Santa Spanks Eleonora 2: Santa’s Return

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Original Story written by Jason Gilbert

Eleonora was on a mission.  She needed to disprove that there was a Santa Claus.  Two years had passed since she had volunteered as an elf helper with her uncle Henry as the Santa Claus.  That was a year she had never forgotten as she was eager to tell the little children of the silliness of believing in Santa, but her uncle was not happy about that and proceeded to teach Eleonora a lesson about stealing children’s joy at Christmas time.  The bare bottom spanking she had received in front of a room full of children and adults alike had been one of the most embarrassing experiences of her young life.  But even with that fact, that had not quenched Eleonora’s passion about disproving Santa Claus’s existence and prove it to children once and for all.

A plan had formed in Eleonora’s mind of how she was going to go about disproving that there was a Santa Claus and she had already begun to put the plan into motion.  She would go into malls that had those silly mall Santa’s and would harass them and sometimes she even pull off their fake beards.  One mall even kicked her out and asked her not to return when a group of small children started crying after one of her acts of defiance.  But Eleonora didn’t care about that, she was on a mission and was happy with the results.  So some gullible children were being told the truth about Santa Claus for the first time.  So what if they cried for a little, they would get over it.

This year marked the first time that she was not going to have to participate in that stupid Christmas party as Santa’s helper.  One of her other cousins got that honor, if that was what you could call it.  So, now Eleonora had time to go to malls with the mission of showing all the children of the world there was no Santa Claus.  Okay, truth is, her goals weren’t that lofty, but if she could bring a bit of truth to her small corner of the world, then that would make her happy.

After weeks of going into malls and pulling down the Santa’s beards or finding other creative ways to disprove that there was a Santa Claus, Eleonora was starting to gain a bit of a reputation.  News outlets had even to start to catch wind of this activist that was on a mission to disprove Santa Claus existed.  In an interview with the local newspaper Eleonora was quoted as saying, “I am just doing my part to help children get a dose of reality.   There is no such thing as Santa Claus and I am out to prove it.”  Upon further questioning, she went on to explain that she isn’t against Christmas.  “Look, I am not against the spirit of Christmas, it is just that I don’t believe in lying to kids.  I think that kids should be brought up in the real world.”  As of the time of the writing of this article 3 malls have already banned Eleonora, at least until the end of the Christmas season and others had issued cease and desist orders.  But Eleonora was not discouraged from her mission at all, in fact the negativity only spurred her on.

But on December 23rd and Eleonora’s last hurrah to disprove Santa one last time for the season at one of the biggest malls that was only about an hours drive from her home everything was about to change and not in Eleonora’s favor.  You see, Santa, that is the real Santa Claus had heard about what was going on and was not happy.  Now normally this would only mean a lump of coal in a naughty girls stocking, but this called some personal attention on his part.  No, Santa was thinking about punishing a very naughty young lady that was stealing the joy from small children.  Something he and Mrs. Claus had to do with some of the elves when they were naughty and they could be naughty at times.  Santa had in mind to give this young lady a very public, very embarrassing, bare bottom spanking over his ample lap, and he wasn’t going to stop until this young lady was very, very sorry.  Kris (as Santa is sometimes called, short for Kris Kringle) did not like to resort to such drastic measures, but in this case he felt that is was warranted and so at one of the largest malls that Eleonora lived near she was about to get one of the worst spankings of her young life.  A spanking the likes of which would make the one she got two years ago from her Uncle Henry seem like paddy cakes by comparison.  Santa hoped that such a public and embarrassing spanking would end this naughty young ladies tirade of trying to disprove his existence.  He knew that deep down Eleonora was actually a really good kid and actually admired her drive and tenacity.  They would serve her well in life, but he could not stand for this injustice.

December 23rd

Eleonora entered the mall with a big smile on her face, but not a nice smile, but one more like the Grinch as he came up with his devious plan to steal Christmas.  Was Eleonora’s heart two sizes too small or was it just that her heart wasn’t in the right place?  It was hard to say, but whatever the case, she was on a mission.  She was going to disprove Santa was real one last time before Christmas and if children cried then so be it.

Eleonora spotted Santa in the center of the mall where they had set up his big display.  Eleonora smiled and laughed a bit to herself as she was all set to start her speech of how Santa didn’t exist.  She had already scoped out this mall ahead of time and knew that the Santa they used didn’t have a real beard, which was perfect.  As Eleonora approached she sensed something was off as this did not seem like the Santa that the mall had used when she was here before.  Oh well, too late to back off now!!  It was go time.

