been able to think
of little else for the past week, and went over countless scenarios
in her mind trying to imagine how the spanking would feel and how
she would react. Now that she was getting her bottom warmed,
she realized that no amount of speculation could prepare her for
the intense emotional reaction she was feeling at the moment. As
Tom continued to spank away, Debbie was so overwhelmed that
she could not describe even to herself exactly what she was
feeling, the mix of pain, embarrassment, and utter submission.

Tom gave her about fifty spanks with her panties down, and the
last ten were applied significantly harder that the others. Cindy
could not contain her excitement as Debbie’s bottom gained hue.
She got out of her chair and walked over to the sofa to get a closer
look. When Tom stopped spanking, Cindy reached out and ran
her own hand over her roommates red bottom, continuing to rub in
a circular motion while she enjoyed the heat that Tom’s warm up
spanking had generated. When Debbie felt Cindy’s hand touch her
bottom, she reacted by trying to turn around on the couch and
saying “Hey, what are you doing. Tom, don’t let her do this,

Cindy reacted by giving her roommate a sharp slap on the bottom
and saying, “I was just inspecting Tom’s handiwork. Remember,
your spanking is being given for my pleasure. I also don’t
remember asking you to speak.” She ended her rebuke with
another sharp smack, causing a small shriek from Debbie.

Tom would have been happy to keeping Debbie right where she
was because frankly her body felt great lying across his lap and he
hated to let the moment go. However, he decided it was time to
move on to the next phase of the punishment. The deal was for a
very thorough spanking and he knew Debbie would not be allowed
to leave until Cindy was more than satisfied that justice had been
served. He raised Debbie’s silky panties back into place and
lowered her t-shirt before helping her up from her position across
his lap. He stood up and led Debbie to the armless chair that had
been placed in the middle of the room.

“Cindy, I believe you indicated last week that you were going
acquire a wooden hairbrush for tonight’s punishment. Is it handy?”

Cindy went back to the love seat where she had been sitting and
grabbed the hairbrush from the floor next to the chair. She walked
over to where Tom and Debbie were standing, and showed the
brush to Debbie with a wicked grin before handing it to Tom.
Cindy continued to torment her ex-friend with her taunting

“Debbie, how is your bottom feeling? It’s looking rather red from
here. That’s got to hurt. Tom is doing an excellent job on you so
far, isn’t he?”

“Yes, Ma’am” was all Debbie could say without risking increased

Cindy continued her assault. “Debbie, remove your t-shirt now.
You won’t be needing it for a while and I think its only fair that Tom

enjoy the view as he labors with your punishment.”

Debbie looked at Tom with a pleading look. Tom could only shrug
in response and say, “I’m sorry, Hon, it’s Cindy’s show.” Realizing
she had no leverage whatsoever in this ordeal, Debbie took hold of
her shirt and lifted it up and over her head, revealing a satin bra to match her panties.

Tom thought she looked more than a little adorable at the moment
even in her predicament, and felt himself becoming aroused.
Before his crotch gave his feelings away, he sat down in the chair
and took Debbie back across his lap. Amazingly enough, the two
of them handled the process like old pros. Debbie bent right over
his knees like she had been doing it for years. Tom gave her a
couple of quick adjustments and her bottom was once again
centered over his lap and awaiting his attention. Without further
ado, Tom lifted the large wooden hairbrush and brought it down
with a load crack on Debbie’s warm bottom. She screamed out at
the first blow and squirmed on Tom’s knee but did not try to
escape. Tom continued to deliver sharp smacks with the brush,
figuring he would let her get used to the brush with her panties on
before taking them down. Also, her position over the chair
exposed her rear end much more prominently than had been the
case on the sofa. Tom gave about 25 smacks before stopping.
He put the brush down for a moment in the small of Debbie’s back
and once again lowered her panties. Her bottom was redder that
when he had last viewed it just moments ago. He continued taking
her panties down to her knees before picking up the brush and
resuming his duty on her captive caboose.

Now he really let rip with the hairbrush. He had never spanked a
woman before and had no idea how much pain Debbie must be
feeling, but he wanted to convince Cindy that Debbie was truly
being punished so she would declare an end to the session.
Debbie did her part to lend believability to the proceedings. By
now, she was yelping loudly with every brush stroke and was
quickly losing her composure, on the verge of sobbing
uncontrollably. Tom continued with his assault until Debbie broke
down completely. He glanced over at Cindy who was back in the
love seat watching intently. She nodded her approval as Tom
landed the last few hard strokes to Debbie. He finally put down the
brush and checked on her bottom with his hand. Wow! It was as
hot as a car dashboard in the middle of summer.

Debbie was still sobbing and it took her a minute to realize that
Tom had stopped hitting her. Her bottom stung so bad by now that
she wasn’t sure if it felt hot, cold or just pain hurt. She had
forgotten her anguish at having her panties lowered again until she
felt Tom slowly pulling them back up her thighs and over her
scorched rump. She winced as the garment was pulled back into
place and had trouble standing as Tom lifted her back to her feet.

