New Resident Jackie – video review

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Hi everyone and Happy 2022!!  This year is not starting out so great with this dang new omicron variant scaring everyone and putting increased restrictions on things again.  But I am not here to talk about that.  If anything I want to distract you from the realities of the world for a while by giving you a review of an older spanking video.  Now, as many of you know, I have often said that I don’t review videos that I don’t like.  That being said, I am calling this a review, instead of a spanking video highlight, as there are things I really like about the video, but there are also things that I think could be improved on.  Actually, and I don’t want to be overly critical about GBS (Girls Boarding School) because there are things that I really like about their videos, but I do feel that some of their content could be even better than it is, and I have an idea of how they could do this.  Unfortunately, it seems as though GBS isn’t really updating much anymore, but if there were to make a comeback, I have some thoughts on how they could do so.

Now, onto the video.  Well, if you haven’t already guessed, this video comes courtesy of Girls Boarding School.  It is titled New Resident Jackie!!  Let’s start with what I like about this video.  I like the concept of new girls coming to GBS for the first time.  Jackie arrives at the gate and waits for Headmaster Tom to come and let her in.  He grabs her firmly by the arm and marches her back to the school, where she is made to undress and put on a proper school uniform.  Once in school uniform, Jackie is taken over Headmaster Tom’s knees for an introductory spanking to give her a small taste of what she can expect while staying at the college.  Getting back to what I like about this video; I like the setup, I like the spanking action, I like how Headmaster Tom can command a scene, and I like Jackie’s reaction to the spanking.

Now for the things I feel could be improved on this video.  Again, I am not saying the video is bad, but I do want to acknowledge some short comings and how I personally think they could improve them.  This video clocks in at just over 15 minutes and it falls victim to what a lot of longer videos can fall victim to, it gets tedious and boring.  Now, that may seem harsh, but I want to say it like it is.  I watched this from beginning to end and found that by time Jackie was going to actually get a spanking, I was feeling bored.  The video takes the time to capture the full walk back to the college and it makes you watch Jackie getting undressed and then redressed.  Now, maybe this is enough of a turn on for some people, but to me, I was just bored.  But I refused to jump ahead and forced myself to watch the entire video.  The action at the end does almost make up for the slow build-up.  However, I am hard pressed to recommend watching the video in its entirety from beginning to end.  There is just too much dead time in my opinion.

Now, I didn’t want to just talk about what I didn’t like so much about this video without making a couple suggestions of how it could be better.  I have two main ways that I think could improve this video drastically.  One, is to shorten it, a lot.  Cut it in half.  You don’t need to watch the entirety of her undressing and redressing to get the full picture.  This would keep it more focused on the action in the video and take much less time to get to.  Or, option two, and I have to admit that this is the option I would lean towards; without changing the length of the video at all, you simply add narration during the down times.  If Jackie herself were to narrate her thoughts and emotions around coming to the college and then take us through her ordeal as she gets undressed and the shame and humiliation she is feeling, not to mention the fear, I think that would make it a much more engaging video.  Then you tap into something not done enough in spanking videos, the emotions of the spankee.  I think that would make this video much more engaging and one that I would then re-watch beginning to end.

These are just my thoughts and opinions on this video.  Take them for what they are.  This video is still worth a watch, but I wouldn’t blame you if you skip right to the action, as that is what I will likely do for any re-watches.

Anyways, I hope this has been a good distraction for all of you.  I have more of these reviews planned and hope to drop them soon.  I have other things I want to post here as well, so look forward to more fun posts in the future.

Lastly, I had hoped to include audio files as well, but alas, the program to convert them wasn’t working correctly.  The audio was sped up and sounded more like a chipmunk was getting spanked then a got young lady…lol.  Anyways, hope that you enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!  Look to see more content here soon!!

You can video this video, along with many others here:


  1. Excellent points. There are very few spanking videos that capture the thoughts of the spankee before/during/after the punishment. I highly, HIGHLY recommend a video called “Two Spanking Families” by a site that ironically calls itself Amateur Spankings. That really captures the essence of it. Seconding that, some of the old Pixie spanking videos from Punished Brats are amazing, and I have a few other recommendations if you are interested.

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    1. I have seen that video, it is very good!! Amateur Spanking has lots interesting ideas in a number of their videos and I wish they had a subscription model, because I am sure I would have subscribed to them by now. I like the interviews of girls talking about their childhood spankings or sometimes just what got them into spanking. Very interesting!! There are some videos out there that are good at capturing the emotions of the spankee before/during/after a spanking. You have to look for them, but they are out there.

      I like some of the Strictmoor Academy series that Sarah Gregory does yearly. There is a fair bit of narration throughout those which adds something to them. They do tend to follow the same formula for each of them, but they are still pretty good!!

      Punished Brats has some excellent videos and is still one of my favorite sites out there. Price to value, it is one of the best!! There is a video I have come across that stars Amber Pixie Wells, but she is playing the stern aunt and mother. I didn’t know if I could accept her in that role, but she plays it surprisingly well!! The spankings in the video are really good too and there is lots of narration throughout. I don’t know what the name of the video is, or what the original source is. It wasn’t from Punished Brats, that I am aware of. Maybe it was from a studio that no longer exists. The video still floats around on those free sites though if you look hard enough.

      Yes, I would love to hear your other suggestions. Chances are that I am familiar with them, as I have watched probably hundreds, if not thousands of spanking videos. But sometimes you forget about some gems and it is good to be reminded. Such is the case with that one your recommended. I may just have to highlight that one soon!! Thanks for the comment!!


      1. is a Japanese spanking site that focuses on plot and sometimes humor. They’re kind of hit-and-miss, but some of their videos are amazing. They have one about a girl who is fascinated with spanking, and her friend arranges to get a good hard one, bare bottom over-the-knee, while she hides in a closet and watches. . .it’s always intriguing to me when someone actually “gets it” when it comes to making a spanking video, and creates a plot and a story that interest the viewers instead of just a straightforward humdrum production.

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      2. LOL…I was actually going to talk about in my comment to you. That is too funny!! My comment was already on the long side and I just forgot. You will find that I can discuss spanking videos all day!! You seem to share an interest in similar kinds of videos to me.

        I actually know the video you are referring to from That is a good video!! They have some fun scenarios in some of their videos. Like you said, not all of their scenarios appeal to me, but I applaud that they do some different things than other studios. I actually kind of like that you have to read subtitles too!! Another video I like of their is called Au Pair. It is a two part video with a girl that is looking after a woman’s children. She is caught not looking after them and the mother proceeds to fire her. The girl begs to not be fired and asks if there is any other way. The mother says that she could punish her the same way that she does with her own daughters, but warns her that she won’t like it. The girl agrees and receives the first of two hard hand spankings. While certainly not at a Dallas level hand spanking, these are definitely on the harder side of their videos. I love the girl’s reactions in it too!! Definitely worth a watch if you can find it!!


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