Improper Underwear – Spanking video review

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for yet another spanking video review.  This one is more of a highlight than the last one I talked about, as it is much shorter and gets right to the action.  First of all, I just wanted to comment on the name of the video.  I found it interesting that it says Improper Underwear, not Improper Panties.  Typically spanking videos do not shy away from calling girls underwear panties, and yet the title of this video says underwear.  It just seems so decent, for a spanking video that is, but I digress.

This video also comes from Girls Boarding School. What can I say, sometimes I get on a role on the same studio.  I like this video as it is much shorter, which means it is straight forward and to the point.  Girl gets caught wearing the wrong kind of underwear and gets punished for it.  She is wearing very dressy looking pantyhose and this is not acceptable at GBS.  Now, this video actually starts with a form of punishment that I personally am not as big on…caning.  I am sure I go against the grain here, but I have always preferred a hard over the knee hand spanking or perhaps the hairbrush to a caning.  The cane seems so severe to me and it has never been an implement of choice for me.  Although, I do have to confess a curiosity to find out just what a caning would feel like, but there I go getting off topic again.

So, you may be wondering, why are you reviewing a video that has a caning in it if you don’t care for caning videos.  Well, let me tell you why!!  The video starts out with a caning, first over her pantyhose and then on her bare bottom.  It is by no means a brutal caning.  She definitely feels it, but it doesn’t go on too long, in my opinion.  But then she is made to change into proper panties and she thinks the punishment is over.  But this is where my favorite part comes in.  Instructed to come back to Headmaster Tom, who quickly takes her over his knees and starts giving her a hard hand spanking on her already caned bottom.  Yikes…that has to hurt!!  Normally the cane is reserved for the end of a punishment, as it is seen as the harshest implement, but there is something about a hand spanking on a caned bottom that is just hot to me.  It makes it worth watching the caning, when I know a good hard hand spanking is following it.  This may seem backwards to many of you, but what can I say, I like what I like!!

As often is the case in these videos, the action is well captured, showing both bottom, side, and some facial reactions.  This particular model is not the most animated in her reactions to the spanking, but it still gets the job done.   This may not be my all time favorite video from their site, but it is one that I enjoy watching from time to time!!

Anyways, thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

Again, you can check out this video, along with all of their content at:

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