Tom looked at Cindy with a questioning look.

“Well, Cindy, how’s she doing. Have you gotten your pound of
flesh yet?”

Cindy walked over behind Debbie, kneeled down behind her and
lowered her panties for another up close inspection. Debbie
tensed but said nothing. Cindy rubbed Debbie’s bottom all over,
feeling the intense heat. She slipped the panties back into place,
stood up and said, “Tom, you’ve made good progress here but I
have one more item that I think Debbie should be introduced to
before I will be satisfied. With that she ducked out of the room for
a moment and when she returned she was holding a long thick
leather belt.

“My ex-boyfriend left this over here and never picked it up when
we broke up. I think it’s only fitting that my ex-roommate be
treated to a strapping with this belt. Maybe she can even return it
to its owner when we’re done with it.”

Debbie started to protest her innocence in the boyfriend matter but
was quickly cut off.

“Debbie, for the last time, you will not speak unless I ask you a
question. Not another word.”

Tom took Debbie by the arm and led her over to the side of the
leather sofa, hoping to get this final phase of the spanking going.
Before he could get Debbie bent over the arm of the sofa however,
Cindy chipped in with another command

“Debbie, sweety, I think I would prefer it if you removed your bra
and panties for this portion of your punishment. A strapping just
doesn’t seem like a strapping unless it is given in the nude.”

Debbie knew better than to argue and she reached behind her to
unhook and remove her bra. She tossed it on the sofa and then
slid off her panties, baring her bottom for the third time in the last

half hour. It almost didn’t seem like a big deal anymore since she
did not feel she had any modesty left to protect. She changed her
tune when Tom bent her over the arm of the sofa. As her elbows
slid forward to rest on the sofa cushion, her heels lifted off the
floor so only her toes were touching. This was the most humiliating
position she had ever been in in her life. Her private parts could
not conceivably be put on better display to Tom than they were
right now.

Tom came to the same conclusion at the same time and he feared
his arousal was visible if Cindy cared to glance at his trousers. Not knowing what else to do, he took the belt from Cindy, placed it
across Debbie’s bottom to get the correct range, and then lifted the
belt and brought it down with a crash on Debbie’s backside. She
screamed bloody murder at this new assault but by some force of
will did not try to escape her perch on the sofa. Tom brought the
belt whistling down again and again as he was determined to end
the spanking with this strapping. He wasn’t sure how much more
Debbie could take in her present condition.

Tom brought the strap down on her left cheek, right cheek, both
cheeks and on her thighs. One of the strokes landed on Debbie’s
exposed privates which really made her shriek and which made
Tom feel awful because he was trying to avoid that particular spot.
He looked over at Cindy to see if she was becoming satisfied that
Debbie had had enough. When he saw her, he was surprised to
see her holding a Polaroid camera. She came up close to the sofa
and snapped a picture right as I was landing another stroke with
the belt.

“I plan to tell my friends in detail about Debbie’s punishment and I
want to have some evidence around in case Debbie tries to deny
that tonight ever happened,” Cindy explained.

Tom gave Debbie three more sharp slaps with the belt and turned
to Cindy and stated, “Cindy, I think she’s been punished enough. It
looks like her bottom is starting to blister. I think you have to
that her bottom has easily received enough beating to more than
make up for the fat lip she gave you.”

Cindy put down the camera and once again inspected Debbie’s
steaming bottom. She ran her hand over the various bruises and
welts that covered Debbie’s entire bottom and upper thigh area.

With a look of complete satisfaction she addressed Tom. “I think
you’re right. I have to say I have enjoyed every minute of this and
I hope you have, too. All I need now is for Debbie to give me the
apology she owes me.”

Debbie, who was almost oblivious to the conversation going on
behind her, was helped into an upright position by Tom. Tom
fetched her panties and held them for her as she stepped into
them. He pulled them gently up over her hips until they were
snugly in place. He then handed her the bra from the sofa and said
“Deb, honey, apologize to Cindy for the trouble you have caused
her and then we can go.”

Debbie managed in a weak voice to issue the following apology.
“Cindy, I’m very sorry that I hit you and I am sorry for the pain it
caused you. Thank you for agreeing not to press charges. I
appreciate the chance to put this episode in the past.”

When she finished, Tom returned with Debbie’s shirt and helped
her put in on. She waved away the gym shorts that were offered to
her. Not surprising, Tom thought. Tom kept the shorts and put his
arm around Debbie. Without further conversation of any kind,
Tom led Debbie back to his apartment. When they were inside his
paced and seated on the couch. Debbie broke down crying and
buried her head in Tom chest. He gently picked her up and put her
on his lap, put both arms around her and rocked her back and forth
while she had a good cry. No words were exchanged. Within
twenty minutes Debbie had fallen asleep in Tom’s arms. Tom
smiled to himself, turned off the lamp and enjoyed the feeling of
the sleeping Debbie in his arms. Within the next few minutes,
Tom joined Debbie in dreamland.


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