Girlfriend tells her boyfriend about her childhood spankings – Spanking Letter

Posted by Jason Gilbert

From the Woman to Woman Spanking archives here comes another spanking letter for you guys. This was from one of the first Woman to Woman Spanking magazines that I purchased. After purchasing this one single spanking magazine, I was hooked, it was amazing!! Simply breathtaking, it was more exciting than the best spanking videos out there. That is no offense to all the spanking producers out there, it is just that there is something super exciting about this lost media. Reading true stories and fictional ones is super exciting!! One can easily picture it in their minds!!

This letter is a fun read to be sure!! Told from a boyfriend’s perspective, he tells of how his girlfriend was spanked by her mother until the age of 24 and she hated being spanked. Unfortunately these experiences over her mother’s knees left her pretty cold to the idea of getting a spanking from her boyfriend. That being said, she did indulge him in other ways by sharing these childhood spankings with him, knowing that it turned him on just to hear about these childhood spankings. She even would play along by using her childish voice and mimic her cries for her mother not to spank her, all while she was being intimate with her boyfriend. So, while she didn’t want to be spanked again (which is somewhat understandable), she did allow herself to have some fun with past memories, knowing how much it turned on her boyfriend.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this spanking letter as much as I did:

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