Where it all Began – Spanking Letter

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This has to be one of my all-time favorite spanking letters. Again, featured in that same Woman to Woman Spanking magazine from my last post. This letter is super hot!! I could read it over and over again!!

Told from a girl who had a very strict upbringing, she tells us exactly how her mom punished her. Yes, her mother was the main disciplinarian in her family and she got spanked with long hard bare bottom spankings over her mother’s knees. She paints quite a picture of how her mother spanked her growing up and if that isn’t good enough, she gives us a detailed account of her last spanking at the age of 16. A super embarrassing spanking given to her in the kitchen, while her boyfriend was calling his parents from the living room. So, basically he was able to overhear her entire spanking, and oh how embarrassing that must have been. Read the spanking letter for yourself for all the juicy details.

Now, if the letter had ended after that account, it would be hot enough already. But there is another, equally hot story that this girl tells us about. This time she was the one doing the spanking. At the age of 19, she became a supervisor at a fast food restaurant. She catches one of the employees giving away free food to her friends. She was well within her rights to report this girl and get her fired. But that was not what she did. Any guesses as to what she did? Well, this is after all a spanking letter, so I am sure you can probably guess. She gave the female employee another option, a spanking from her, and nothing would get reported to management. She reluctantly took that option and gets quite the spanking from her supervisor.

I find it super interesting how this girl that hated her own spankings growing up, would get a bit of enjoyment and perhaps even pleasure from spanking this female employee. Regardless, this letter is super hot and I hope you will all enjoy it!!

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