Angel Dreams of Getting a Good Spanking from Daddy – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is another fun video from Real Life Spankings.  Although Real Life Spankings is supposed to concentrate more on spankings for real reasons, sometimes Mike will indulge the girls in one of their own fantasies.  This video was made for Angel and is dedicated to one of her fantasies.

The premise is actually a bit different, as the spanking in the video is actually happening in a dream.  In this dream of Angel’s, she is late getting home and has violated her curfew.  In her home violating curfew means a sound spanking, which is what she gets.  Mike scolds and spanks in his usual stern but caring way.  Do I buy him as Angel’s father?  Well no, to be honest, but that doesn’t really matter for the enjoyment of this video.  This is a fun video with a very pretty girl getting a pretty hard spanking both with Mike’s hard hand and a ping pong paddle…ouch!!

If you have watched other videos that feature Angel, you will know that she has a pretty thick accent.  She is also very cute and can be a very naughty girl, according Mike himself.  I find it fascinating how much Angel’s reactions seem to vary, and it isn’t always a direct result of the severity of the spanking.  She will often say her ‘ohs’ and ‘ows’ but she doesn’t always cry.  I previously shared a video that she does cry and a fair bit.  This makes me wonder if crying in videos has more to do with the model’s emotional state of mind then it does the severity of spanking.  Of course some models do cry more than others.  But we are getting off topic here.

I wanted to share this video as kind of a fun video.  I think it is super neat that Mike likes to recreate and have some fun with the girls that seem to enjoy spanking.  Being willing to play out their fantasies for them is a super fun way to get them engaged and make them a part of the process.  While the acting is not the best you will ever see, the scene is fun and a good watch!!  Pretty girl, check, hard spanking action, check!!  Definitely worth a watch!!

Thanks for tuning in for another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

You can find this video along with hundreds of others on Real Life Spankings, link below:

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