Allison gets a spanking from Daddy – Spanking Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is an original spanking story written by me. It was written for a fan of my work that contacted me directly asking me to write a spanking story for him. I was more than happy to do so, and I thought I would now share it with all of you!!

Disclaimer: This story involves the spanking of a 12 year old girl. It is purely fiction and does not represent reality, nor does it reflect my views on the spanking of children. There are other ways to raise children without using spanking and I do encourage people to check out resources about raising without spanking when it comes to raising real kids.

That being said, this is fiction and likely more representative of a time now past. Please enjoy this as the spanking fictional story it is meant to be. If however, you do not enjoy reading stories that involve the spanking of children, it is probably best if you skip over this one.

Synopsis: This is a story about a 12 year old girl that gets in trouble at school and is suspended for breaking a window while playing baseball indoors. Her father is called by the principal at work and is very upset by the news. As much as he hates to do it, Jim (Allison’s daddy) knows that he is going to have to spank his daughter when he gets home.

This is a story of love and discipline, told from the perspective of the father, Jim. I tried my best to make it a loving story, with a father who truly cares about his daughter. Hopefully, you will enjoy this spanking story!!

So, without further ado, I give you Allison gets a spanking from Daddy!!

Allison gets a spanking from Daddy

Written by Jason Gilbert

Jim hated having to spank his little baby girl.  At 12 years old, Allison wasn’t really a baby anymore, but she would always be his baby.  From the time she was born to her first day of school and even as she approached her teen years, Jim loved his daughter with all the love a father could have for his daughter.  Unfortunately for Allison, this love also involved his firm hand to keep her in line.  And as Allison approached her teen years Jim had felt it necessary to sometimes up the ante, as it were, and use a hard wooden hairbrush, the same one that had been used on his own bottom when he was a youngster. 

Jim remembered with a little smile of the many times both he and his older sister had gotten some real barn burners on their bare little behinds.  His sister Jillian was also no stranger to getting a stern talking to and a hard spanking over mom’s or dad’s knees when needed.  Jim didn’t feel like he had gotten spanked all that much growing up, but both his sister and he would put their parents through some difficult times.  Jim knew that neither he nor his sister Jillian had ever gotten a spanking they didn’t deserve. 

Jim had decided along with his wife Martha, that they would use corporal punishment when necessary.  His wife Martha was more than up to the challenge and often did spank Allison herself for more minor things.  But for the really big things, she often deferred to her husband to do the serious spankings.  These were the spankings meant to really send a message and did not end until the recipient was well and truly sorry!!  Jim hated to have to spank his daughter, his one and only child.  He loved Allison so much!!  But he also knew that a father could not always be his child’s friend.  To be a proper parent meant doing tough things, things that were not always pleasant to do.  Thinking back, Jim had thought the worst thing he would need to do as a father was change his daughter’s dirty diapers, but alas those times quickly passed.  And in reality Jim knew that he would rather change a thousand more dirty diapers than spank his daughter.  But he also wanted his daughter to grow into a mature young woman, that he knew she could be.

These were the many thoughts going through Jim Hansen’s head as he sat on the couch in their living room awaiting the return of his daughter.  He had already procured the wooden hairbrush from the top of the dresser in the master bedroom where it stayed until needed.  This was unfortunately a day that it was going to be put into good use.  Jim remembered back to the phone call he had received from Allison’s school. 

“Hey Jim, this is Principal Millar”, said Susan Millar over the phone.  “Sorry to have to disturb you at work”.  Susan Millar was a great Principal that loved children.  She was no-nonsense though and if children could not follow the rules, she wouldn’t hesitate to give them detention or send a note home or call the parents as needed.  A call to a parent during the day was serious and only happened for more serious offenses.  Jim couldn’t help but worry as to why the Principal might be calling him.

“No problem, what seems to be the matter, is Allison okay”, Jim asked with a small bit of apprehension.  The biggest fear on any parent’s mind when they receive a call from the school is that their child has been hurt.

“Allison’s fine, but she was involved with an incident that left some serious property damage on school grounds today.  As I am sure you understand, we have to take any such offense very seriously.  Your daughter isn’t being expelled, but she is on suspension for 3 days and there are some fines we will need to discuss with you and your wife”, Principal Millar explained.

Jim could feel himself getting hot under his collar.  Work pressures had been building up already with his new city planning job as an engineer, but now this.  He would have to try to leave work early, but would have to call his wife and have her pick up Allison as planned and then they would discuss the consequences for Allison.

Managing to get a hold of his emotions Jim asked, “what happened”?

