A Little Exhibitionism Goes a Long Way – Spanking Letter

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Recently on the Let’s Talk Spanking forum, one of the young ladies there started a thread called Embarrassment as a turn-on and it explores the idea of embarrassing events and memories that can turn erotic and be a turn on later in life. Here is the link to that thread if you want to see it for yourself:


While exploring these things, I found this spanking letter in one of my Spanking Magazine!! It explores many of the same things of being turned on by an embarrassing childhood spanking memory that became the fuel for many fantasies. The author of this letter did have the opportunity to explore some of these spanking fantasies with her husband, who was willing to fulfill her needs. But it wasn’t until she sought out a dungeon and getting spanked by a life-styler, a woman to spank her that she found true pleasure.

Anyways, read, download, share this amazing spanking letter!! Hope you enjoy this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

Please come and join us on the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum!! Say hi and share some of your history with spanking, your fantasies, or whatever you like!!

Let’s Talk Spanking Forum:



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