“Hey kids, did you know that isn’t real Santa, in fact, there is no Santa, not really”, Eleonora said with a bit of sneer.  “I mean do you really believe that he travels all over the world in one night, that is impossible.”

Seeing security approaching her, Eleonora jumped the dividers and walked right up to Santa, stepping on a few small kids in the process.  The parents of these children did not look happy, not happy at all.  Before the security guards could escort her off the premises, Santa stepped up and asked the security guards if he might be allowed to handle this situation himself.  He assured them that they could still ban this young lady from the mall afterwards if they wished, but just let him deal with this situation now.

Turning to Eleonora, Santa said, “well Eleonora, you have caused quite the stir and seem to be on a mission to disprove my existence, why is that”?

“Wait, how do you know my name”, Eleonora was a bit confused but figured that her exploits were well known in the news, so he probably knew from that.

“I know all the children of the world and although you are all grown up now, I still couldn’t forget Eleonora.  You have a passion and a fire about you that I admire.  But I cannot allow you to continue to keep spreading these lies about me”, Santa said with a kind smile that hid behind it his intention to public punish this young lady.

“Okay, what is your game anyway, did the mall pay you extra to try and prove that you are the real Santa Claus.  Well, I know better!!”, Eleonora said feeling very sure of herself.

“Eleonora, Eleonora”, Santa said with a frown on his face.  “I am deeply disappointed in you.  Never had I had to step in so directly to confront an issue like this and I have been through some pretty tough times throughout history.  But you, young lady have an important lesson to learn today, a lesson that I am afraid you are going to learn over my knees”, Santa said and took a firm grip of Eleonora’s left arm and led her over to his big red chair.  Sitting on the edge of the chair, he pulled Eleonora over his large lap and she fell face down over Santa’s knees with surprisingly little effort.  ‘How is this possible’, Eleonora thought about how easily Santa had turned her over his knees.

As Eleonora started to squirm to get off Santa’s lap, Santa began a short lecture.  “Now, I hope that I will never have to do this again as I am a very busy man and have a lot to do in preparation for Christmas, so it takes an especially naughty young lady to get my attention, but my attention you have and that attention is going to be focused on your bottom little lady”, and with those words Santa began a spanking that Eleonora would never forget.

The smacking noise of Santa’s hard hand smacking in a steady unwavering pace rang through the better part of the mall.  Nobody seemed to unhappy with what they saw!!  Many of the parents actually had a smile on their faces as they felt this young lady was finally getting what she deserved.

Eleonora was wearing a skirt and beneath that panties and panty hose.  There was enough protection there that it wasn’t near as bad as it could be but it still hurt.  For such a supposedly jolly man, Santa sure spanked hard.  His hand felt more like a paddle and Eleonora was beginning to wonder how much she could take.  She continued to squirm and struggle over Santa’s lap, but to no avail.  He held her firmly and just kept spanking and spanking, showing no signs of tiring or slowing down in the least. Tears were slowly starting to burn Eleonora’s eyes and she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out until she started to openly cry.  She was trying to remain strong, but it was becoming increasingly difficult.  She caught a glimpse of some of the small children and even bigger kids openly smiling at Eleonora’s predicament.  What a sight she must be right now?

“Stop it Santa”, Eleonora blurted out suddenly.  She really couldn’t take anymore and she had finally found her voice.

“Stop you say”, Santa said with a devious chuckle, “oh, I will stop just long enough to flip up this skirt of yours and begin again”.

“No, no, no”, Eleonora kept protesting, but even as she did she felt her skirt being raised.  This couldn’t be happening.  But then the spanking began again.

Once again Santa’s hard hand came down over and over again on her now less protected rear end.  Was it just her or was the sound of Santa’s hard hand even louder now that she as being spanked with her skirt up.  Then Eleonora got an awful thought.  ‘What if Santa decides to take down my panty hose and spank me with only my panties on, or worse yet, what if he takes those down too’.  Panic renewed Eleonora’s struggling, but this only made Santa launch into a bout of scolding the poor young lady.