“Allison and a few other kids were playing some form of baseball in the hallways at school.  This is strictly forbidden as it is unsafe as well as there is good chance of causing property damage, not unlike what happened today”, Principal Millar explained to Jim.  “Allison hit the ball right through one of the large windows in one of the classrooms.  The damage is quite extensive and this window will need to be replaced.  I would like to request a meeting with you and your wife to discuss how we will work out the damages for this window.”

Jim felt his temper about to get away with him.  It was a good thing that Allison wasn’t within arms reach right now, or there is no telling what he might have done.  Jim was very upset with his daughter, because he knew he had raised her better than that.  She was going to get a spanking she would not soon forget tonight.

“I will talk to my wife and get back to you on a time for us to meet together.  And I am very sorry this has happened.  Please know that our daughter will be severely punished for this, I can assure you”, Jim reassured Principal Millar and then hung up the phone.

Steam was practically coming out of his ears as he called his wife to explain what had happened.  Trying to remain calm, he had explained to her all that had happened and about Allison’s suspension.  Martha agreed to pick up their daughter and Jim said he would try to leave work early to deal with this situation.

After a quick word with his boss, Jim was able to leave work early and actually ended up getting home just a bit before his wife got home with his daughter.  This allowed him time to grab the wooden hairbrush in preparation for the spanking he was going to give his daughter.  Yes, Jim hated to spank his daughter, but that was not going to prevent him from giving her one of the longest, hardest spankings she had ever received.

Jim heard the front door opening as his wife Martha and his daughter Allison came inside.  Allison looked like she had already been crying a little bit, and Jim had little doubt that Martha had explained to their daughter that she had earned a sound spanking.  Allison well knew that serious misbehavior always warranted a spanking, and she always cried, even at just the announcement of said punishment.

Jim steeled himself for what he needed to do.  He loved his daughter and hated to see her cry, and even though she had done wrong, he wanted to be quick to forgive her.  But the hairbrush that sat beside him reminded him of his parental duty.  He had to make sure that Allison knew what she did was very wrong, and as her father, it fell on him to correct this misbehavior and do his level best to make sure it didn’t happen again.

“Go over to your father Allison, I believe he has some things he needs to discuss with you”, Martha said to her daughter.

Allison approached her father with no small amount of apprehension about what she knew was coming.  Jim’s heart went out to his daughter and he felt compassion for her.  As much as he knew he would be doing the right thing by punishing her with a sound spanking, he couldn’t help feeling sorry for his baby girl.  He was angry with her for her actions, but he loved her so much and he only ever punished her in love.  And as angry as he got with her when she disobeyed, he never ever yelled at her.  His own father had been prone to fits of anger and yelling and that had terrified him almost as much as getting a spanking from his father.  He swore even before Allison was born that he would never allow himself to yell and scream at his own children the way his father had done with him.

“Come here and stand in front of me Allison”, Jim’s voice was firm, but low and controlled.  “I have heard some very disturbing news from your principal and I am not very happy about it young lady, not very happy at all”, Jim’s voice was quite stern and there was a note of quiet anger that bubbled under the surfice.

Allison nerviously fiddled with her hair and could only stare at the carpet.  She couldn’t bare to even look into her father’s eyes, couldn’t bear to see the disappointment in his eyes.  She hated being in trouble, but just as much as that, she hated to disappoint her father.  She loved her daddy and loved to run into his arms at the end of a hard day at school or as soon as he came home from work.  Daddy was the best person in the whole world to her and she hated to disappoint her father.

“Just what were you thinking, playing baseball in the hallways of your school”, Jim’s anger was bubbling to the serface now.   “You do realize that your mother and I are going to have to pay for that window you broke young lady.  You will help pay for it as well with extra chores and a bit from your allowance each week will help contribute to it, as a lesson to you.  You are also going to write an apology note to your principal for breaking that window and disobeying the school rules.”

“Yes daddy, I understand”, Allison replied nervously.  No mention of spanking yet.  Allison began to wonder if she wasn’t going to get a spanking this time.  That seemed very unlikely for something this serious. 

“I am not quite finished yet young lady”, Jim said with a note of impatience to him.  “I told your principal that you were going to be punished severely for this, and I intend to give you a very sound spanking for your behavior today young lady, do you understand me”, Jim asked as he pulled out the wooden hairbrush from beside him.

Allison’s knees began to buckle at the sight of the hairbrush.  Oh, how she hated getting spanked with the hairbrush, it hurt so bad!!

“Oh daddy, oh please don’t spank me”, Allison said, her eyes starting to fill with tears.  “I promise I won’t ever do anything like this again, just please, please don’t’ spank me”, desperation filled her voice.

“It is far too late for that young lady”, Jim patted his lap indicating that he wanted Allison to lower herself over his knees.  “Over my knees Allison, let’s not put this off.  You have earned a sound spanking and I intend to make sure you get it”.

