Spankings from ‘Auntie’ Sarah

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This was recently posted as a comment for the spanking story, The Old Lady from Church and the Girl She Raises.  I asked the poster if she would mind if I reposted it as a new post here, since I thought it deserved its own post.  I thought it was a super fascinating true account of the kind of spankings that this woman received when she was a girl from this friend of her mothers. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this true tale, told by one of the readers of my blog.  I want to sincerely thank this person for sharing this amazing tale with us!!  Without further ado, here is the tale!!

Kind of reminds me of my “Auntie” Sarah growing up. I was rather an awkward girl as a teen and spent my summers with “Auntie” Sarah who was actually the mom of my mother’s best friend. But I had been told over the years to call her Auntie. She was around 60 years old when I was in my teens between 14 and 19.

She and my mom had an arrangement where I spent my summer vacations with her at her place out in the country. She was a very strict Pentecostal, and highly respected in the church. When I say strict, I mean old school, no nonsense, punishment for the slightest offenses strict. And with “Auntie” Sarah, there was only one punishment for a “very bad girl” like me, and that meant spankings. Very hard, very long spankings with my skirt lifted, and my panties down, with me turned over her left knee while she had her foot up on a stool, or me bending over the back of her couch. Or I would be taken to the bathroom and bent over the toilet if I got spanked by her at church.

I don’t recall any boys getting to actually witness her spanking me, though anyone could hear it in the church bathroom. But quite a few of the other ladies at church that came over for brunch after church as well as their daughters got to watch my bare bottom smacked until it was dark red with her palm, or a slipper, or whipped black and blue with a doubled leather belt on many occasions. And I do remember at least three times over the years when one or two of those other mothers spanked me also after “Auntie” Sarah was finished. I admit I fully deserved every single spanking she and the other ladies gave me, probably many more I never got.

The last spanking she ever gave me was by my own request on my 21st birthday. Instead of the usual light smacks for each year, with one hard one “to grow on”, I took the old belt off the peg it hung on by the fireplace, and asked her to give me proper whipping “for my own good”. I then bent over the back of her couch, flipped up my skirt, and took my panties down just like when I had been in trouble as a teen. She whipped very hard for a long time in front of four of those ladies from church, just like when I used to “pay for my sins”. My bottom and upper thighs were completely black and blue for over a week, but it was worth every smack of that belt.


    1. Would you mind giving us a detailed account of one of the spankings you received at church? There is something extra exciting about reading stories of spankings that were extra embarrassing. I don’t know why that is, but it just is.

      If you are willing to share more memories, just email me and I will post them on the forum as I love to share these fascinating true accounts!! Thanks again for sharing!!


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