“Now child, do you regret telling all these children that I don’t exist?  Do you regret making it your mission to prove that I don’t exist and thus steal the joy of many young children”, Santa said as his hand continued to bring the message home again and again.  If there was a large crowd to begin with, then it had only grown even larger since this whole ordeal had begun.  Eleonora could swear that half the mall was watching her ordeal.  This renewed her struggling, trying desperately to get free from Santa’s clutches.  SMACK, SMACK, SMACK…the spanking went on and on.  So far Eleonora had been able to limit her reactions to hisses and ‘ohs’ and ‘ows’ of pain, but she felt the floodgates threatening to break forth.  She worried that Santa wouldn’t be satisfied until her will was completely broken and she was bawling her eyes out.  She was desperate to get away, but the more she struggled, the more she realized just how strong Santa really was.  She was not going to be let off of Santa’s knees until he decided it was time.  This knowledge led to tears beginning to slowly spill down Eleonora’s cheeks.

Some of the kids began to look away as they were starting to feel a bit sorry for Eleonora’s situation.  Even though many of them felt she was getting what she deserved, they still felt bad as the girl was truly losing her composure. 

Pausing again, Eleonora felt her panty hose being pulled down.  She tried to stop their descent, but was too slow and all too soon she felt Santa’s hard hand as it once again went about the task of smacking Eleonora’s bottom.  Her bottom burned like fire and each new smack was like a thousand bee stings all at once.  She was desperate for this ordeal to be over and she would even admit that Santa existed if it meant an end to her spanking.

“Please stop Santa, please”, Eleonora began to beg.  “I won’t tell people that you don’t exist anymore, I promise…just please stop”.  But Santa didn’t stop, he just kept on spanking, and then Eleonora’s worst fears were realized as he proceeded to lower her panties.  Eleonora was quicker this time and grabbed the waistband of her panties in an effort to keep them up.   “No, please not my panties”, she begged Santa.

Santa did feel compassion for the girl, but he had to make this the most memorable spanking she had ever gotten, so that he would never have to do it again.  “I am sorry child, but I must spank you on your bare bottom to make sure that this never happens again.  I think a good two minute hard bare bottom spanking to end with will make sure that this never happens again, don’t you”, Santa asked.

“It won’t ever happen again, you don’t have to spank me anymore, please Santa, I promise I will be good”, Eleonora pleaded hoping that Santa might let her off.  But he had resolved to make this memorable and he was not quite finished with Eleonora’s punishment just yet.

“I am sorry, but no, you must get a bare bottom spanking young lady”, Santa said with new resolve and quickly yanked Eleonora’s panties down to mid thigh.  “I hope I never have to do this again young lady”, Santa said and began spanking Eleonora’s bare bottom.  Hard and steady the smacks rained down on her now completely defenceless bare bottom.  After only ten smacks on her bare bottom, Eleonora broke down and started bawling her eyes out.  Dignity was long out the window now and all she could think about was the pain as Santa set her bottom on fire.  While the sounds of smacking was very loud, the sound of Eleonora’s crying almost drowned it out.  Eleonora wailed as tears and snot streamed down her face which had contorted into a look of absolute misery.  Two minutes seemed like an eternity as Santa’s hard hand felt like a paddle as he smacked her bottom over and over again.  Finally he stopped spanking Eleonora, but it took a while for that truth to fully register to Eleonora.

Santa began the process of trying to sooth the girl now.  She wasn’t a bad kid after all, she had just messed up her priorities about what is important in life.  To Santa, his biggest priority was to bring children joy!!  And because Eleonora’s mission was to destroy that joy, Santa felt he must intervene.

“There, there child, it’s all over now”, Santa said reassuringly to Eleonora.  “All is forgiven now, and you might even get a Christmas present from me this year, despite the fact that you were trying to steal kid’s joy.  You were misguided in your mission, but I hope that this has set things straight and I never have to do this again”.

“Thank you for this second chance Santa, I promise you will never have to do this again”, Eleonora said and slowly rose to her feet and began to redress herself.  What the sight she must have made, her tear stained face, her bright red bottom all painted a pictured of a well-spanked and truly sorry young lady.

Thankfully for Eleonora, the mall didn’t ban her as they felt that her ordeal was likely enough to never do anything like that ever again.

Two days later, December 25th, Christmas Day, there was a special gift underneath the tree from Santa.  Inside was a picture frame from when she was a small child sitting on Santa’s knee.  A note inside simply read “you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I am telling you why….Santa Claus is coming to town”.  Taking the picture frame, Eleonora opened it up to get a closer look at the picture and when she did another picture dropped out.  Eleonora blushed ten shades of red when she saw it.  It was a picture from the December 23rd of her getting a spanking from Santa.  Another note on the back of that picture simply read, “Just in case you forget to be good for goodness sake”.  Eleonora blushed but had to smile.  What a memorable Christmas it had been!!


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