Jim took a firm grasp of Allison’s upper arm and guided his daughter over his lap, preparing to give her a very sound spanking.  Once she was in position, Jim flipped up his daughter’s skirt and wasted no time in pulling down her panties.  He knew that Allison was dreading what was coming and didn’t feel any need to prolong the anticipation.  Taking a look at his daughter’s bare bottom, he could see how much she is growing.  He hated to inflict pain on such a delicate part of her body, but he knew that this was what needed to be done.

Jim grabbed the hairbrush that sat at his left side.  Holding it firmly in his right hand he was mentally preparing himself for what he was about to do.  Placing his now empty left hand on his daughter’s back to hold her in place, he held tightly to the hairbrush with his right hand.

“Do you understand why you are getting this spanking young lady”, Jim asked his daughter in a firm voice.

“Yes daddy, I am sorry”, Allison said through tears.  “Please, it won’t ever happen again.  You don’t need to spank me daddy, I promise I will be a good girl”.

“I know you will Allison.  You are a good girl; you just make mistakes sometimes.  Part of life is learning to accept the consequences for the mistakes we make.  Now, are you ready for your spanking?”, Jim asked his daughter.

“No daddy, please”, Allison was desperate now.

“I am sorry baby, but this has to be done”, Jim said and lifted the brush high above his shoulder and brought it down with a mighty ‘Whack’ that seemed to echo through the entire house.  Allison let out a wail of distress and began to beg with greater intensity.

“No daddy, No.  Please no more!!”, Allison couldn’t help her begging.

“When your mother or I or teachers in your school tell you not to do something, you don’t do it, do you understand me Allison”, Jim said as he raised the brush above his shoulder again.

“I understand daddy”, Allison said through tears.


The brush cracked down hard on Allison’s bare bottom.  Each smack flattened her bottom before it bounced back into its original shape.  With each swat from the brush Allison’s bottom got redder and redder.

“Do you obey your elders or do you listen to what your friends say young lady”, Jim took a brief pause to ask more questions of his daughter.

Allison sobbed for a few minutes before she could respond.  “I do what you and mommy tell me”, she finally managed to say.

“And your teachers and the principal too”, Jim said more than asked.

“Yes daddy, yes”, Allison answered her father desperate for her spanking to be over with.

“That’s good to hear Allison, but I need to make this a lesson that you do not soon forget”, Jim said, and with that launched into a steady and unforgiving spanking that Allison would not soon forget.  The brush cracked relentlessly on her poor bare bottom and all Allison could do was cry and bawl her eyes out.  At the beginning she struggled and squirmed against the smarting sting of the brush, but as the spanking went on and on and on, she stopped struggling and just gave in and cried and cried.

Jim’s heart went out to his daughter but he was determined to make this spanking really count.  He knew that his daughter was sorry and he was almost ready to stop but needing to end strong.  For the last twenty smacks of the brush he gave Allison extra hard swats that really stung.  Allison’s crying became even more desperate.  The whole house was filled with the sounds of a spanking taking place.  As Jim finished spanking his daughter, he let her lay in his lap and gently rubbed her back and her hair. 

“There, there Allison, it is over sweetheart.  I am so sorry that I had to spank you so severely”, Jim said and really meant it.  “I really hope I never have to spank you like that again”.

“I’m so sorry daddy”, was all Allison could say in reply.

“I love you so much sweetheart.  I hope you know that”, Jim said and kissed the back of his daughter’s head.  “When you are ready, you can get off my lap and we can start some supper”.

Slowly Allison rose to her feet and her dad embraced her in the biggest hug her could.  Allison began to cry anew and didn’t think she would ever stop.  Jim held his daughter and just let her cry.  This was a very important part of disciplining your children.  Jim wasn’t just a disciplinarian, he was a father and protector, first and foremost.  He wanted his daughter to feel safe in his arms, even if he did need to punish her at times.

Running his fingers through Allison’s hair, Jim comforted his daughter as best as he could.  “Shh, shhh…daddy loves you so much”, Jim hoped the words would comfort his daughter.

After about five minutes of holding his daughter in his arms, he could feel her release her hug and start to pull away.  Jim reached for a tissue on an end table near the couch and handed it to his daughter.  Allison blew her nose and a smile started to form on her face.

“I’m okay daddy, I’m okay now”, Allison said with a small smile on her face.

“Good girl”, Jim said placing another kiss on his daughter’s forehead.  “Let’s go help your mom get supper ready”.

Father and daughter went hand in hand to go help make supper.  An unfortunate incident behind them, Jim knew that more details needed to be worked out with payment of the window and whatnot, but with his anger now subsided and the worst part dealt with, he knew that they would get through it together!!

The End!!

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