A Real Mother/Daughter Spanking Witnessed – Spanking Letter

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I wanted to share this spanking letter with you guys.  This is one of my absolute favorite spanking letters.  As many of you may know by now that I love spanking stories and true accounts told from a witnesses perspective.  So, this letter hits all the right notes as one of the hottest spanking letters I have ever read!!

I won’t give too much away and just let you read it for yourself, but suffice it to say that it is very easy to picture this scene in your mind of a young teenage boy watching a very pretty girl that he had a crush on getting a very sound spanking from her angry mother.  This stuck with him for his entire life, and even though he was writing this letter as an older man, the details are as clear as day and it is evident how powerful the memory was for him.  Can’t say I blame him!!  If I had witnessed anything as exciting as what he describes, I think I would also be able to recall every small detail!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this spanking letter!!  Thanks for tuning in for another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

Michelle getting a hard spanking from her angry mother!!
The spanking goes on and on and on!!


  1. Well that really is an amazing story. It’s a shame that there aren’t more current writers generating that kind of work these days. Most modern spanking writing is nowhere near this level of quality. I think that once the Internet got going, people switched their focus to pics and vids, now widely and cheaply available, free to anyone who has access to the internet, and away from quality spanking fiction.

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    1. Yes. You don’t find content like this anymore, which is a real shame. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good spanking video, but it seems like that media has replaced spanking magazines, and that is a real shame. There is something about some of these spanking letters that excites me in a way no spanking video can, even the best of them. This comes from the Woman to Woman Spanking magazine from the now extinct Scarlett Hill Spanking. It was a truly sad day when that website disappeared, as it had some truly amazing content, in the form of Spanking E-Mags they called them. Basically spanking magazines in electronic format, often a PDF, that could be viewed on your phone or computer or printed off at your leisure. Best of both worlds really!! And they were filled with some amazing true stories and spanking fiction too!! I am glad that I bought so many of the Woman to Woman Spanking magazines when I had the chance and I like to share some of my personal favorites from them, from time to time!!

      Glad you enjoyed this true story!! It is definitely one of my favorites!!


      1. More than interested my friend!! I love spanking fiction. You can send me an email with some spanking stories. My email is on the main page of my website. Thanks for your kind words and your willingness to share some of your collection of spanking stories with me!!


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